Trek to Yomi – reviews and reviews about the game [PS5, XSX, PS4, XOne, PC]. The samurai goes into action

Often in game reviews my main focus is the story, but in Trek to Yomi events play a secondary role. Here, the visual sphere is significantly more important, because the game from the Rzeszów studio literally captivates with every step. The developers were inspired by the films of the 1950s and 1960s, so the whole story was presented in black and white, which makes the creators have fun everywhere. The player has the opportunity to pass through many villages, fall into the forest, visit rooms, pass between buildings and with each step the play of light makes an electrifying impression. The creators in many places place the protagonist in a special place to emphasize various elements of the environment and, for example, several times a samurai has the opportunity to grab a katana on the roofs of buildings, where the moon illuminates the characters – it just looks fantastic.

Revised Trek is Yomi he can really catch you on the screen through artistic vision, which as you know is not surprising, but fans of Akira Kurosawa’s works will walk through the following areas with a smug smile to be able to experience the place – be it a village destroyed by fire or spectacular pieces of Japanese houses. The title developed by Flying Wild Hog is one of those productions that many players will want to complete thanks to the world presented. The developers have done their homework by taking care of the small details of the parts or the seats themselves.

The sound also creates a good atmosphere – we are always fed calm music, which encourages pushing the plot, and the developers have also taken care of an interesting cast of actors so that players can hear Japanese voices from the start to finish. Masayuki Katou (Naruto: Shippuden, Sword Art Online), Sarah Emi Bridcutt (The Rising of the Shield Hero), Akio Otsuka (Ghost in the Shell, Paprika) and Hiroshi Shirokuma (Naruto, One Piece) starred as the main characters and a good way to give the game the right vibe. The title offers subtitles in Polish, but luckily no one decided to dub unnecessarily this time.

Trek to Yomi offers a simple revenge story

Trek to Yomi - game review - the main character

The revamped Trek to Yomi doesn’t move forward, delivering another production in which the story is sort of just an add-on. From the first scene, players can predict how the action will end and to be honest, I was hoping for more at this point. The main character of the story is Hiroki – an orphan taken in by a samurai. It won’t be a big spoiler if I write that at the very beginning of the story, the master dies in front of his student, and he promises to fulfill the dying man’s request – he must keep his daughter and the village. This seems typical and sadly it is because although the writers tried at some point to go crazy even in this situation I can’t say the game delivered a story at a high enough level .

The gesture of Trek is Yomi can actually be divided into two large chapters – in the first we have the opportunity to fulfill this promise, and in the second we try to correct the error of the main character. Hiroki has three opportunities to make decisions that somehow affect events and let you experience all four endings, but when you first play the game, you’ll have no problem knowing how to what to expect in at least three situations. It took me about 9 hours to complete the production for the first time, but this time can be significantly shortened – I chose the highest difficulty level (third) and the additional level (fourth) is only unlocked only after completing the game. However, I’m not sure I have the perseverance to learn the whole adventure without even a single death.

The home studio title is very linear, as we run almost the entire story in the only possible direction – occasionally the devs will provide an alternate path, but these are small shortcuts that allow us to take part in a battle. extra, collect items or just avoid enemies. It is probably for this reason, and because of the very predictable story, at the end of Trek to Yomi, I already felt a little tired of the game – the game also for some time does not offer major novelties in the case of mechanics and it quickly turns out that the whole samurai adventure lacked 2-3 systems that would make the gameplay more colorful.

In Trek, Yomi is where you run and cut

Trek to Yomi - game review - main rival

Trek to Yomi is a samurai adventure in the form of a side-scrolling action game, in which we observe events almost throughout the side game. The creators went for 2.5D and although we usually run left or right, every now and then the camera throw pushes the hero deeper into the screen. However, battles always take place when the opponent stands on the left or right side of Hiroki, and up to two opponents can be faced at the same time. The following are waiting for their turn – the situation is a little different in the case of shooters, but it is better to attack them at the very beginning of the duel. At the beginning, the hero does not have a specially developed arsenal, and the competition mainly focuses on the use of two attacks (light-fast, strong-slow), but going through the following chapters, we have access to combinations – it spins fast that it is also worth using rolling to hit the opponent at a fast pace, and sometimes it is worth combining attacks with, for example, running or different sides of the direction .

The struggle in the revisited Trek to Yomi can be thrilling, but at the same time very frustrating, because we feel blissful satisfaction when our suit comes out perfectly and within seconds we defeat even 6-7 enemies, but on the next screen we can be crushed by literally an enemy. During the game, I often felt that Hiroki didn’t always listen perfectly to my commands, so sometimes I could play with the clashes, and other times the game tired me. At each stage, the devs set up shrines that serve as save locations, so during big duels (especially at the end of the story) I had to literally memorize the sequence of attacks to get rid of a few enemies – often the backup appears after 2 -3 larger battles, so from the very beginning we need to show great mastery of the character.

Trek to Yomi - Game Review - Combat

In Trek, Yomi lacked a normal character development system, because the main character doesn’t learn new abilities from the tree (combos are unlocked by pushing the story further), he doesn’t gain experience points, and he can only pick up items which allow him to increase health and health bars. The latter is especially important, as a tired Hiroki becomes very vulnerable, so careful stamina management is essential during combat. Parrying attacks is perfect here, then performing deadly counterattacks, but the problem arises when there is a second opponent on our back – the protagonist can use a quick turn, but during the game I found out very clearly that this movement is not always good It works.

Hiroki, as befits a samurai, does not change the katana, but can use three ranged weapons – in my opinion the bow works best, as it is effective and fast. During the game, it is worth collecting ammo, because it is especially useful when we have the rest of our life, we have just finished the fight with more than 7 rivals, and the last opponent with the coveted save is on the way . There were also bosses in the story itself, but they weren’t much of a challenge for me – it’s much harder to learn the moves and behavior of some normal enemies. The creators have prepared a wide range of different rivals – from ordinary bandits to experienced generals, opponents tied to a certain magic or several living beasts. However, as I mentioned – mainly clashes Trek is Yomi take place on the basis of 1 vs. 2, but even 5-6 enemies can wait their turn, so during the game it is necessary to manage your stamina very well and get to know your opponents – it is worth attacking the right rivals first.

Trek to Yomi is a treat for Akira Kurosawa fans

After completing Trek to Yomi, I felt a lot of satisfaction. Flying Wild Hog has reserved a pleasant surprise, because although at some point the game lacks more variety, and some clashes can be frustrating, … experience the Japanese atmosphere.

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