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In the inaugural edition of the new IAA Power Hour online meeting series, guest experts pointed to the most important trends in marketing communications. Speakers included representatives from advertising agencies, media agencies, internet platforms, publishers and marketers.

Guest moderators on the panel, Jovan Protić, COO of RASP, Board Member of IAA Polska, included: Izabela AlbrychiewiczCEO GroupM Poland & CEE, Rafal BaranBridge2Fun CEO Justyna DuszynskaCEO / Managing Director Httpool Polska, Dariusz MaciołekCMO BNP Paribas, Piotr PietkaCEO Publicis Groupe Poland, Ukraine, Baltic States, Agata Szeliga-Staszkiewiczresponsible for the CEE, Meta, Grzegorz Wachowiczsales and marketing director of RTV EURO AGD and Michal Wolniakchairman and head of the board VMLY & R Poland.

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End of brand neutrality

According to Rafał Baran, CEO of Bridge2Fun, representing creative agencies, the message is more important than the communication channels. In addition, brands currently face many tests of leadership, credibility and transparency.

It is rather the end of the world that we have known for 30 years. What happened has triggered processes that will only get worse. End of neutrality – assesses Rafał Baran.

Michał Wolniak, President and Head of Advisory VMLY&R was of a similar opinion, who stated that in In times of geopolitical uncertainty, customers expect brands above all commitment, honesty and authenticity. According to him, during the crisis, the fastest increases lead to well-thought-out investments in technology and they are the ones that shape competitive advantage the most.

Poles feel [sytuację wojenną – przy. red.] much stronger than consumers in other countries, which is why brands must meet this demand – said Michał Wolniak during the IAA Poland panel. – The communication of our brands must be thought from the local point of view. This must be a Polish point of view – he stresses, foreseeing that in the near future companies “will fight at the level of products, methods of presenting a message, adapting to the language and current needs “.

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Business success depends on consistent and engaging communication

Piotr Piętka, CEO of Publicis Groupe Poland, Ukraine, Baltics, noted that now, to succeed in business, you need to focus on creating engaging and consistent experiences with brands throughout the purchase journey.

Content integrated with brand goals, the right context, a variety of data analytics and effective communication channels – in his opinion – this is the new “Magic”.

Izabela Albrychiewicz, CEO GroupM Poland & Cluster Lead CEE stressed the importance of the human aspect. – The media and their tendencies are tools and scenarios. It is on us, as people, that it depends most – she said. According to the expert, in this difficult time, the role of the leader is to take care of people.

In the part of the debate devoted to the distribution of media budgets, Izabela Albrychiewicz underlined the growing role of digital. – There is a greater shift towards performance and e-commerce campaigns that guarantee business results – the expert appreciates. There’s a new “addressable TV” trend in TV ad spend – he adds. At present, it is difficult to predict what the media market will look like – there are no visible changes in the distribution of budgets between media channels.

Our estimate of growth markets in 2022 is between 4.5 and 6.5% – predicts Piotr Pietka.

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Precision in the choice of communication channels

Less is more – less is more – said Justyna Duszyńska, general director of Httpool Polska. According to her, precision in the selection of communication channels, and therefore of target groups, significantly increases commercial success.

– User experience is the new currency of digital marketing. This is an undeniable trend – says Justyna Duszyńska.

Agata Szeliga-Staszkiewicz, Head of Agencies in CEE, Meta drew attention to the role of social media as the primary channel for online sales and for discovering new products and brands.

– This is why it is so important to offer consumers a new experience: to experience innovative technologies such as augmented reality combined with short forms of video – she said.

Playing two roles at the event – moderator and speaker – Jovan Protić, COO of RASP, concluded:
Let’s communicate responsibly, in a context of trust and quality – this is the future of communication that consumers will appreciate.

– A trend I pay attention to is the restoration of the need for trust and quality. Investing where these needs are taken care of becomes [dla marketerów – przyp.] element of social responsibility – believes Jovan Protić.

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Let’s take care of the content and its authenticity

Dariusz Maciołek, CMO of BNP Paribas, encouraged people to take care of the content and its authenticity. According to him, communication channels are a derivative of what we want to say and do. – Responsibility above all. Values-based actions and communication have a huge impact in times of calm, but in times of uncertainty their role is crucial, he added.

Even more than before the outbreak of the war, customers expect brands to work, to have a clear position in the current situation, to say to themselves: we will not do business in certain regions of the world, we will not sell to certain groups of customers, because it is contrary to what we believe and think – summarized Dariusz Maciołek.

According to Grzegorz Wachowicz, commercial and marketing director of RTV EURO AGD, digital solutions for communicating with customers are not only in the field of e-commerce. – In physical stores, technologies are already being introduced that connect the online and offline world and reach the consumer even more effectively by personalizing the message – he noted.

The first IAA Power Hour webinar was held on April 6 this year.

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