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In the world of a million products striving for our attention, you can only stand out with quality. Effective marketing makes it easier to reach the customer, but only with a high quality product will they stay longer.

It can help to succeed in the market Modern design. This proves to potential customers and investors that the company behind the idea not only follows current market trends, but is also capable of creating new ones. Combined with a successful marketing strategy, a well-designed product has a chance to win the hearts of customers around the world.

One of the industries in which product design plays a key role is the so-called Web development, that is, the process of creating websites. There are plenty on the market website builderswhich allow you to create your own website without having to learn languages ​​such as HTML, CSS if JavaScript. Moreover, we don’t even need to have a sense of graphics, because these platforms often give us a chance to ready-to-use templates.

The process for creating a new page in the wizard is similar arrange buildings from blocks. We select the appropriate elements and arrange them as we see fit. At the end, we only add our own content and multimedia, i.e. graphics, photos and videos. The website builder also takes it upon itself website hosting, that is, by storing it on the server. This is a practical solution considering costs, management comfort and Security.

More and more companies decide to use the website builder, who don’t want to bother with the complicated procedure of creating the code from scratch, finding a server to host the website and finally monitoring security updates. Often too small entrepreneurs they do not have the means to entrust the creation of such a site to a specialized company. Thanks to such a magician, they have at the same time total control of the project.

The Poles don’t have geese and they have their own designers WWW

A Polish company is behind one of these creators. start WebWave was born in the minds of three students from the Warsaw University of Technology and has been operating in the internet space for almost 10 years. Currently, the company can boast of having a base more than 430,000 users. Besides Poland, it is also active in the English-speaking markets and in Romania. Despite the lack of support from investment funds, WebWave successively manages to develop its activity while maintaining total independence. The company’s office is located in the Wola district of Warsaw, but the startup also has one a branch at the antipodes – in Brisbane, Australia.

Which is more important: a good product or good marketing?  WebWave example

photo: Web Wave

What sets WebWave apart from the competition of website builders is the ability to precisely configure each element of the page with pixel precision. In other such products, we are usually restricted to specific regions, which may be more like inserting your own values ​​into table cells. WebWave gives a lot to the user more options for editing individual elements.

New features introduced in WebWave are usually the result of long-term consultations with platform users. The authors of the service manage to keep it high weekly update ratein which the solutions proposed by the community most often have a chance of appearing. A unique feature from the user’s point of view is also their own e-mail in the WebWave domain.

Competitor – a giant with weak points

One of WebWave’s direct competitors is Israeli WiX. It is much more recognized in Poland, mainly due to the scale of its operations and a much larger marketing budget. Consequently, one might be tempted to say that it can assume the burden of promoting the product which it does not always meet the expectations of the recipients.

During the period of October to December 2021, WIX recorded the bounce rate at the level of 56.75%. For WebWave it was just 39.66%. On the WIX site, the user spent on average 2 minutes and 42 secondsand on the WebWave site – 3 minutes and 57 seconds. As more recipients come to WIX due to big budget marketing, they stay with WebWave longer.

WebWabe regularly carries out customer satisfaction surveys using the tool Net Promoter Score (NPS). In 2021, the startup achieved an average result NPS at +75 (NPS test scale ranges from -100 to +100). It follows that the customers of the platform appreciate not only the quality of the product itself, but also the technical service ready to provide support.

What has been improved in WebWave?

One of the aspects in which the company stood out from the market until recently was coherent and modern graphic identification. In recent years, WebWave has focused too much on the quality of the final product (only in 2021, a total of 271 changes have been introduced in the application).

This has resulted in neglecting the process of adapting the design to current trends. This is clearly visible, for example, in the example of the mixture different types of fonts on the page. The inconsistency of the design is also intensified by the distinct, low-contrast colors on the website and at the designer, as well as the blending of the illustration style with the photos.

Fortunately, WebWave is coming after 2022 rebranding and redesign, which has the effect of harmonizing and modernizing the visual impression of interaction with the website creator and the startup website itself. It is fortunate that all the current weaknesses of this platform will disappear and help it to be more competitive in the market.

Which is more important: a good product or good marketing?  WebWave example

photo: Web Wave

Coming back to the title question – what is more important then: the product or the marketing? It seems to be the main thing success is a good product. Take for example the famous skid of the Polish studio CD Projekt Red with the game Cyberpunk 2077. The expectations of the players, pushed to the extreme by an active promotion of the product, came up against the catastrophic technical state of the title at the time. . of the market premiere.

The well-promoted game turned out to be far from perfect. More than a year after its premiere, the developer is still struggling to improve it. Perhaps already at the design stage of the game a number of mistakes have been made that will be difficult to eliminate. Thereby a well thought out product is always easier to improve, just like the design.

Does WebWave stand a chance of threatening the market leadership position currently held by WIX? seems to offer customers a much better quality productwhich, due to the smaller scale of operations, is easier to modify and improve. The trap to WIX’s success may be precisely the company’s resistance to bold changes to a product used by millions of users around the world. Fingers crossed for Polish WebWave!

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