Yes, I carry my smartphone in a case, but not to protect it. And you?

Smartphone cases have been a hot topic for years. I don’t know who has more: supporters or opponents. Years ago, I used these accessories mainly to protect my smartphone. Now – because even though it disfigures it, it’s just more convenient for me to use it.

Consumer electronics is not a museum piece for me. I just used it

Over the years, my approach to functional electronics has changed many times. For years I laughed that the first fall and crack hurt the most – then it somehow goes away. After all, I did my best to protect the device. After many years of reminiscing about the bizarre case of classic phones with a QWERTY keyboard that made it terribly difficult to use the equipment, I laugh to myself. The facts, however, are that I had a time in my life where I wanted to keep devices in the best condition possible. Sheets for screens, armored cases, which I have not processed. And the fact – most devices seemed solid after many years. However, I dare say that in those days it was much more difficult to keep the electronics in good condition – mainly due to the materials used by the manufacturers. My experience is that they scratch much easier, not to mention the models with which the paint has been rubbed off. It was like that, or I just used such devices. I don’t know, I didn’t have access to as many models as now, but on the other hand… I was able to change my private phone several times a year. Crazy times.

For many years I did not apply any foils – not on a tablet, not on a watch, not on a smartphone. I don’t have a computer case – I just throw it in a backpack with a pocket slightly better suited for carrying electronics. Tablet? No armored case there – more keyboard than case (Apple Smart Keyboard Folio). Yes, it protects the screen when I travel, but anyone who knows at least a little about the accessory market knows that there are dozens (hundreds?) of products that will better support the security of the equipment. The watch is what it is. Only.

And so – over time each of the devices has micro scratches – and recently I discovered that the tablet on the back after less than a year has more scratches on the back. I was probably wrong, maybe I got caught by something – to be honest, I don’t even know when it happened. Did that irritate me in any way? Oh no. As I mentioned – I use the iPad Pro every day, if I don’t use the keyboard then absolutely no. He has the right, it’s natural that things happen use.

There was a time when I gave up on the smartphone case altogether. Unfortunately, the past is no coincidence here.

I went back to the smartphone case. Why? Because photographic islands drive me crazy

After switching from iPhone X to iPhone 13 Pro, I couldn’t stand it and went back to the case. When I tested the smartphone for review, one thing that really irritated me was how it wobbled when it lay flat on the desk, and I changed music or typed something on it. And fate wants me to do it regularly – because I spend several hours a day at my desk.

Therefore, when I bought this model privately, I decided to give the case a chance and check whether (as in the case of several test smartphones) it will turn out to be a solution to the problems. Test models of other smartphones had one in the box, so it was less of a problem to find out. The camera lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro, however, are so prominent that for balance the case has to be even larger. And they are. They line up. That’s why I use them.

I choose cheap, classic, simple – ideally: silicone. The ones in which the smartphone grips better than the leather ones (years ago I changed the originals from Apple – and that was by far the worst case I’ve had). I don’t believe at all that these accessories will protect my smartphone from heavy damage – they don’t have reinforced edges, aren’t thick (I want them to enlarge the device, which is already large, as little as possible), and they are made of cheap materials. And the only reason I use them is that they are stable when flat. Only that – and so much.

Question for you: do you use an electronic box? If so – for what purpose: protection or for other reasons?

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