Chipper review – no broken bones or frostbite, and still fun

Like everyone else, I have my Achilles heel, but unlike the Greek hero, I have at least a few. One of them is associated with humiliating memories and a wounded ego. Yes, I’m one of the few adults to be the best at sledding in winter sports, so before I started playing Shredders, I was wondering if the game would work as a therapy for me to forget about my failures ski. , or like flashbacks the excruciating pain will return from Vietnam.

Fortunately, the first scenario turned out to be successful, and not just because in Shredders we ride on one board, and the suffering of our snowboarder, if we have enough empathy, we can only imagine. It is simply the fruit of a cooperation between I-Illusions and Let it Roll, which is a very efficiently made production, from which, despite many shortcomings, it is difficult to break away.

What is surprising from the start is the fact that the creators did not focus only on difficult players, but also decided to sell a story. This one is not very ambitious, but especially at the beginning it turns out to be a nice diversion, introducing a happy atmosphere before the next missions. Our mute hero and talkative friend will meet Lisa, the Frozen Wood brand ambassador on the trail. The girl is impressed with our skills and makes a proposal for several sponsored films. From this moment, the ride begins without a handyman, during which we meet a galaxy of professional riders, each specializing in something different. During the following missions, we learn their tricks, and then try not only to catch up with them, but also to overcome them. Of course, everything happens in a family and relaxed atmosphere, without a tense competitive climate.


There are a lot of missions and challenges and they have been scattered across seven great locations which we can also explore by traveling freely. The game world is not open to us from the start and we have to unlock each new location as we progress through the game.

The gameplay is quite varied, and the creators have prepared a lot of gadgets for players to diversify fun and interesting tasks during which we run or repeat various tricks. Each mission, in addition to the main objective that allows us to complete it, also has smaller tasks for us, the fulfillment of which depends on whether it will be evaluated for one smiley, two or three. And finding them isn’t easy, as the game raises the bar higher and higher over time.

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2022 shredders

There are a lot of tricks, and some of them require precision and dexterity to perform some of them. Is the 360 ​​degree rotation a challenge? How about a 1260 degree bend? Here our snowboarder does not get better and faster with each descent, the player must systematically improve his skills, which in the multitude of new tricks can overwhelm us over time. Problems can occur especially when we return to the game after a few days. It lacks a well-implemented trick encyclopedia that would allow us to hone our skills or refresh our memory. This would be especially useful for players who don’t have much in common with snowboarding and the names of the tricks don’t mean much to them. I know what I’m saying because I’m such a player too.

An interesting addition is the ability to change elements of our character’s outfit or paintings on the board. While none of this affects our skills, dressing up our snowboarder in new gloves, hat, jacket, or pants is an interesting diversion. It is important to note that each garment is licensed by companies such as DC Shoes, The North Face, Capita or DaKine, which automatically translates to detailed reproduction.

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In terms of binding, the Shredders may please. While the cutscenes won’t bring AAA game fans to their knees, during gameplay, especially in motion, the snowy landscapes are breathtaking, and the characters and their animations look quite natural. The physics are a little worse, and although there is nothing to complain about when performing tricks, the falls look very unnatural, and the character, after uncontrolled contact with the surface, is characterized by the physics of a loosely thrown mannequin. Yes… I don’t know why this comparison came to mind.

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2022 shredders

As we are already talking about the technical issues, the fluidity also leaves a lot to be desired. The animation can be jerky at times and I recommend against using the Quick Resume option as the frame drop issues will definitely increase.

Of course, we cannot forget about the audio layer, because music in such games is very important. If you rely on heavy loads injecting extra adrenaline into our blood and ending the competitive spirit, you may be disappointed. The creators opted for a calmer music, which is approached quite neutral. You certainly don’t mind that, but that’s not an argument for Shredders either.

Shredders is described by the creators as a love letter from snowboarders to snowboarders and that certainly can’t be denied, although it also has some nasty consequences. Unfortunately, the game has its technical problems, and the still unmentioned possibility of playing online works quite poorly. Therefore, it lacks such a calorie filling from game developers for gamers, which would satisfy every recipient. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun for several hours and it is certainly worth looking into this title, especially since it is available from the first on the Xbox Game Pass service. Shredders is a highly successful spiritual heir to the legendary Amped series that began years ago on the original Xbox.

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