Jerzy Jachowicz: Kukiz doesn’t take risks by taking risks

Fortunately, Paweł Kukiz is not an MEP. This is probably the only reason he will get away with assessing the behavior of some Polish MEPs who supported a resolution demanding a new blockage of payments due to Poland from the Reconstruction Fund as well as money to help refugees from Ukraine. This was not a moderate opinion – I will add right away. Is this real? – I leave it to the appreciation of the readers. – They are traitors, cosmopolitans. MEPs who vote for sanctions against Poland are just blackmailers, said Paweł Kukiz.

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Let us list these stars of the first size which shine in the firmament of the Brussels headquarters, rubbing shoulders with the waiting rooms and the corridors of European politics, which voted against the payment of money to Poland. They are: – Marek Belka, Robert Biedroń, Łukasz Kohut, Leszek Miller, Róża Thun, Sylwia Spurek and Danuta Huebner.

If these were just words, Paweł Kukiz’s threat of suffering unpleasant consequences might be low. However, these are also people who might feel offended by his words. Which could consider that they damage their reputation. Or worse, they infringe their personal rights, including material ones. The latter is a serious accusation.

I know from my own legal experience that those who are considered wronged build structures whose veracity cannot be verified. Only a matter of recognition by the court – or by the disciplinary body deciding the case – is whether such an argument is credible or rejected. One – so far I am considering only in the abstract – of the MEPs concerned could argue that in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament Paweł Kukiz’s opinion could affect – or will certainly affect – negatively his election result . And this will result in serious loss of revenue. This is where the exact calculations made for the needs of the case by the accountant are found, presented on his letterhead, with his personal stamp. Suppose: – monthly salary of an MEP: 29,937 PLN, 0.20 PLN, plus allowances for business trips. Total: 38,592 x 12 months x 5 (years). There are virtually no defenses against such precise calculations – courts often recognize them.

As I mentioned, besides the complex semantic problem of the words spoken by Paweł Kukiz and their meaning in a broad historical, social and political context, which could form a spontaneous basis for possible indignation and reaction in the form of a trial against the author, the names of people can be an even greater threat, which with these words the author reflects their actions.

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Just one more sentence on semantic issues. A word that can become a detonator for the reactions of MEPs, Paweł Kukiz closed his statement. It’s probably the one that can hurt the most marked stars with it. Even less than “traitors” or the already outdated concept of “cosmopolitans”. This word from a dagger may turn out to be the word “szmalcownicy”.

It was an introduction to combine semantics with person. With respectable MEP Róża Thun, a long-time Civic Platform activist, and since November 2021 – Poland 2050. Not everyone should remember that Róża Thun is extremely sensitive to the word “szmalcownik”.

She proved it in 2018. Well, in January of that year, PiS deputy Ryszard Czarnecki, for his participation – in his opinion, in an anti-Polish document in a pseudo-document, a German production – has compared Róża Thun to “szmalcownicy”. At that time, the MEP (then PO) first lodged a complaint with the authorities in Brussels, resulting in the dismissal of Ryszard Czarnecki from the post of Vice-President of the European Parliament. She then brought a human rights violation against him. The trial ended in September 2020, when the Warsaw Court of Appeal legally ordered Ryszard Czarnecki to apologize to the MEP and pay for a social cause.

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I guess that due to this experience from almost five years ago, Róża Thun no longer reacts as allergically to certain words as before.

Talking a little loud, I suppose, mainly because Paweł Kukiz is just a lowly Polish MP, not aspiring to high positions, he will not be reached by the strict arm of European justice, which is so consistently manifested in some Polish MEPs during the vote on the resolution calling for the blocking of money for Poland.

There is always a minor risk.

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