Artificial intelligence means billions of extra zlotys for companies

– To work with artificial intelligence you don’t need expensive labs and you don’t usually need supercomputers. Most things can be done with a laptop with a graphics card. If you need more computing power, you can simply buy cloud computing hours – says Dr. Łukasz Borowiecki, co-founder of 10 Senses, a company providing data science and machine learning services, in an interview with Business Insider Polska. In his opinion without clear financial support from the state, we risk losing competitiveness in the field of AI for the benefit of other countries.

Dr. Łukasz Borowiecki, co-founder of 10 Senses: I don’t think any country is really prepared. Few people expected neural networks to be such a powerful tool for solving all kinds of computing problems. So, when scientists around 2012 proved the superiority of this type of algorithm, it turned out that there were very few people working in this field. Everyone was surprised. Of course, Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies reacted the fastest, buying experts and then a few startups off the trunk. However, at national government level, the response has been slower. So today by reading official government documents, one can discover, for example, that the British are afraid of American domination and the flight of experts abroad, or that the Germans think that they have lost in recent years and are technologically backward in the field of artificial. intelligence. We’re not the only ones wondering if we’re ready.

I think so. Artificial intelligence economists widely agree that technology will impact many sectors of the economy, as has been the case with the internal combustion engine, electricity and the internet. This would mean that the development of artificial intelligence would have a direct impact on the long-term competitiveness of the economy.

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