War in cyberspace – what to watch out for and how to protect yourself

“War in Cyberspace – Business Destabilization, Data Leaks, Disinformation” is the first panel we did this year as part of Business Insider TRENDS 2022 – Cybersecurity. Mikołaj Kunica, Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider Polska, spoke with experts about the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

We started with ransomware and ransomware attacks. Let’s imagine that cybercriminals breach the security of our company, seize valuable and confidential employee and customer data. Then they send a ransom message: either we will donate 10 million PLN or confidential data will be made public online. How should we behave in such a situation? Bartosz Kozłowski, co-founder of Sagenso, immediately pointed out that ransomware attacks are a very difficult topic. “There has been a big shift in the motivation behind hacking over the past three years,” he said. – Today it seems like almost 90 percent. all cyberattacks aim to reap financial gain. The remaining attacks are political in nature or with the intent to steal, for example, the company’s intellectual property – he added Bartosz Kozłowski. The Sagenso expert then explained what ransomware attacks are and how we can protect ourselves against them.

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