Agriculture and Fisheries Sustainable Rural Development Strategy 2030 – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

On October 15, 2019, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on the adoption of “Strategy for the sustainable development of rural areas, agriculture and fisheries 2030“, Submitted by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (SZRWRiR 2030). It is the basic strategic document of the agricultural policy and rural development of the State presenting the objectives, the orientations of intervention and the actions to be carried out with a view to 2030. The document was drawn up in agreement with the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation.

Strategy for the sustainable development of rural areas, agriculture and fisheries 2030 is part of development strategyreferred to in the law of December 6, 2006 on the principles of development policy (Official Gazette of 2019, article 1295) and replaces Strategy for the sustainable development of rural areas, agriculture and fisheries for the years 2012-2020 adopted by Resolution No. 163 of the Council of Ministers of 25 April 2012 (item MP 839). SZRWRiR 2030 was also developed based on the principles described in the document titled Update of the development strategy resulting from the Responsible Development Strategy until 2020 adopted by the Council of Ministers on February 14, 2017 (with a perspective until 2030)which document was adopted by Resolution No. 65 of the Development Policy Coordination Committee of 23 May 2017.

The strategy presents an in-depth analysis of the possibilities for the development of rural areas, agriculture and fisheries in the regional dimension, which has made it possible to define the main directions for their development until 2030. for 2021-2027 (including, among others, the Common Agricultural Policy, Cohesion Policy, Common Fisheries Policy and Horizon Europe program funds). Financing support at the national level will be provided by local community development funds and private funds.

Activities planned until 2030 include:

  • maintain the principle that the basis of the agricultural system will be family farms;
  • support the sustainable development of small, medium and large farms;
  • to use more than ever the potential of the agri-food sector through the development of new skills and competences of its employees, as well as through the use of the latest production technologies and the use of digital solutions and by creating the conditions for creation of innovative products;
  • build a competitive position of Polish food on foreign markets, the hallmark of which will be high quality and reference to the best Polish traditions, as well as the adaptation of agri-food products to changing consumption patterns (for example , growing interest in organic food);
  • carry out agricultural and fisheries production respecting the principles of environmental protection and adapting the agri-food sector to climate change, including in terms of water availability;
  • dynamic development of rural areas in cooperation with cities, the effect of which will be stable and balanced economic growth, guaranteeing every rural inhabitant a decent job and city dwellers access to healthy Polish food;
  • create the conditions for improving the professional mobility of rural residents and their use of opportunities for development and changing skills resulting from the emergence of new sectors of the economy (such as the bioeconomy).

The document adopted will make it possible to address the scope of public interventions financed by national and Community funds in a coherent and complementary manner in the new financial perspectives of the EU 2021-2027, which will play an important role in the process of programming the implemented at national and regional level.

The resolution of the Council of Ministers of October 15, 2019 adopting the “2030 Strategy for Sustainable Rural Development, Agriculture and Fisheries” entered into force on December 6, 2019, i.e. the day after the date of its publication in Monitor Polsky.

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