Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the playable Venom… How about a game of its own?!

*for a better experience, it is recommended to include movie titles from the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon*

OK, seriously now – I have always been a big fan of Insomniac Games. I’ve been following them for years, and a while ago I even decided to take a little trip through the studio’s history (as part of checking out the games they’ve released, etc.). There was one conclusion – it just resonates with me. I buy their type of humor, their approach to the game, the ideas of mechanics and the plots they create for the players.

Additionally, they marked when they released Marvel’s Spider-Man. It wasn’t a breakthrough for me, but if I were to focus solely on solo productions, the title would probably have competed for the top spot in history on my private list of the best I’ve had a chance with. to associate with me during my short life. The match threw me in my chair and kept me from leaving until I received the platinum trophy.

The adventure of Miles Morales, which was released on the occasion of the premiere of PlayStation 5, she was actually a “gadget hand” for the part in her own right – a kind of expansion of the story and an addition to something that we only got to a small extent, somewhere next to the events related to Peter Parker. Nevertheless, here too I had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute spent in snowy New York.

What was the purpose of this introduction? Introducing you to the vibe of how eagerly I look forward to the next installment of the adventures of Spider-Man (Spider-Man?) from Insomniac Games…

Gossip, gossip, gossip…

As happens with big games that don’t get inundated with information, but only reveal the fact of being created, are doomed to a slew of rumors and reports. This case is no different. Insomniac Games gave us a short (but awesome) trailerwho answered a few basic questions. We know that we will have two Spider-Man at our disposal (Miles and Peter), and that at least one of the enemies will be Venom.

Can you build on it? Well yes. And basically, there’s absolutely no surprise in that. Such announcements awaken secret layers of imagination and make fans wonder how to play it to get the most out of it. In this case, however we even have an abundance of material. After all, there are comics widely available, a whole bunch of feature films, and also cartoons (including one whose opening is now on loop).

half venom

Lo and behold, a particularly interesting rumor circulated on the Internet last weekend. A week ago, several forums reported that a certain person had accessed Insomniac Games internal mail sent recently. If you believe it – and I want to emphasize here that it is a rumor, so it is worth approaching it with a distance – in addition to the two playable characters, we will also be able to control Venom.

It looks like a dream! According to the information provided by the mysterious insider, not only could we swing an alien, but also use its unusual powers, tentacles, enormous strength and terrifying brutality. This, for obvious reasons, inflames expectations and in fact, it doesn’t even seem too much of a stretch. I dare say that with the proper politeness, it would indeed make sense.

Marvel Venom?

However, there is a solution that makes my head even more sensible. And I mean releasing a slightly smaller game (the size of, say, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales), which would be 99% focused on Venom. Well, a little about the alien alien and a little about Eddie Brock, which can be properly built with a character layer and relationship to Peter/Miles.

It must be remembered that Venom is no ordinary Spider-Man villain. Of course, most of them had depth of character, genesis, their own issues and motivations – in this case, however, it was a bit different. And while the average movies aren’t Sony’s, they did a great job of showing that they’re two characters in one, which means we’ve got plots from one, plots from the other, as well as intrigues related to the relationship between them.


It’s easy enough to create a separate game. And it might introduce players to this character even better than dropping him in a few side missions in the main game, which will be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. There we will have sons of Peter and Milesso the insertion of a third (or three additional, as I said earlier) may scramble everything a bit…

They don’t punish for dreams

A game with Venom in the lead role could be something between a Miles Morales production from two years ago and Prototype. If you still remember the second title, you will surely understand what I mean by that. In fact, even the abilities of the heroes in those games resembled those the parasite can use when it takes over the body of its potential victim.

And since we can’t count on the next installment of the Prototype series, then Venom could kill two birds with one stone. I would love to get something like this, and I think it would benefit gamers, developers, and mainstream Spider-Man games as well. It’s something that hasn’t existed on such a large scale and could turn out to be a real target. Do you know why limit yourself with such material?

Of course, there are only dreams and some conclusions I draw from the rumors. There’s no support for it in the words of Insomniac Games bosses, or even reports that it could happen. I just believe that Venom is a being that deserves so much more than just being an antagonist (like Martin Li) or a third party character (like Mary Jane). Here you have to put more heart and you can succeed. I count on it a lot and believe in it in silence.

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