MUW Krakow: The Kolej Plus program in Małopolska. 4 major projects, more than 60 km of new and revitalized railway lines

More than 1,200 km of railway lines across Poland will be eligible for co-financing under the program for strengthening local and regional railway infrastructure “Kolej Plus” by 2028. 3 investments in Lesser Poland Voivodeship and one connecting Małopolska with Podkarpackie Voivodeship have been qualified for implementation.

Rail: a solid basis for development

As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said when announcing his intention to increase the budget for the “Kolej Plus” program:

– Poland can only develop on the surface, as some called it. There must be a foundation and this foundation must provide an axis, a communication network, also a railway network – which increases the development prospects of small towns and rural areas as well.

– Poland is not just an archipelago of wealthy cities. In Poland, millions of people, most Poles live in small and medium-sized towns. Not only do we not forget them, but we also allow better planning of development, to go from point to point through the rail link, which we are already recreating, but which we will play in increased numbers in the coming years through our program ” Kolej More” – added.

4 important investments in Małopolska

– By decision of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s government, the budget for the “Kolej Plus” program will double from the planned 5.6 billion PLN to more than 11 billion PLN. 34 railway infrastructure investments in 11 voivodeships had a chance to be implemented. In Małopolska there are 4 projects connecting Krakow with: Olkusz, Niepołomice, Myślenice and Jasło, located in the Lower Carpathian region. In total, these four investments represent 63 km of new and revitalized railway lines with a total value of almost PLN 1.3 billion, of which program co-financing amounts to almost PLN 1.1 billion. In addition to the network of passenger connections, we reach small and medium-sized towns. In this way, we put the principle of sustainable development into practice. The railway is becoming an increasingly popular means of transport. New connections will certainly continue to contribute to this – said the voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita.

Investments of the “Kolej Plus” program in our voivodship include:

1. Revitalization of the railway line No. 108, section Gorlice – Jasło to improve the connection between Krakow and Jasło as well as the revitalization of the railway line No. 110 and the construction of a connection between the aforementioned by lines (31 km) , more than PLN 506 million in co-financing,

2. Construction of the Krakow – Myślenice rail link (22 km), nearly PLN 127 million in co-financing,

3. Construction of the Krakow-Niepołomice rail link (6 km), almost PLN 272 million in co-financing,

4. Construction of the Krakow-Olkusz rail link (4 km), more than PLN 182 million in co-financing.

Great interest from local authorities: the railway is an important element of regional development

The company PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe supplemented the assessment of the documents with preliminary planning and forecasting studies prepared by the autonomous governments of the voivodships. All submitted projects were evaluated according to the same criteria set out in the selection guidelines, taking into account various aspects, incl. demographic and social, environmental, economic, technical and operational as well as the results of study analyses.

– Our goal is a safe, comfortable and predictable railway, and above all accessible to the inhabitants of our country, especially to small towns and municipalities. The Kolej Plus program is a chance for the railway to return to areas that were deprived of this means of transport and allow their development. This is the first program in history developed in cooperation with local governments – emphasizes the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk.

The first calls for tenders could start at the end of 2022

The basic conditions for the implementation of investments under the program are as follows:

• Ensure co-financing of at least 15% of eligible costs by reporting entities and co-financing of ineligible costs (if applicable);

• delivery of the transport organizer’s declaration for the connection – min. 4 pairs of trains for at least 5 years;

• conclusion of an agreement for the implementation of the investment between the applicant and PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA (after qualification for co-financing from Program funds).

The first calls for tenders could start at the end of 2022, which will depend on the signing of contracts between PKP PLK SA and the various local authorities for their joint implementation.

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