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Piotr Muller

Piotr Müller was Jacek Prusinowski’s Friday guest at the Sedna Sprawy event. The conversation concerned, among other things, the situation of borrowers, interest rates on deposits, the extension of the anti-inflationary shield, the increase in the minimum wage and a double increase in financial expenditure for the aid of the disabled. .

The Prime Minister has announced changes to the package for borrowers to help them through this difficult situation. Yesterday’s increase in interest rates has people wondering even more when these changes will be introduced in favor of borrowers, when will the first legislative measures take place?

This work is already underway and it goes to the Sejm at any time and it will be implemented, that is, we literally have the prospect of the holidays, when these solutions are launched. The objective is that these holidays already have solutions in place so that you can benefit, among other things, from the loan holidays that we wish to introduce, i.e. four months each year this year and the postponement of any repayments to the next.

And when it comes to vibrate itself and deviate from vibrate as a parameter for calculating borrowing costs, do I understand the outlook for next year?

It is the beginning of next year because it is the new rules for calculating dependencies, which in fact raise or lower the interest of banks. This system has been in effect for many years so far, but we believe it is not as efficient and fair, so we want to modify it and introduce a new index.

The Prime Minister called on the banks to raise the interest rate on deposits, but for some reason the state has such a large share in the banking sector that in such a situation it can not only appeal, but also do something. After all, more than half of the banking sector is in state hands. I’ve seen tricky changes in the biggest state banks recently but that’s not what the Prime Minister said but he said deposits of at least 3.4% should be like this today.

Of course, everything depends on the level of interest rates. In fact, we can see that the relationship between the amount of loans and the interest on loans and deposits is incorrect and I can say here that the banks have a little time to come to this reflection themselves, and if they do not come to this reflection, then perhaps some regulatory activities will have to be undertaken. There is also the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, which can check certain attitudes and behaviors of banks, but you can also start introducing legal solutions that will regulate certain things.

Will the inflation shield extension be just a formality because inflation despite the shield after it was introduced russia attacked ukraine and inflation went up so i understand that by the end of this year it is certain that all these rules will apply?

These decisions are still ahead of us as it is a question of always ensuring that all tax solutions are targeted in the right place. We are talking about less billions of zlotys, which enter the state budget from these funds, it would be possible to implement investments or other types of budget movements, so each zloty must be correctly calculated, but of course it will not be all solutions will suddenly disappear or that the state will not be interested in what the inflation problem looked like. On the other hand, each area must be monitored and targeted appropriately so that it actually goes where it is needed.

The increase in the minimum wage this year, some expect it to be record high after reports emerged that it may even be 400 PLN more. Now we have 3010 PLN from the minimum wage, but it is 400 PLN, it would also be a bit higher than the inflation we have now, so can those who earn such money for an increase of 300 400 PLN count ?

It all depends on what the discussion in the Social Dialogue Council will look like. The procedure for agreeing the minimum wage is such that it goes first to the Social Dialogue Council, there are talks between the government, the employers and the unions. The increase in the minimum wage will certainly be significant because it also results from the regulations that we ourselves have adopted. I will not give you the amount today, because this discussion must take place within the Social Dialogue Council.

The government brags about having doubled the financial expenditure to help people with disabilities, but when talking to representatives of this community, I also regularly talk to the government plenipotentiary for people with disabilities with Minister Widowik and every conversation ends or always begins, that its important element is the jurisprudence form. And it is one of the key elements of both the Government Plenipotentiary and Minister Maląg and people from this background that without this help it is impossible to properly target this help and the PiS has been planning this reform for years , and is postponed from time to time and then. The start of the legislative process, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that in one month in two in three months. Will this reform disappear this quarter?

I hope it will be possible to do that, but I will say that, as you rightly pointed out, there are twice as many expenses for people with disabilities. This contradicts Donald Tusk’s lies about the Law and Justice government not spending more or caring about people with disabilities. These measures are increasingly necessary. There are people who need additional funds, which is why this reform is so important in this context, but at the same time, it is extremely difficult.

This reform is necessary. You are afraid that a certain percentage will then go to the media, people who will lose and say that we lost it. It’s politics to take responsibility.

We made such decisions, especially in times of crisis, the value is social peace. It is one thing but this reform is very important and personally I would like it to be carried out because I think it is a question of justice and I would like it to be in this mandate. I know that the project is advanced in terms of government legislation, but the decision is yet to come on its implementation.

When will KPO funds go to Poland?

I hope this year. First of all, we are launching tenders and procedures related to these funds, that is, all the projects that were to be implemented with KPO, we are already starting with them, because we are convinced that these funds will go to us and that’s why we don’t wait for tenders.


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