Bailiff auction review – what are we going to buy and for how much?

In the coming weeks there will be many interesting bailiff auctions, which you can bid on, among other tractors and agricultural machinery. What are the prices of the equipment offered?

The sale of machines by bailiff’s auction takes place according to the following principles: at the first auction, the offer prices are ¾ of the estimated price. If the machine is not subsequently sold, then its price is the estimate price on the second date.

Purchase of the machine from the bailiff

In a situation where the debtor is unable to pay their debts, one of the ways to enforce the debt is to seize the borrower’s property and then try to sell it at a bailiff’s auction . This is often the only chance to recover the funds owed to the creditor.

Loan for the purchase of machinery from Crédit Agricole

Bailiff announcements

Bailiffs post announcements about the auctioned property both on their own websites and on collective portals, which certainly makes it easier to find interesting equipment.

Unfortunately, the quality of the ads leaves much to be desired – often the model of the machine being sold or the year of production is not known, and photos of the equipment being auctioned are extremely rare.

We also cannot rely on providing information about the technical condition of the machine sold. In practice, people interested in buying the equipment often have to go to the auction site “in the dark” and only there can they assess whether a particular piece of equipment deserves attention.

What are we going to buy this time?

In the coming weeks, agricultural tractors and numerous machines and devices for agricultural production will be auctioned. Below are the most interesting offers in our opinion:

machine type Model Year of production Auction date Location of the auction (voivodship) Auction Type Estimated price [zł brutto] Call price [zł brutto]
tractor Ursus C-330 1975 10.05 Dymaczewo Stare (Greater Poland) first 12,000 9,000
forklift Hyster H2.50XME 2003 10.05 Kuchary Borowe (Greater Poland) first 15,000 11,250
bed plow Agro-Mix 4 bodies 2020 18.05 Sępichów (Świętokrzyskie Province) second 5,500 2,750
tractor Case IH Maxxum 125 2012 18.05 Opole (province of Opole) second 250,000 125,000
tractor Ursus C-360 1988 25.05 Bartkowa-Posadowa (Lesser Poland Province) first 15,000 11,250
tractor Claas Axion 830 2009 26.05 Jarząbkowice (Silesia) first 120,000 90,000
cultivate and sow aggregates Unia Ares + Poznań 370 2012 27.05 Krasnosielc (Mazovian Voivodeship) first 28,000 21,000
tractor Zetor Proxima 90 2015 27.05 Krasnosielc (Mazovian Voivodeship) first 136,000 102,000
tractor Zetor 6340 with turem 27.05 Krasnosielc (Mazovian Voivodeship) first 63,000 47,250

To participate in the auction

In general, the condition for participating in the auction is to pay a 10% guarantee. the amount of the estimate no later than the day before the day of the auction. The winning bidder must pay the rest of the payment the next day. The remaining bidders will receive a warranty refund immediately after the auction ends.

What about visual inspection of the machine before bidding?

Bailiffs usually allow the machine to be viewed on the day of the auction, sometimes it is possible to arrange an individual inspection with the bailiff.

During the inspection, the interested person can check the technical condition of the machine and put it into operation. Unfortunately, the verification options often stop there. According to information provided by farmers, they are sometimes allowed to drive forwards and backwards. A longer road test or field test during operation is not possible.


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