Lech Poznań probably won with Górnik Łęczna, and there’s no reason to be happy anyway. Kolejorz in the league depends on Raków Częstochowa

On Wednesday, Lech Poznań beat Górnik Łęczna 3-0 in a very good style, but the players and club employees, and especially the fans, could not be completely satisfied on Wednesday evening after the result of Pogoń’s match with Raków Czestochowa. He has changed a lot in the framework of the fight for the Polish championship and Kolejorz is currently not the favorite for the title for the remaining four games until the end of the season.

Lech Poznań won convincingly 3-0. A football-quality spectacle was put on by Joao Amaral, scoring a goal and an assist. Mikael Ishak returned to shooting, Jesper Karlstrom scored his first goal in his 51st game for Lech. Kolejorz has already scored 16 clean sheets this season (for 30 matches), still has the best defense in the league, and the match with Górnik Łęczna was the 11th this season, where Lech scored at least three goals in one game. Moreover, Maciej Skorża’s players caught a small streak, as they didn’t lose in the league for six matches, winning four of them and conceding only two goals. All of this, however, was pushed into the background after the result of the match between Pogoń Szczecin and Raków Częstochowa (1-2), which was the worst possible for Maciej Skorża’s proteges.


Lech Poznań had no mercy for his opponents! Judges…

Any result other than Raków’s victory on Wednesday night meant Lech would have everything in their hands for four matches before the end of the season. Sadly, that’s no longer the case, as Kolejorz, with 62 points to his credit – the same as Raków – is currently worse off due to the direct match balance. In the first match in Częstochowa it was 2: 2, and in Poznań 1: 0 for Marek Papszun’s team, which is Kolejorz’s only loss this season at home.

The three teams that recently led together are having a great season. Pogoń Szczecin, who lost at home in the spring to Lech, Wisła Płock and Raków in the spring, has no right to think about the title in such a season, where breaking the 70-point limit at the end of the competition will be very probably does not guarantee the Polish championship.

Raków Częstochowa plays Crazy Spring, and the protagonist is Ivi Lopez. The Spaniard scored decisive goals in away matches with Lech and Pogoń. In 2022, Rakow won 8 games out of 11 and only equaled 3. He made up for the loss of six points against Kolejorz, after 2021. Finally, let’s talk about the team that defends the trophy and did not a history as terrible at the national stadium as that of Lech over the past decade.

Kolejorz saw some disruption in the spring, but there are plenty of clues that this moment of weakness in early 2022, after a difficult preparatory period, could cost the Lechites the coveted title. We are far from judging that “all is finished”, but today Raków has everything in hand to end the season with a double. Lech depends only on himself in the match for the Polish Cup.

After April 20, Kolejorz was no longer the favorite in the race to win the championship. Of course, there are four rounds left and Lech and Raków are unlikely to win everything by the end. May will be of great importance, because in April Raków plays at home with Górnik Łęczna, and Lech with Stal, and here it will be very difficult to find sensations. The question is what impact the May 2 trophy match will have on league competition, as it is a fight of a whole different kind.

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Lech is back on track. He begins to understand his duty to win, which Maciej Skorża and his team instilled in him. Today Lechites have to keep winning and watch Rakow, who will play against Cracovia at home after the game with Górnik and the PP final (out of the last seven games between these teams, Raków won only once) , outside with Zagłębie (fighting for maintenance) and Lechia (playing for 4th place). In the autumn, the inhabitants of Częstochowa only scored one point in these meetings. Lech fans must believe that this time luck will smile on Kolejorz and that on May 21 it will be a party in Poznań, and not in Upper Silesia, which will precede the conquest of the Polish Cup. The worst-case scenario – a 100th anniversary season without a Cup – is possible, but Maciej Skorża and his players are in his hands to prevent that from happening.

More than 12,000 fans followed Lech Poznań's duel, won on Wednesday against Górnik Łęczna 3-0 (3-0), live.  Attendance for this match was not as impressive as Kolejorz's last two games at his own stadium, but that was mainly due to the date it was played - Wednesday 6:00 p.m. gathered at the Poznań stadium cheered on their team in fantastic fashion for 90 minutes and together they helped the blues and whites to an important victory in the fight for the coveted Polish championship.  See photos from Wednesday's match between Lech Poznań and Górnik Łęczna See more photos from the stands ---->“/></div>
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Lech Poznań, with the support of the fans, beat Górnik Łęczna 3: 0…


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