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May 6, 2022, 1:47 p.m.

We’ve put together a list of the hottest deals, sales and cheap deals we spotted on Allegro in May 2022. You’ll find cheap graphics cards, monitors and more obscure products among other things.

Allegro is a treasure trove of sales and great promotions on equipment, accessories and other items that can often be purchased at extremely attractive prices. We invite you to our overview of the most interesting offers that we have found by exploring the countless categories of the website. You will find both new and unusual items, second-hand equipment, and quite simply very good deals.

The number of pieces is very limited (sometimes just a few pieces), and the prices are very attractive. If something jumps out at you, it’s better not to postpone the purchase!

Buy a used graphics card at an expensive price

The situation in the graphics card market is what it is. A while ago, one might have had the illusion that subsequent price increases were just a temporary anomaly, while the following years proved that it was more of a new normal and that it was already cheaper. Fortunately, there are alternatives for spending as much on a gaming PC as on a car – and they don’t have to be consoles. By compromising and forgoing buying a whole new card, a world of reasonably priced second-hand products opens up for us..

The Best Deals on Allegro for Games and Hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #1

A card used for pennies can carry Crysis.

Of course, such a purchase involves certain risks. You never know if a product is being sold because it has hidden flaws or if it has been heavily exploited. Nor will we receive the typical multi-month warranty for new equipment. The risk, however, comes with a potentially large reward – in this case, buying a GPU without breaking your wallet. By buying carefully, we can really save a lot.

We’ve compiled some of the used graphics card deals below that we think are worth your consideration. For your convenience, we have divided them into two price points.

Cheap graphics cards up to 700 PLN

The cheapest cards on the list might not be speed demons, but older GTX 1050s or RX570s backed by solid 4GB of GDDR5 memory are enough to comfortably work on a computer and play less titles. demanding (like fortnite). I know, because I have a GPU with similar specs and for turkeys or strategies I’m primarily interested in on a PC, that’s good enough for me.

  1. MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti AERO ITX 4 GB – 599 PLN
  2. PowerColor AXRX 570 4GBD5-3DHD / OC 4 – PLN 699

Cheap graphics cards up to 1300 PLN

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #2

At this price we are already able to find a graphics card that will allow us to comfortably play most of the games available on the market – some even with high details. In many productions, however, there will still be some trade-offs between the quality of the attachment and the performance of the game. ‘a return, can be bought in a reputable store for several hundred zlotys less.

  1. NVidia Geforce PALIT DUALFAN GTX 1060 6 GB – 950 PLN
  2. Asus Dual Radeon RX 6500 XT OC Edition 4GB – 1049 PLN
  3. Inno3D GeForce GTX 1070 X3 V2 8GB GDDR5 – PLN 1229.99
  4. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB WindForce – 1475 PLN

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit – you can build a cardboard robot for under a hundred

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #3

Originality cannot be denied to Nintendo. The Japanese company has ignored modern trends for years, walking its own paths and pushing its own ideas. One of the effects of such a policy is a series Nintendo Lab – unique games for Nintendo Switch sold in a set with … special boxes. By following the instructions, we can create unique structures from these waste papers and combine them with JoyCons, creating unique controllers – a rod or a handlebar.

A total of four sets have debuted on the market Nintendo Labwith the help of which we will create, among other Virtual reality glasses (Virtual reality kit), a fishing rod and a miniature piano (Variety Kit) or different handlebars (vehicle kit). The most interesting set allows you to assemble a specific backpack – putting it on, you take control of the robot. The game included in the set allows us to spread destruction with the use of the machine mentioned above, but the most fun is to combine cardboard boxes into a whimsical structure and then see how well it works.

The main obstacle to playing with the Nintendo Labo was the prohibitive price, but fortunately for some time it has ceased to be an argument. Currently, we are able to hunt a set with a robot for 99.99 PLN, which is quite a reasonable price compared to the quality of pleasure offered by this gadget. Remember that you also need a Nintendo Switch to run the game.

