E-commerce sales strategy – How to increase profits?

Every online store wants to increase traffic and conversion, because it is only one step away from increasing its profits. However, this objective can be achieved in several ways, so it is difficult to determine which route is the best to choose. There is no better online sales strategy that can help you. There are at least a few. However, in order to facilitate the choice of the best, this text deals with the most popular and at the same time the most effective.

Cross-selling and up-selling

One of the ways to increase profits will be to increase the value of individual trades. This can be done through cross-selling and up-selling.

The first strategy is to offer related products. Chances are, if the customer has added shoes to the cart, they’ll also be happy to include insoles, impregnation, or laces. In this way, not only will the store earn more, but the customer can also be more satisfied with the purchase, because he will get everything he needs in one go.

Upselling, in turn, means offering a potential customer similar products, but in the “premium” version, and therefore characterized by higher quality, additional properties and, accordingly, a higher price. This way, you can convince the customer to spend more in the store than originally planned.

Reduce the number of abandoned carts

The sales funnel will always look like this with far fewer people at the end than at the beginning. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t “widen” the funnel and get more customers to decide to buy.

One of the most problematic selling points is the transition to ordering. It is estimated that around 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. This means that you can also really gain a lot by taking steps to reduce the number of dropouts.

There are many ways to achieve this goal. The first is to analyze the path to purchase and determine if there are barriers to ordering that can be eliminated. Remarketing and reminders about goods pending in the cart will also be very useful.

Shop on Facebook and Instagram

The next two solutions are the so-called social media marketing. This online selling strategy is working so well mainly because more and more areas are turning to social media. Users are used to having everything in one place, even purchases. Stores that adapt to these needs and offer the ability to place orders on Instagram or Facebook can therefore reach more customers and gain an edge over the competition.

Build a list of subscribers

Although the world of marketing is changing very quickly, email marketing is one of those solutions that remains very effective despite the passage of time. A good newsletter can significantly affect the number of conversions and sales profits. That’s why it’s so important to build your subscriber list, and preferably from the start of your online business.

Obviously, simply acquiring contacts is not enough. Next, you need to develop valuable emails. It’s great here to let subscribers know about new products, offering promo codes and free giveaways, and even including educational content.

A well-designed website

Customers today lose interest easily. This is why the e-commerce sales strategy is not limited to promotional activities alone. The way the store is designed is also an important aspect. The basis here will be:

  • readable font,
  • aesthetic pictures,
  • convenient navigation,
  • an adapted product segmentation,
  • good product descriptions,
  • optimization for mobile devices.

Content marketing

Creating valuable content is also a great way to attract new customers, utilize SEO potential, and build an expert image. That’s why it’s worth considering an expert business blog. By posting guides or entries on the most common customer issues, you can really earn a lot and it will pay off for years.

However, all this, provided that the content is created with the potential customer in mind, so it will be:

  • deals with subjects that really interest him,
  • describes specific problems in an accessible and understandable way for the target group,
  • optimized for SEO,
  • designed for Internet text (short paragraphs, bullet points, interesting graphics, etc.).

Personalization of content

It is not true that Internet users do not want advertising at all. They don’t just want those who have no value to them. The situation is different when sales content is tailored to the preferences and needs of individuals. This is where personalized ads tailored to customer habits, interests, and previously viewed products will work.

Market analysis

The most successful are salespeople who put the customer first when creating their offer. This is why the most useful strategy in e-commerce sales is the one related to analysis and conclusions.

It’s worth asking customers and meeting those needs – what made them buy? What flaws do they see? What are they missing? Thanks to this, you can prevent unpopular products from being launched in the market, and at the same time increase the chances of finding a niche that can be filled.

Analyzing and getting to know your customers better is therefore the total basis for effective online activities.

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