In June, the 12th Power of Explorers, i.e. Rzeszów Science and Technology Picnic

Do electrons play football, how did the sun help Archimedes burn the enemy fleet, can you cook popcorn using a phone – answers, among others, You can find these questions at the 12th Power of Explorers, ie the Rzeszów Science and Technology Picnic, which will be held in June in Rzeszów.

“The Power of Discoverers is an extremely educational adventure that popularizes science and technology in the form of fun outdoor activities for everyone: young and old discoverers. Having fun, learning, and above all the scientific education workshop and technique, which we offer, is a great way to integrate the communities of Rzeszów and works effectively for the lines: child, student, teacher, parent. Regardless of age “- invited the co-organizer of the project, Marlena Proszak .

This year’s picnic, like in the past, will be divided into thematic areas: Pasaż Techniki, Pasaż Nauki, Pasaż Kultury i Sztuki and History Square. The picnic town will traditionally be located around the main building of the 5th Rzeszów University of Technology, and lectures and performances will be presented in auditoriums and lecture halls (Building V).

Free admission and all attractions available for free.

Participants in the event, scheduled for June 11, will be able to take part, among other things, in interactive shows and workshops in physics, chemistry, robotics, avionics, computer science, environmental engineering and biotechnology.

“There will also be high tensions, Tesla transformer shows, spectacular warrior duels, armed times of crusades, the chivalry of the Grunwald era and … guests from a distant galaxy” – said Proszak .

She added that for the first time in the history of the picnic, it will be possible to visit the Great Mobile Laboratories with many educational attractions not only for children, including the magic laboratory of “the most famous scientist in the world of fairy tales, the teacher of Mr. Kleks himself – DrPajChiWo”.

The largest themed area of ​​the Explorers’ Picnic will be the Technical Passage, where there will be attractions for enthusiasts of motor vehicles, aviation and astronautics, robotics, automation, energy and of electronics.

“A popular assertion is that technology is a field that transforms the laws of physics into practical actions. The history of technology is permanently linked to the history of civilization, from the time when man learned to control fire, until the days of shuttles and interplanetary shuttle flights” – said Proszak.

In the panel of attractions related to telecommunications and IT, you can visit the stands and mobile laboratories of the Institute of Communications – National Research Institute, the Polish Chamber of Information Technologies and Telecommunications and of the Office of Electronic Communications.

At the event, their scientific achievements will be presented, among others, by scientific circles of Rzeszów and Warsaw University of Technology, representatives of Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń, University of Science and Technology AGH from Krakow and Jagiellonian University, as well as students from primary, secondary and technical schools will demonstrate experiments in chemistry and physics as well as educational projects in robotics.

Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to see costumes, equipment and weapons from the Middle Ages, weapons used at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries and several duels between gunmen. For Robin Hood fans, an archery track with replicas of old bows of different types and strings will be available.

There will also be popular science lectures on the sensational history of Polish inventors and discoverers; chemistry fairs of the scientific club of Esprit chemists, fluorescence workshops.

According to the picnic’s co-organizer, Power of Discoverers is “the only nationwide science outreach project” that combines interactive science and technology education with the dissemination of science, culture and science. art in the broadest sense. She listed the encounters with painting, sculpture, ironwork and ceramics, planned for the program of the event, on which it would be possible, for example, to make an imprint on a T-shirt using a graphic press traditional, or spinning a potter’s wheel.

“The power of chemistry and physics experiments, the power of technology, technology and robotics, the power of high voltages, the power of history, culture and art, and at the same time the power of pleasure and unforgettable impressions. .

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