This year is a year of many successes for us. The OTCF summarizes the year 2021

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Aleksandra Chalimoniuk, PR, Director of OTCF and Magda Warchoł, Head of Marketing, 4F talk about the year 2021 for OTCF.

The biggest hit in 2021

Aleksandra Chalimoniuk: This year has been a year of many successes for the OTCF, of which we speak with great satisfaction. The Summer Olympics in Tokyo were a great success for us. 8 Olympic Committees and 2 Paralympic Committees competed in 4F uniforms and fans from all over the world watched.

In 2021, we created a separate Teamwear project dedicated to team suits – we became a technical partner for other clubs, in particular volleyball and basketball players, including for the European champions of volleyball – Zaksa Kędzierzyn – Koźle.

We are constantly strengthening our position abroad and constantly developing new markets. In December, we opened our first store in Qatar. We are also developing the chain of stores in Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal and Croatia. Thanks to all our activities, despite many challenges related to the effects of the pandemic, we achieved record sales worth more than PLN 1 billion. It’s a huge success for us.

We have become the No. 1 brand in Polish media, winning the TOP BRAND 2021 title and outranking our competitors. The media have been interested in the innovative solutions used in the Olympians’ costumes, including materials made from waste and coffee grounds, which are light, quick-drying and “breathable”, with a water-repellent finish. In turn, the collection signed by our ambassadors Ania and Robert Lewandowski often appeared in the styling of influencers.

Other successes of the OTCF noted by the media include the launch of the 4F Spot network, the launch of the 4F Fuel range of supplements and the technical partnership of the Energa Basket League from the 2021/2022 season. Among the successes, we should definitely note the debut of the 4F on Zalando.

The 4F Pomaga Foundation is a very important area of ​​our activity. In 2021, we built the first playground for the school in Siercza, we registered bone marrow donors with the DKMS Foundation, and the last completed project was a charity Christmas card with the Autograph by Kamil Stoch. For the profit of the sale of several thousand cards, we will organize holidays for the children of the orphanages from the next winter holidays.

The hardest challenge in 2021

THAT : The year 2021 is above all the continuation of the functioning of the post-pandemic reality.

For the OTCF brands, already present in 50 markets, not only are the restrictions in Poland important, but also in all the countries where we have our stores. The constant need to react to changes, delays resulting from problems in the supply chain, production interruptions or shortages of raw materials are probably the biggest challenges we face today. It should also be noted that the many lockdowns have contributed to the rapid development of the e-commerce channel, whose dynamic growth in importance for our sales has required increased technical, logistical and operational involvement.

The 3 most interesting stocks in 2021

Magda Warchol: By far the most interesting campaign for 4F in 2021 was the WE MAKE A TEAM campaign accompanying the Tokyo Olympics. When we learned of the Fan Games closure, we knew that communicating this event would not be easy. 4F sponsors up to 8 Olympic Committees and 2 Paralympic Committees, so the scale of the campaign was very large. An additional difficulty was the fact that most of the competitions took place at night in our era. Fortunately, it turned out that despite the time difference, the fans were very involved in the Games, even if they were doing it in front of television screens, during the night hours. The reception of the campaign was sensational, and the organic communication on social networks to encourage and congratulate the winners broke all our records.

The second extremely interesting action was to create an avatar of Robert Lewandowski and to launch a virtual fitting room. As part of the promotion of the new 4F x Robert Lewandowski collections, in collaboration with Wearfits, we have developed a virtual fitting room, where, after entering your own dimensions, you can try on the products from the RL9 collection. Using the prowess of technology, we have created an avatar of Robert Lewandowski, on which you can also see the entire collection.

The third campaign that will stay in your memory is “Unstoppable, together” promoting the new 4F x Anna Lewandowska training collection. The leitmotif of the campaign was women, supporting each other in their quest to be a better version of themselves. The essence of the campaign was to show that supporting each other helps women achieve their goals, whether it be athletic aspirations, health or personal fulfillment. We’ve shown women that it doesn’t matter what they look like, what their body shape is, and what their social media is saying – if they support each other, they can achieve a lot. We have engaged 4F and AL Instagram Watchers in the campaign, who train with Ania and motivate each other.

The most important marketing communication channels in 2022

MW: Numerical in the broad sense. The new platform that the 4F brand is entering with the new year is Tik Tok. We see enormous potential in it, in particular thanks to the opportunities it offers to creators. User engagement on Tik Toku is huge, which in turn provides a great base for engaging with the audience there.

Instagram will be the second major channel, which could see a comeback and rejuvenate its user base, mainly following recent changes such as Reelsy. Video formats have been growing in popularity for years, which is why we expect this feature to gain popularity on Instagram.

Due to information overload in digital, we also don’t rule out outdoor and ambient activities.

The most promising marketing trends

MW: Certainly, an even greater increase in the role of social media and the building of a micro-community.

A trend that is not really a trend, but a global change is an ecological approach to the production process, closing the cycle or increasing the life of a product. As a brand, we are also developing strongly in this area, and just after the new year, we began to implement a responsible development strategy and actively participate in the circular circulation of clothing.

We are seeing growing customer awareness, not just in areas related to sustainability, so the authenticity of the brand message will play an increasingly important role.

Budget for digital activities

MW: We plan to increase the budget for digital activities, taking into account the new channels.

Assessment of the current state of the marketing industry in Poland

MW: Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, the industry is doing quite well. The online advertising market continues to grow, digital communication is expected to grow. The popularity of online video is increasing year by year. The same goes for spending on social media. I think there are a lot of post-covid changes ahead of us, but I’m optimistic about the future of the industry.

3 most important goals and plans for 2022

MW: The main objective for next year is to continue expanding into foreign markets.

The second important goal is to establish a stronger dialogue with Generation Z.

The third objective is the implementation of a responsible development strategy – introduction of a closed circuit of clothing, and therefore a big step towards the introduction of eco-solutions both on the side of the product, packaging and behavior of the consumer.

As part of the activities of the 4F Pomaga Foundation, we plan to build more land.

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