Ekomural in the center of Katowice – a combination of art and science

Thursday, May 5 this year. Internet voting has begun, through which Katowice residents can help Galeria Katowicka choose one of three wall designs that artist Sebastian Bożek will paint on the side wall of the station. Ekomural will be built in part with funds raised through last year’s “wide Full of Power” campaign, with the second installment scheduled for the last weekend in May. of this year.

To create a mural on one of the side walls of the station, clearly visible from ul. Młyńska, the artist will partly use ecological paints, but the sustainability of this project is above all determined by its genesis. In 2021, as part of the Powerful Katowicka Clothes campaign, customers donated over 9 tons of clothes, which the Gallery donated to Clothes for donation. Every 1 kg of clothes donated contributed to the collection for ekomural organized by Katowice in the center of Katowice. The donation of clothes and accessories was put back into circulation and the amount collected reached almost 10,000 PLN. However, for the ecomural to be built on the whole wall, much more money is needed – these were added by the Galeria Katowicka itself.

Paints with unusual properties

The wall painting will be done partly using special photocatalytic paints. They have anti-allergic and bactericidal properties, the facades painted with them clean themselves from dirt,
dust, fungus and mold spores, plants and other organisms, and pollutants that settle on
external surfaces. A wall painted with photocatalytic paint affects air quality,
which cleans itself when pollutants come into contact with its surface. They are eliminated
car fumes and fumes from heating boilers, gas, solvent vapours, tobacco smoke,
sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

The mural may have educational value in terms of currently important pro-ecological values ​​and attitudes. Although it is an art form whose message is not always literal, it can influence the recipient in a direct way. I am of the opinion that we should express ourselves in one way or another on ecological issues, be aware of them and reflect on our role in the care of ecology. I ask myself this question as an inhabitant of this place in the world and as a creator. In addition to the daily concern for the sustainable use of resources, during my creative work, I am eager to test new technical solutions that may be less harmful to the environment. Making a mural with ecological paints is a new challenge for me. – says Sebastian Bożek.

Ecology seen by an artist

Wall designs should reference the idea of ​​an environmentally conscious society and the rich culture of the entire region. The artist has created three different concepts that residents can comment on on Galeria Katowicka’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/galeriakatowicka.eu. Their opinions will help in the final decision on the project that will be transferred to the Katowice station wall.

All these elements: tradition, development and nature are intertwined in a very interesting way, which are not mutually exclusive. Katowice is becoming more and more modern and gradual development changes have been observed there for several years. One of the examples of the metamorphosis of a place is the building of Galeria Katowicka. Moreover, Katowice is considered one of the greenest cities in Poland, where more than 42 percent of the area is covered with forests and green spaces. In my projects, I would like to show the network of connections between various elements, “faces” of the city – declare Sebastien Bozek.

Clothes full of power 2.0, that is, this year’s campaign edition

Ekomural, in the painting of which we want to involve the people of Katowice, sums up the acacia “Clothes full of power” from last year, but its next edition awaits us in May. This year, we encourage you once again to air out the wardrobes in the spring and to bring unnecessary clothes. In this year’s edition, PLN from every kilogram of clothes collected will be donated to support Ukraine – said Anna Szczerkowskamarketing manager of Galeria Katowicka.

The clothes drive for the Clothes Full of Mocy 2.0 campaign will take place from May 26 to 28, and the unveiling of Sebastian Bożek’s mural is scheduled for the last day of the campaign, i.e. the May 28.

Also this year, people who will provide min. 10 kg of clothes, they have a chance to receive a gift card worth 50 PLN. The person who donates the most clothes to the campaign will win a gift card worth 1000 PLN for purchases with stylist Agata Dominik, who will consult with the winner or winner and help create, change or put on enhance the image of this person.

Ekomural is another Katowicka business focused on promoting pro-ecological attitudes. This year alone, a circular shop was opened in the Gallery, an insta point with a moss plant wall was created and mini farms were distributed to encourage residents to garden in the city. May will end at the Gallery, among other things under the sign of cooperation with the Urban Forms Foundation, which promotes urban culture and art, and which Sebastian Bożek represents in the “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” ” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “.

Sebastien Bozek

Graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Jan Matejko. Since 2014 he has been active as an artist implementing projects in the urban space. In her artistic projects, she takes on the challenge of integrating murals, murals and various installation activities into the city space. He cooperates with the Urban Forms Foundation based in Łódź, thanks to whose support he has carried out numerous mural projects in Łódź, as well as in other Polish cities (including Gdańsk, Toruń and Żory in Silesia). Fascinated by mural painting as a medium, but also by the city itself – its character and its colours. As an artist, he engages in social processes, discusses space as such and is interested in the social and causal dimension of artistic activities.


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