Shock at Caja Magica! See the triumph of Iga’s rival grow in strength. Pride of Africa

Iga Świątek watched Ons Jabeur triumph after training at Foro Italico. She had already signed autographs, met Italian fans, she and her team tried to reminisce about the winning times of a year ago. And for coach Tomasz Wiktorowski, new times, because then he was not in the Eternal City.

Find out how Iga trained in Rome ahead of the Jabeur – Pegula final. Her whole team was with her – coach Tomasz Wiktorowski, fitness trainer Maciej Ryszczuk and psychologist Daria Abramowicz. In the evening they watched the final in Madrid

In the evening, however, the whole team turned their eyes to Madrid, where the women’s final began with a long delay after Novak Djokvic’s dramatic men’s semi-final against Carlos Alcaraz. They played nearly three hours and forty minutes and broke through the complex Saturday afternoon and evening schedule. The Tunisian and American representative arrived in court two hours later than planned.

She was cold blooded

But when they left, they put it in the oven. Jabeur impressed in this tournament with the fact that, although she sometimes played average, she was able to pull together in decisive moments and maintain composure in key actions and present truly exceptional tennis. This was also the case in the last match of the tournament with Pegula. After the disaster in the second set, the African player shifted into sixth gear and by the third game she was in the lead. In the last match, while the rival still had a shadow of hope to overthrow the duel at 0-30 and Jabeur, she played phenomenal action.

Magic in Caja Magica. Incredible Ons Jabeur Exchange!

Ons became the first African tennis player in history to win a 1000 rank. The 27-year-old won her second career title. In 2021, the best turned out to be a smaller event in Birmingham. Until now, she was considered a player who rather loses the finals. This match could mean a turning point for her that will make the last years of her career even better than the previous ones.

Both with personal bests

After Saturday’s triumph, she will drop from ninth to seventh on the WTA list. It will be his personal record. Pegula will also be the highest of her career – at 11th place. She, in turn, with the prospects for the top ten. His trainer David Witt, former trainer of Venus Williams, points out that this is what they are fighting for now.

The shortcut of the final of Jabeur – Pegula. The essence of the title game in Madrid. You won’t be bored (A)!

“After my previous starts in Charleston (final) and Stuttgart (quarter-final), I was a little disappointed, admitted Jabeur. – But I knew how hard I worked and I felt that sooner or later it had to be me. win. It was a success in Madrid, one of my favorite tournaments, with the great director Feliciano Lopez, whom I always admired when he played. I hope this is the next step that will take me higher. such successes, and beating many great rivals here, including Simona Halep, gives me incredible confidence that now needs to be expanded and put to good use, Jabeur believes.

Iga is cautious, and so is Jabeur

It is possible that like Iga Świątek, who withdrew from Madrid, she does not end up playing in Rome. She would take her great power to the courts of Roland Garros in Paris, she wouldn’t have to break her neck at the Foro Italico, where trouble would be a hundred percent otherwise, and now she could celebrate with her family. Because she came to see her and saw how, in addition to values ​​and sporting effects, she receives the highest bonus of her career, amounting to 1.041 million euros. We would have time to talk a little about her and nibble on her for fun.

Last ball and extraordinary joy of Ons Jabeur after the final in Madrid. All staff and family were delighted. Roo on Manolo Santana’s field. Moving.

The success of Jabeur is also a small alarm signal for Iga. He is one of the few competitors of Świątek who has a positive track record with her. She won with her at Wimbledon and Cincinnati. Since Tunisia has progressed since the beginning of 2020 and moved from 77th to 7th position in the rankings, the Pole has not beaten them yet. With the pride of the Arab world and the best representative of Africa, it is difficult and uncomfortable for the Poles to play. This rival is physically strong enough, technically versatile enough and mentally strong enough at the same time. Not as strong as Iga, but able to handle her own demons well. And in the most difficult times, organize comebacks after uprisings and positive shocks. Also in the third sets.

Remove the block as soon as possible

Therefore, in Rome or in one of the next tournaments, when Iga meets Ons, you have to do what you do with Maria Sakkari. That is to say reverse the unfavorable trend in this configuration. And abruptly, “turn off, turn off immediately”. Like in one of the best Polish comedies. Exclude it, so that some blockage will not result from this competition later.

For the best in Madrid, not just the cups…

Of course, this is very real, because when comparing the unexpected champion of Madrid and the repeatable, series-winning Iga that takes the top spot in the WTA rankings, the advantage, and still significant, is on Świątek’s side. It is she who dominates this system. But if a scratch appeared during his absence in Madrid and someone tries to gnaw it, you have to react. Therefore, it would be nice if the two ladies faced each other in the near future. A Raczynski victory over Jabeur will restore peace and confirm who is in charge here.

Only one of the stations. There are already more

So to sum up – Ons Jabeur was brilliant in Caja Magica, Iga Świątek is still above her in the whole scale. The Magic Box in Spain was just one of the stations. Important stations, but those behind us. On to the next ones. And Iga will be the first to enter.

Listen to what happy Jabeur said after the end


MADRID. WTA 1000 tournament (sum of prizes 6.7 million euros)


Ons Jabeur (Tunisia, 8) bt Jessica Pegula (USA, 12) 7-5-0-6-6-2.

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