For the barbecue, for the plot and for the weekend. Google Play Treasures #87

The Google Play Store is a goldmine, but finding useful apps or well-made Android games is quite a challenge. That’s why every weekend I share finds and news from Google Play that I find valuable and useful. As the weather is nice, this week I am offering applications for lovers of barbecues, picnics and outings to the plot.

Apparently grilling is the national sport of the Poles. I don’t know if that’s true, but it doesn’t hurt to recommend several apps that will come in handy when cooking a meal out. It’s worth knowing where the storm is, how to inventively prepare a pork neck, and easily settle accounts with friends for joint purchases.

Lifts – and you already know where the storm is

Price: 0 PLN, optional subscription. Download for free on Google Play

Weather Forecast in Windy for Android

Don’t be surprised by the weather – this rule also applies when planning a barbecue trip. I therefore recommend my favorite meteorologist, that is to say Elevators. The app has huge resources of weather data, including for pilots and sailors, but for us the most important are visualizations of precipitation, storms and wind animation. After all, in strong winds, it bakes as badly as in the rain.

Cloudy and thunderstorms in Ascenseurs

Elevators also has 3 widgets with weather forecasts for where you are staying. Most of us are happy with the data in the free version of the app, but if you have higher requirements, you can look for more accurate data available in the subscription.

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BBQ grill recipes – light BBQ recipes and more

Price: PLN 0. Download for free on Google Play

BBQ grill recipes - app interface

Application Barbecue Grilling Recipes would defend himself with any settlement. It is an excellent base for dishes that can be prepared on the grill and additives that can be served with them. As you browse recipes, you can immediately add and edit them in your own collection. You can also add your own recipes from scratch.

Barbecue grill recipes - recipe and shopping list

After doing your inventory in the fridge, you can also label the products you are missing for the perfect grill menu. They will be collected on a shopping list divided into dishes, making it easy to choose the perfect items and find possible substitutes. I think this app won’t work just for grilling.

Agrama – Shared shopping list without creating an account

Price: PLN 0. Download for free on Google Play

Shopping list in the Agrama app

When joint shopping is involved and you know you won’t convince your friends to connect anywhere, he comes to the rescue Agrama. This is a very simple app that lets you share your shopping list using the peer-to-peer method. Data is synced between users, but you don’t need to create accounts, and then you can delete the app and forget about everything. In my opinion, Agrama is the perfect solution for small groups that shop together. Anyway, I use it every day and so far it hasn’t let me down.

Tricount – split expenses without combining

Price: 0 PLN, advertising, optional subscription. Download for free on Google Play

Sample balance in Tricount

Tricount is a phenomenal calculator for sharing of expenses in a group of up to 50 people. At the end of the event, you’ll get a summary of who should donate to whom and how much, so no one gets lost. The settlement can be made available so that everyone can add their expenses. You can sign in to keep your backed up data in the cloud, but it’s not necessary.

Example of Tricount expenses

Importantly, for each expense you can mark who participated, who paid for whom and add a photo – for example a receipt.

Tricount is free with ads, and it also has a paid version with advanced features. Among them is the ability to create expense distribution templates so as not to mark everyone present again and again.

HowToBBQRight – See how America’s BBQ master does it

Price: PLN 0. Download for free on Google Play

HowToBBQRight - gallery and sample recipe

HowToBBQRight is a content-packed app for grilling and smoking enthusiasts who want to improve their skills. It’s an app Malcolm Reed, barbecue celebrity, winner of numerous competitionswho, with his wife, has also developed a range of sauces, preserves and pickles. In the application you can find unusual recipes for meat dishes, watch grilling and smoking techniques, and you will surely learn something new about cooking American dishes – large portions, lots of butter and vegetables only for decoration. If you want to serve your guests anything other than pork neck with mustard, you have to come here.

HowToBBQRight - recipe and application menu

HowToBBQRight not only includes step-by-step recipes, but also videos and links to social media materials. Along with interesting ways to prepare and marinate various types of meat, you’ll also learn about advanced processing techniques.

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I am testing apps on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G smartphone.

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