the secrets of femininity and seduction hidden in body movements

Sexy dancing is a popular activity for women.

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Sensual movements, a great dose of femininity and an exuding sex appeal. Sexy dancing, i.e. dancing that triggers women’s self-confidence and awareness of their own attractiveness, is gaining more and more popularity. Do you want to feel like Beyoncé, Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez and breathe femininity while dancing? Maybe it’s time to try sexy dance lessons? What is this dance like and where can you learn it in the Tri-City?

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Sexy dancing gained popularity a few years ago, and the name itself tells what to expect from classes at many dance schools. It should be mentioned up front that this is not a distinct style of dance and that dance classes use moves taken from other dance styles available, most often bachata, salsa, mambo, burlesque, belly dancing, dancehall, high heels and even jazz. . The sexy dance can also be performed with fixed elements such as chairs, fans or boas. Key to the choreographies created are feminine movements and exuding sexiness. A great advantage for many participants is the fact that they dance solo, without interacting with other people.

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– Sexy dance is a class where you will learn to move sensually and gracefully, using the advantages of the female body and your natural sex appeal. During these sessions, special attention will be paid to the work of the legs, arms and hips which, when used well, will help to highlight feminine sensuality. Classes help to reveal and realize that there is incredible strength in every woman – Dance Atelier informs on its website.

Classes are especially for women who want to showcase their femininity and feel seductive and sexy on the dance floor. To start your adventure with sexy dancing, you don’t need to have any dancing experience. In most schools, classes are open and you can join groups at any time. More often than not, instructor-led classes take the form of a fusion of different styles.

– The sexy dance is a combination of Latin American dances such as rumba, cha cha, samba, Caribbean bachata and salsa. For this technique high heels. We emphasize hip and chest movements and finishing the movement with the hands, which is meaningful, and every gesture and facial expression in sexy dancing should have meaning. Each workout is a different choreography created to the music, often floor elements are used, and sometimes also a dance with a chair. We focus on women’s self-esteem, sense of their bodies, awareness of their movements and the acquisition of new motor skills. Every woman has the ability to feel sensual, seductive and sexy. It’s a dance for ladies, but there are also men in the class. We focus on training in heels due to building the dancer’s figure and awareness of body position. The goal is to develop self-confidence. The body gains flexibility thanks to the stretching elements – informs the instructor Karolina Bobrykby Dance Avenue Monika Grzelak.

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Bachata, a sensual dance that can be danced both solo and in pairs.

Bachata, a sensual dance that can be danced both solo and in pairs.

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Any dance class increases body flexibility and improves overall coordination. By exercising, you gain fitness and awareness of your own body. However, before enrolling in the courses, it is worth considering what our purpose is. If you love swinging hips, spinal bends, sensual arm movements and graceful poses, then any Latin or Latin American dance will suit you.

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A good alternative can also be high heel lessons, i.e. dancing on high heels, in which body lines, sensuality and correct technique play a key role, e.g. walk in high heels. You can also consider bachata lessons, both solo and in pairs. Sensual social dancing with a delicate dose of eroticism created under the Dominican Republic sun can be particularly suitable for partners who are looking for dance lessons for two.

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