Poland is a real giant in this industry. It is with us that the greatest investors – Biznes Wprost

Poland is a veritable hub of research and development centers for global IT giants. The biggest have opened their centers here: Intel, Google, IBM, Samsung, Amazon. Polish programmers and engineers work on solutions that appear in key products around the world.


Intel’s research and development center in Gdańsk is the company’s largest center in the European Union. Three thousand people work there and the company plans to expand it even further.

– Intel’s investment program focuses on balancing the global semiconductor supply chain by significantly increasing production capacity in Europe. An important part of this plan also concerns Poland and our research and development center in Gdańsk, where Intel will increase its laboratory space by 50%, focusing on the development of solutions in the field of deep neural networks, audio, graphics, data centers and cloud computing. . This expansion is to be completed in 2023 – says Bartosz Ciepluch, Vice President, Datacenter, AI and Networking Poland General Manager, Intel for Wprost.

Although the company’s processors are not developed in Poland, the technologies used in virtually all Intel services and products are under development. In Gdańsk, among others: IPU – i.e. Infrastructure Processing Unit, Intel Barefoot, i.e. modern switches related to the P4 programming language or also various types of network cards and devices. If someone uses an Intel network card, it can be said with a high probability that it is controlled by software developed in Gdańsk.

Intel’s R&D in Poland also includes AI solutions in Internet of Everything (IOT) devices. This includes the OpenVINO project and working on the optimal use of dedicated artificial intelligence processors provided by Intel. In Gdańsk, widely understood data center solutions are also developed, including both low-level server software, but also security solutions. Also, there is a department related to advanced computing.

– Intel is investing in Gdańsk for various reasons. The presence of specialized personnel and universities, the favorable geographical location of Gdańsk and Poland, infrastructure and good cooperation with local authorities are certainly important. The center is still developing, only now we are conducting more than 200 recruitment processes for engineering positions – says Bartosz Ciepluch.

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Another digital giant investing in Poland is Google, which only spent several billion zlotys on investments in Poland during the pandemic. From the beginning of its presence in Poland, the company noticed the potential of Polish programmers and a year after the opening of the Polish office in Warsaw, Google opened an innovation center in Wrocław and an engineering center in Krakow . On this occasion, the director of Google for Europe, John Herlihy, spoke about the potential of Poland and Polish programmers:

“The large amount of local talent combined with the friendly business environment is a great motivation for us. The Wroclaw Innovation Center will also benefit from the expertise and skills of our growing teams in Mountain View, Dublin and other EMEA cities. »

In 2015, the company opened the Google Campus in Warsaw, a place where startups from Poland and other Eastern European countries could find support. Google chose the fashionable Centrum Praskie Koneser district as the location for its campus, which had previously undergone a major revitalization. However, in the years of the pandemic, Google made two gigantic investments in Warsaw.

In 2021, a regional branch of Google Cloud was launched in Warsaw, i.e. cloud computing for modern services. This was the 24th Google Cloud region in the world and the first in these regions in Europe. Google Cloud was created as part of a strategic partnership with National Cloud.

“It is already our largest center working on Google Cloud technologies in Europe. Talented engineers and engineers create services that are used by the world’s largest companies such as Spotify and Twitter. That is why Warsaw is for us the cloud capital of Europe – wrote Magdalena Dziewguć, commercial director of Google Cloud in Poland at the time – We are also happy that specialists and cloud specialists come to our office in Wrocław. will be created working with companies across Europe to implement cloud technologies”.

In March 2022, Google announced that it had invested PLN 2.7 billion in the development of its Warsaw office in the Warsaw HUB complex. The company also boasted of employing a thousand people in Poland, most of whom are engineers and programmers.

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In 2009, IBM came to Poland. The company, although less visible today in the consumer market, is a world leader in advanced digital technologies. IBM has also topped the list of the world’s most patent-holding companies for years.

“The latest technologies are developed at our center in Wrocław. Customers want to locate their business here because we have people who are good problem solvers. The biggest challenge was to be able to provide high-quality commercial services not from Germany or France, but from Poland – said James Rutledge, Managing Director of IS Delivery Europe during the event on the occasion the center’s 10th anniversary. – Now entrepreneurs say that they will sign a contract if the services are provided from Wrocław.

Since the start of their activity, several thousand programmers, engineers and computer science students have passed through the IBM laboratories in Wrocław. The company has started cooperation with local universities, as well as high schools and technical schools to find potential employees.

IBM in Wrocław specializes in project management and the fight against cybercrime. In 2017, the IBM xForce Command Center Europe was launched, where professional analysis, forecasting and monitoring in the fight against digital crime is carried out. It is one of ten such IBM centers worldwide.

In early 2022, IBM opened another research and development branch in Poland. The IBM Quantum Hub, IBM’s first quantum computing hub in Central and Eastern Europe, was launched at the Supercomputing and Networking Center in Poznań.

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In Warsaw and Krakow, software for Samsung Electronics products is developed at Samsung R&D Institute Poland centers. Samsung’s research and development center in Poland is probably the oldest, it has been operating since 2001. At first, only 10 people worked on software for digital TV decoders.

“The Polish IT market is very developed, which means an increase in the work of engineers. Polish engineers are known for their good education and the quality of their products, not only in Europe, but also all over the world. This is why so many companies open R&D centers in Poland.Young professionals expect the company to provide them with support, but also a space to use their talents and skills in the way they want. wish the most – praised Poland Youngki Byun, Vice President of the R&D Center of Samsung Electronics Poland on the tenth anniversary of the center’s operation.”

Currently, at Samsung centers in Poland, work is underway on: artificial intelligence, voice assistant Bixby, digital television technologies, software platforms, mobile technologies, Internet of Things, digital mobile networks, cloud solutions, and testing and quality assurance.

Tech giants rely on Polish programmers and engineers

The list of companies with R&D offices in Poland is full of global giants of the digital and electronics industry. The company’s research and development center has been operating for more than 20 years in Krakow Motorola Solutionswhich provides digital connectivity solutions to industry, cities and services.

Also in Krakow, more precisely in the Krakow Technology Park, there is a research and development center of the company nokia. Polish engineers work there on software for telecommunications systems. From the conceptual and research phase, through the definition of the architecture, to the implementation of the product.

On the other side of the country, in Gdańsk, he opened his research and development center Amazon. Polish engineers are developing there, among other Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Before being taken over by Amazon, they developed the Polish Iwona voice synthesizer. More than half a thousand employees work there.

Poland is an attractive place to invest in research and development centers for two reasons. These are still low labor costs, or at least significantly lower than those in the West, and access to human capital, ie trained and experienced engineers and programmers.

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