Marketing in the fashion industry at the turn of 2021/2022

Marketing in the fashion industry at the turn of 2021/2022 can be summed up by: Paulina Grajek, PR agency khaki i Blame the US agency.

Paulina Grajek
PR Manager at Khaki Agencja PR

The three most interesting stocks in 2021

TATUUM retro campaign using a teddy bear from the cult childhood fairy tale of today’s 40s, i.e. mine. Who among us did not like Misia Uszatek? Positive associations, a beautiful snapped ear, a very interesting campaign that influences emotions. Although there were voices, Ralph Lauren came up with it first and the campaign is inspired, which is not inspired by today’s best. The company explains that it was inspired by the Lodz sculpture of Teddy Bear Uszatek which stands near their first store on Piotrkowska Street. A spot produced by professionals, but I don’t know exactly which target group this campaign is aimed at. In my opinion, it should be up to 40 years old, and considering the age of the actors, one can think that it is aimed at the younger generation.

Beautiful YES “I’m a Woman” campaign, referring to the news and the power of women. What a difference with the sugary and “long” publicity of Apart. This campaign is #girlpower and shows real life. A great manifesto against the imposition of “feminine virtues” on us. All the more important as the pandemic has slowed the trend of female empowerment in society Perfect timing and location on such a topic, plus the rejection of publicity by state media, which has increased its scope.

I also like the choice of Monika Brodka for the Reserved brand campaign. A great artist, constantly building her paradoxically very changing image. The way the campaign was introduced was interesting, as Brodka appeared for the first time in a brown costume from the planned collection in his “Game Change” music video promoting the album “Brut”, recorded in a more clean than before. So at first everything was shrouded in mystery, both the campaign and her new album. It was only after some time that she revealed herself in the photos of Bartek Wieczorek with Espai Verd behind her back. The choice of this extremely interesting Valencian architectural project as a backdrop to the countryside also stuck in my memory. The severity of the cuts designed by the artist, the angularity of the photos, the dominant wave pattern used in the patterns and in the logo of the collection, it all turned out to be an interesting aesthetic experience.

The three most important challenges in 2022

Search for ethical and sustainable fashion. The industry continues to undergo major changes, mainly due to the pandemic. Brands are reducing the number of collections and the overall effort is to reduce the cost of fast fashion to the environment. Consumers are increasingly attentive to brand ethics and their concern for the planet. This is particularly important for the younger generation of consumers to whom the industry must adapt. We have more and more clothing rentals, second-hand clothing stores, companies changing their operating model to a more sustainable and responsible model. This will be the dominant trend in the years to come, not just in 2022.

Changing the pattern of our purchasing behaviors. We transfer commerce to the web. Internet sales are growing and all sellers must adapt to the requirements. 2022 will be the year of improving online sales. Successes will be recorded mainly by companies that follow technological innovations related to promotion and sales on an ongoing basis.

Modification of the law concerning the promotion of products by influencers. Introduced at the end of this year, it obliges influencers to reliably inform their recipients about the cooperation with the brand when promoting a product. The first penalties for avoiding these markings have already appeared. In my opinion, this can have a huge impact on how brands market themselves and how they interact with influencers. Until now, it was the so-called “free Americans”, everyone did what they wanted, and influencers showed and persuaded products that weren’t always healthy or ethical. This does not mean that the role of influencers is diminishing, on the contrary, they have taken over the advertising activities which until now have focused on print and online media. Influencer marketing continues to get a lot of attention and brands are aware of the benefits of such activities, so they are investing more money in it than before. This has led to sometimes absurd price requests from top influencers. However, as long as there are those who want to pay exorbitant rates, I see no option to change. Smaller brands rely on micro-influencers, whose rates are much less exaggerated, and their effectiveness at scale can be even better than that of a famous person.

News and trends in 2022

Credibility and authenticity: these will be the basis of trust in a fashion brand. Brands characterized by honesty and an open attitude towards the customer will survive.

