AOC AGON Porsche Design PD 27 – that’s real Porsche among monitors!

There are devices that strike consumers at first glance superior quality. One of them is right AOC AGON PD27 Porsche Designwhich – as its name suggests – was left designed by Porsche. Usually, when you hear the expression “Porsche Design”, you can expect something extremely flashy, which will not necessarily be functional, but whose price will certainly scare you. In this case, AGON departs from this framework.

At first glance you can see that aesthetically little can be faulted with the monitor. Curved screen it is surrounded by narrow frames, one of which, the lower one, is slightly thicker. There is the inscription on it “Porsche Design”and below you can see the lighting, which can be customized in the settings in terms of color and logo.

AOC AGON PD27 it’s literally awesome because it has up to 27 inches diagonally. Such a large screen requires an equally massive stand that you have to learn to live with, as the manufacturer does not allow you to change stands. She is solid, heavy and terribly big. In my case, it takes up too much space, leaving a bit too little for mouse and keyboard. For people with larger desks, this won’t be a problem. Especially since thanks to the use of a heavy and solid base, the monitor is very stable. It is also worth mentioning here the ability to adjust the position of the monitorwho is on top. You can not only change its height, but also its angles of inclination and turn it left and right without having to move the base. The device itself is extremely heavy because weighs nearly 9 kilograms.

When you go to an exquisite restaurant, not only the food itself is important, but also the form of its service, its interior design and its service. It’s the same anyway high-end products. Equipment makers should not only think about the device itself being of the highest quality, but also that every aspect should be pleasing. In this case, the manufacturer has joined the kit elegant black packaging, in which you can find a manual, a proprietary flash drive and a set of cables. The monitor comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is plug it in and use it right away. Also included with the kit special remote control to control monitor settings. You might think it’s a useless gimmick, but I had a lot of fun on the menu and it really proved its worth.

In case of AOC AGON PD27 we negotiate with 2560 x 1440 resolution (WQHD) using a VA matrix. In addition, one can count on a refresh rate of 240 Hz with a pixel response time of 0.5 ms, which can be a key advantage in network games and will ensure comfortable use in the case of unique productions. In fact, yes the low response time puts the PD27 among the best monitors.

AOC also offers something not found in competition monitors. Porsche design delivers an unprecedented 2500:1 static contrast, which when combined with 119% sRGB coverage. and Adobe RGB 89%. gives incredible image sharpness and high color saturation.

Moreover, as one of the few monitors, Porsche design has been equipped with built-in speakers, which cannot impress any audiophile with their quality, but you can certainly use them comfortably.

The first thing that literally catches your eye is absurd screen brightness. I really don’t know how bright it is to live to use the higher backlight values. In fact, even a 10-20% gamma. it’s too bright to be comfortable use the monitor at night. You may also notice the unevenness of darkness, which, however, does not bother you at all.

A freshly turned on monitor in my case had too blue color of colorsbut you can easily change it in settings. Of course, viewing angles will also be poor here. AOC AGON PD27 it is made to be seen from the front. Such curvature in monitors is used to overcome gamma shift issues.

Also, don’t forget that creepy sound when the monitor boots up. This one would be able to wake up even the deceased. Fortunately, you can disable this sound in the settings.

I barely plugged in the monitor and opened it right away settings menuthen closed it in horror. Strange columns appeared on the right side of the screen, each with a different set of options. However, it did not turn out as terrible as it seemed at first glance and I quickly figured it out, and the menu itself turned out to be extremely convenient and useful. In addition, you can move comfortably with the help of a special remote control.

As this is the case AOC AGON PD27 We are dealing with 1440p and the PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p, people looking for a monitor for their console can start to worry. Usually, these types of monitors are played back by the PS5 at native 1800p, which leads to image recall. This makes us drastically lose quality. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with PD27, as in this case the monitor is detected by the PS5 as a 4K screen, not Full HD. As a result, the image is downsampled from 4K to Quad HD. Like that we get the best possible quality for a Sony console.

You could say that AOC AGON Porsche Design PD27 is a full monitor. It has all the features that almost every user needs, and a lot could be left out to keep the price down a bit. For example, the aforementioned speakers with an equalizer. Fluent Device Price that’s a bit more affordable than it was on the monitor’s launch day, although it’s still a little on the high side. Right now you should pay around 2800 PLN for this monitor.

It would be difficult for me to choose a group of people for whom I should consider buying this monitor. Because strong curvature This is definitely not a device for people involved in computer graphics and creating digital illustrations. Any straight line may appear slightly curved here. PD27 is quite universalthat it might suit the tastes of many users, but most of them will say that why pay extra for features that they won’t use anyway, so they will choose a better profiled monitor.

Too bad because AOC AGON PD27 Porsche Design it’s a really concrete object that offers speed and image quality, solid construction and aesthetics, all with a sleek and stylish envelope.

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