Not just Nokia 3310. These are the phones that have become iconic in Poland

Sony Ericsson K750i already had a “huge” screen and many possibilities

Surely you know Sony Ericsson from the days when they made great phones. One of them was the K750i, which shone in 2005 and 2006 in our country. The biggest impression was made by a large 1.8″ display with support for 252,000 colors. The phone ran on an ARM9 processor clocked at 110MHz, had a built-in memory of 34MB and weighed 99g. The K750i, through tweakable software, could work without a SIM card and with the screen set to 10% brightness (then originally the lowest value was 50%), which was beneficial in cinemas or dark rooms. There was also a camera with a 2 MPIX matrix, autofocus and an LED flash. The photos weren’t great quality, but the ability to take a satisfying photo with the phone made a big impression at the time.

Sony Ericsson K750i

The Motorola RAZR V3 is an absolute classic and one of the most amazing phones ever

Released in 2004, the Motorola RAZR V3 conquered the market mainly thanks to its beautiful design, its large screen and a very good camera. It was a flip phone, which was great fun to take the call. The telephone was then called “tinsel” and was aimed at the business world. The quality of the materials used was impressive, as was the blue backlit keyboard. And those two color displays, one with a resolution of 96x80p and supporting 4,000 colors, and a much larger internal one with a resolution of 220x176p and supporting 262,000 colors. It was this one that was designated in 2005 as one of the best that we can see in telephones in general. The camera had 0.3 MPIX, took VGA photos, but they were perfectly sufficient. And when unfolded, that ultra-slim design was a big plus as well. In short, nothing more, nothing less, it was a real commercial success in its time.

Motorola Razr V3_text

Nokia 6310i – a cult, almost armored phone model

Browsing the web in search of the most popular phones in Poland at the beginning of the 21st century, the 6310i model appeared several times, which gained cult status throughout Europe. Mainly due to reliability, a very durable battery (with a huge capacity, for the time, of 1100 mAh) and high quality workmanship and theoretical indestructibility. It lacked a color screen (but it was backlit), an MP3 player, a camera or a large amount of memory, and yet the Nokia 6310i is considered the most successful model in the history of mobile telephony.

Nokia 6310i

Nokia 7650, which brought Symbian to living rooms and for years

This list was dominated by Nokia, but it’s no wonder. At the very beginning of the 21st century, until the release of the first iPhone, Nokia phones were the best sellers, also in Poland. Models such as the 1200 or 1110 sold a total of 300 million copies. Here, however, I would like to highlight the exceptional, in my time, the Nokia cell – model 7650, released in 2002. The phone was expandable (thanks to a mechanical slider), it had a not very comfortable keyboard, but excellent function buttons under the screen and a modern operating system, for that time, in the form of Symbian OS . Nokia then developed it for many years and in 2010 it was the most popular mobile system in the world. The integrated joystick in the center allowed precise menu control, and answering calls by sliding the phone was a great satisfaction.

Nokia 7650

Here’s a question for you, which phone from the turn of this century do you remember best? Which did you have? Maybe it was one of the models mentioned above? We are, of course, only talking about devices equipped with a keyboard, before the era and dominance of the iPhone. At that time, models such as Samsung Avila (probably everyone had it in Poland) or LG Optimus 2X won millions of customers. Let me know in the comments. Speak soon!

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