Algorithms: they want a promotion now. The internet tells us what to wear and what to look like. It shows us what according to the algorithm can interest us, and thus restrict our choices. It will be good to be aware of this in order to choose more independently. Marketers, on the other hand, need to keep up with changes and be aware of the latest trends, for example in algorithms on Instagram, in order to promote brands more effectively.

Iga Chojnicka (CEO), Lucyna Kubasik-Pamięta (PR Manager), Marta Mierzicka (Junior Account) and Tomasz Grabiński (PR Assistant)
fault agency

The three most interesting stocks in 2021

1. Premium brands are disappearing from Instagram

This year, two major brands of the French holding company Kering – Balenciaga and Bottega Venetta disappear from Instagram, emphasizing the exclusivity of their offer. By limiting the popularity and therefore the availability of premium brands, they automatically become more desirable. Pulling these two well-known brands off social media may initiate a new way of operating for luxury brands, as to maintain this status they cannot remain within reach for all recipients. We’re curious to follow other well-known luxury brands that haven’t yet taken the same step – will that change in 2022?

2. Manifesto of the feminine yes

The Yes I’m a Woman campaign is a kind of manifesto with which many Polish women are personified. It is an important and interesting action because it deals with all facets of femininity, breaking the usual patterns of ideals and the image of women in society.

3. The Aria Joint collection by Gucci and Balenciaga

The cooperation of famous fashion houses proves that even such large and competitive players can cooperate with each other and thus achieve spectacular results.

Three 2021 events with the biggest marketing impact in the fashion industry

1. The coronavirus pandemic.

The industry, unceasingly since the start of the pandemic, has been grappling with many delays related to the production and transport of water, which has also increased significantly. These factors affect the availability of products in stores and the final price for the consumer who, due to inflation, is increasingly faced with purchasing dilemmas.

2. Changes in the press

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen the closure of certain fashion magazine titles. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance to reduce competition in the media of the fashion industry, caused by the takeover by Burda Media Polska of the media activity of the Edipresse Group in Poland.

3. Used Zalando

The growing promotion of Zalando Pre-Owned proves that big players are also committed to promoting second-hand fashion.

The three most important challenges in 2022

1. Impartial fashion or not?

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly polarized. Many of our national brands face the dilemma of whether to take a risk and convey their view of the world, how some brands have supported the women’s strike or whether it is better to remain impartial.

2. Inflation and the economic crisis

In 2022, the consumer will be very careful in their purchasing decisions. How will the fashion industry behave in times of inflation and crisis? There is increasing talk of abandoning the concept of malls, as during the pandemic most shopping was done via the internet. The rapid development of the e-commerce industry has also been noticed by our agency’s clients, including VAN GRAAF, Vans, Łukasz Jemioł and the Baldowski brand.

3. Work ethics

The fashion industry is grappling with ethical issues. Not too long ago, we saw national brand scandals related to employee rights abuses, mobbing and exploitation. Will industry employees expect improvement over the next year?

News and trends in 2022

1. Ecology

When we talk about ecology, we increasingly refer to second-hand fashion. On the one hand, well-known names in the industry, such as Gosia Baczyńska or Tomasz Ossolinski, return to their old projects and try to create new works from them.

On the other hand, thrift stores and Vintage Store’s are attracting more and more interest, and mobile applications such as Ree Fashion (a client of the Blame Us agency), Vinted or Less are leading the way.

Could this mean a slow end to fast fashion?

2. Online rather than offline

All events and fashion shows are increasingly transferred to the Internet. We focus more and more on an interesting presentation of new projects in the virtual world. This trend will continue in the years to come.

3. Asexual fashion

The neutral fashion trend is taking the world by storm by breaking gender patterns. Supported by cultural changes, fashion brands are increasingly creating collections independent of the classic perception of the genre. We will also see the continuation of this trend in 2022.

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