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There is a shortage of masters in pharmacy and they are constantly posting vacancies. In Poland, there are almost 2 pharmacists per pharmacy, which is below the EU average. The pharmacy board hopes there will be more people willing to practice this profession, and it has recently gained some independence.

“The pharmacy is looking for a pharmacist. A friendly and helpful team will welcome him. We offer good working conditions. We are waiting for applications “- such job offers are increasingly found at the doors of pharmacies in Warsaw. Officials from all over Poland talk about problems with recruiting qualified personnel in pharmacies.

– Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a well-organized employee. There are those who want to be paid dearly just to be there and not get too involved, and there are very few people involved. It’s strange because our region of Western Pomerania is the one that offers pharmacists one of the best salaries. The fact that our university only recently opened a large pharmacy, because as a rule, when young people go to study in Poznań or Gdańsk, they stay there – says anonymously Master in Pharmacy from Szczecin.

Drama in hospitals

The problem does not only concern pharmacies, but also hospitals. And these must have their own pharmacies or pharmacy services.

-It seems to be even deeper than in pharmacy, because there, however, a pharmacist has more possibilities of evolution, and sometimes even of gains. Meanwhile, in hospitals, pharmacists are also much needed, as they prepare drugs for clinical trials and enteral nutrition products for patients, he points out. Ewa Książek-Bator, deputy director of the Polish Federation of Hospitals.

Data from the Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber shows that we currently have one in the country 36.9 thousand pharmacists, whose 24.4 thousand. works in a pharmacy. There are 13,033 pharmacies and outlets in the country, which means that there are 1,971 pharmacists for every 1 pharmacy. At the same time, data received by the Health Policy from the Ministry of Science and Education shows that we have 7.2 thousand. Pharmacy master’s degree uniform study students.

Poland below EU average

Unfortunately, compared to other countries in the European Union, in terms of the number of pharmacists per pharmacy, we are below average. Because it is 2.26 pharmacists for a single establishment. In Austria it is 4.18 and in Italy 3.9. According to data from the report “Pharmacies in Poland” of the Association of Pharmacists of Polish Employers, Greece has less than 1.05 and Bulgaria 1.53.

Therefore, there are too few pharmacists and this is probably why they have long disputes with the poviats regarding the night service. There is no one to perform them, there is no staff to work at night, and on the other hand, the poviat, in accordance with the pharmaceutical law, must ensure this availability. However, pharmacies are run by private entrepreneurs and it is often impossible to compel them to do so. Therefore, in many small towns there are currently no pharmacies at all, since the head of such an establishment must be a person with a pharmaceutical background. A pharmacy technician will not replace him here. Same as on duty where a pharmacist must be present. This is required by the provisions of the Pharmaceutical Legislation Act.

Greater prestige of the profession

– Our observations show that the employment of pharmacists is still better than a few years ago. All thanks to the changes in the rules for practicing this profession and we hope that more people will be attracted to it. Two years ago, the law on the profession of pharmacist was passed. Thanks to it, specialists in this field can already provide pharmaceutical care, vaccinate or prescribe pharmaceutical prescriptions if necessary – emphasizes Katarzyna Gancarz, acting spokesperson for the Supreme Chamber of Pharmacy.

Pharmacists admit that before that their profession was essentially limited to the role of salesman dispensing drugs. Worse still, many specialists rebelled when the owner of the pharmacy forced them to persuade patients, for example, to buy discounted creams.

Pharmacy drug review has begun

The fact is that it may have been the pharmacists themselves who have somewhat created a shortage of personnel. The amendment to the Pharmaceutical Law, enacted a few years ago, introduced a regulation that only a pharmacist (the so-called pharmacy for a pharmacist) can own a pharmacy. Previously, it was enough for him to be a manager. As a result of these changes, the pharmacy technician was recognized as a dependent profession subject to the pharmacist. There are 35,000 of the first in the country.

Unfit pharmaceutical technicians

-We supply pharmacies, but we cannot be on duty alone. We can no longer own pharmacies. We only have the right to manage pharmacy points. This is the whole effect of the pharmacy lobby. Pharmacies are also in decline and new pharmacies are not being built in their place. This is especially noticeable in small towns – he points out Aneta Klimczak, head of the Union of Pharmaceutical Technicians.

There is currently no prospect of modifying the pharmaceutical law. Following recent changes, the pharmaceutical environment has become even more hermetic.

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