The mouse that will do you good. Logitech lifting test

Logitech Lift ergonomic mouse pink
Logitech Lift looks like a mouse placed on its side. Why? Sit at the table and rest your forearms on the table, relax. I bet you don’t keep your hands flat – it takes effort. Your thumb naturally rises. This is where you hold the Lift mouse.

The Logitech Lift Ergonomic Mouse received a rating of 9.5/10

Logitech Lift is much smaller than Logitech’s first vertical mouse, the MX Vertical. After all, ergonomic work is available to those wearing size 6 gloves, and there is also a left-handed version of Lifta. In addition to pink, you can also opt for graphite and light gray versions.

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The mouse is indeed very comfortable and surprisingly quiet. I don’t think I’ve ever had a device that clicks so quietly. There are two traditional buttons under my fingers and a roller with a third button. Next to them there is a precision mode switch which changes the speed of the cursor. There are two more buttons under the thumb.

Logitech Lift mouse in your hand

The mouse can work with three devices and alternatively, both by connecting via Bluetooth and with the Logi Bolt donglewhich meets the requirements of high safety standards. There’s no version that works with Logitech Unifying, but that shouldn’t be a problem – after all, the Lift Mouse is intended for offices, where the Bolt receiver should be standard.


  • Great materials
  • Very quiet buttons
  • Works with Bluetooth and Bolt, you can connect it to 3 computers and use Logitech Flow
  • reasonable price – 300 PLN
  • Long runtime with one AA battery


  • No roll tilt and no “smooth” scrolling
  • The resolve button is better placed on the MX Vertical

57° is the perfect position

When designing the Lift Mouse, Logitech carefully studied how our hands and forearms work. It was concluded that the most natural position for the hand is at a 57° angle to the table surface. This is how the mouse places its hand. Using it reminds me of driving a grinder on a table or this in the summer. The difference is that Logitech Lift is extremely pleasant to the touch and very light (125 g).

Does it work? The first hours were difficult for me. I use the trackball every day, so I’ve missed my desk several times. I also had to master the reflex of squeezing the mouse, because it hurt my elbow. Currently, I have no such problem. There are also no problems with the wrist, elbow or fingers. I think Logitech’s research into the perfect hand position hasn’t been wasted.

Work is comfortable. I generally avoid mice, but this one is exceptionally well suited to my hand and the positions I work in – both standing and sitting. I feel like precise manipulation of the Lift requires less effort than with a flat mouse. At the same time, Lift is better suited for gaming than a trackball. So I have the best of both worlds – dynamics and ergonomics. While one AA battery will last 2 years of operation.

The Logi Lift buttons are lovely. I’ve never dealt with such a quiet mouse before. Feedback on clicks is felt well under the fingers, but the sound is barely heard. It will be an invaluable advantage in office spaces.

The roller has “teeth” and it engages when turned, but this is also not audible from the outside. Slow rotations allow you to scroll through content piece by piece, and fast rotations put the reel into inertial mode. Therefore, I can quickly navigate through long texts and multi-page documents. It is a great work aid. What I miss is the ability to tilt the roll and scroll sideways, which I use daily when editing movies and working with graphics. Two additional buttons under the thumb do not compensate for this lack.

The Logitech Lift Mouse will be incredibly quiet if you use it on a soft carpet, such as a fabric carpet. It also works great on other surfaces, but the pads will rattle on top of the desk. The optical sensor works great on many surfaces, only glass has issues, which was to be expected.

New: Log Options +

I use Logitech equipment daily, so I have the Logi Options program on my computer. However, the Lift Mouse requires a successor, available in beta at the time of writing. The interface of the programs is slightly different, the new one seems a little simpler to me, but the set of functions remains the same.

I can still change button functions, add gestures and of course create individual profiles for many programs. Fortunately, Logi Options+ does not conflict with its predecessor, where I have the configuration of older devices. The Logitech Flow system settings, which allow you to operate two computers with one mouse and keyboard, also remained unchanged – just move the cursor to the edge of the screen to “switch” to the next computer.

Options Plus logs - welcome screen

Logs Options Plus - mouse gesture settings on macOS

Logitech Lift has an optical sensor o the maximum DPI of 4000. Just quickly switch between two large monitors, and when you need to click something precisely, you can activate high precision mode, lowering the DPI. For example, on a 4K screen I work with a cursor speed of 70% and this allows me to operate on a large area with small wrist movements. With photo editing I sometimes “go down” to 50%. Everything can be set in Logi Options+.

Logi Options Plus - button function settings

Logs Options Plus - mouse sensitivity settings

Logitech Lift is a specific mouse, but in its category it is – in my opinion – perfect. It’s made of excellent materials, it works almost silently, I can adapt it to my computer usage habits, and I don’t get tired of long jobs. I need nothing else for my happiness.

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