  1. Nintendo Labo Robo Kit – PLN 99.90

Xbox Series S – new generation for less than 1000 PLN

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #4

The ninth generation of consoles has definitely settled in the market, although, unfortunately, buying a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X at a good price remains problematic due to the low availability of equipment. However, the problems avoided the weakest version of the new Xbox, which we can buy in electronics stores without major problems. This situation is reflected in the secondary market – as long as the prices of used PS5 and XSX are similar to new hardware offers, used Xbox Series S, we are already able to buy for less than 1000 PLN.

Of course, you have to remember that this console is significantly weaker than its more expensive counterparts. It won’t offer such an effective visual framework, and the lack of a built-in player will only limit us to using the benefits of digital distribution. However, it is the cheapest way to enjoy the latest games without complications for the next few years or easily use the Xbox Game Pass service.

  1. Xbox Series S 512 GB + 1 pad – 879 PLN
  2. Xbox Series S 512 GB + 1 pad – 899 PLN
  3. Xbox Series S 512 GB + 1 pad – 979 PLN
  4. Xbox Series S 512 GB + 1 pad – 985 PLN (it is possible to buy an additional one-year warranty for 39 PLN)
  5. Xbox Series S 512 GB + 1 pad – 999.98 PLN (original receipt from February 2022 included)

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Included in Disney Movie Ticket Price

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #5

The third installment of the cult Japanese action role-playing games is a mixture of characteristic features straight out of “Japanese” with the magic of Disney and Pixar production. The convoluted plot is full of epic fights, dramatic twists, touching comebacks and closing storylines that have continued throughout the cycle for several years – it’s hard to understand if you haven’t followed the series regularly.

Fortunately, you can also ignore this problem and just enjoy the highly effective combat and a satisfying tour of the worlds of classic animation, where we meet well-known characters – Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbeanrapunzel with Tangled or Baymax with Big Hero 6. A version here Let it go impresses no less than the original z The lands of ice. The game was very cheap and if you have one of the Sony consoles, for the price of a single cinema ticket, you can afford a magical journey lasting about 20 hours..

  1. New Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 – PLN 24.99

Sculpfun S9 – Laser for engraving is cheaper than you think

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #6

When I worked in a bindery years ago, by far the most enjoyable part of my job was handling the laser, which I used to engrave on wood, leather, or glass. At the time, sensitive equipment of this type cost five-figure sums, so I was very surprised to discover that Currently, you can buy a pretty good Sculpfun S9 laser for ten times cheaper.

The best promotions on Allegro for games and hardware - May 2022 - Illustration #7

With Sculpfun S9 we can engrave wood without any problem, the equipment can also cut plywood to a depth of 15 millimeters. With it we can also mark metal, leather or glass (although in the case of glasses it will be useful to buy a rotary module) – we are mostly limited by our imagination. The equipment is also easy to assemble – the instructions are so detailed and the individual parts are marked that it’s easier to get everything ready for the job than to build more than one LEGO set. I have been playing with this equipment for several weeks and so far I have absolutely no complaints, and examples of the effects of my actions can be seen above in the photo.

  1. SCULPFUN S9 90W 410mmx420mm – PLN 1288

Ridiculously cheap monitors at AMSO

Finally, a rather unusual offer. The official AMSO on Allegro sells output monitors. We can buy dozens of products from brands such as Dell, LG or Lenovo at extremely low prices – from 29 to 150 PLN.

Hook? These are equipment with clearly visible traces of use, often also with noticeable discoloration or damage to the matrix. In some cases, the feet or the remote control may also be missing. It is therefore not the best choice to buy equipment for daily work. But as an additional screen, such a monitor can already work very well. It is definitely worth reading product descriptions carefully before making a purchase to know what you are going to decide.

The offer mainly includes smaller monitors up to 24 inches, but at the time of writing several larger units are also available, including the 50-inch Pioneer PDP-505CMX priced at 129 PLN.

  1. Cheap monitors at AMSO

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