AirTag not so effective after all? It’s time to return it under warranty

AirTag was supposed to be a remedy for the constant loss of items. Unfortunately Apple’s locator started getting lost on its own

I often lose things. I confess without knocking. Helmets, caps, gloves. Anything that may fall out of my pocket is in danger of being lost. These gadgets are for survival, but losing the keys to the apartment is no longer a joke, and such situations have happened. Therefore, the release of Apple’s AirTag appeared as a solution to my problems. Somehow it turned out to be so unfortunate that since I hooked up the locator to the keys they never got lost. Months passed and the AirTag dangled its keys more like decoration than real protection from the rush of the day. Eventually a suitable circumstance arose and I decided to check live. The results were not satisfactory.

My AirTag cannot be found. Afraid to entrust him with the keys

Konrad wrote a lot of warm words about AirTags recently and I agree with the theoretical issues. In my case, however, the practical application is far from what Apple promised. Let’s cut to the chase. A while ago, while shopping at one of the larger supermarkets, I had to park quite a distance from the main entrance due to the crowded parking lot. I thought it was time to use technology. I left AirTag in the car and went shopping. After leaving the gallery, I launched the Find app and tried to locate my keys. The app thought and pondered for a while, and finally concluded that AirTag was nowhere to be found. So I headed for the car, hoping the locator might catch the distance in a moment, but nothing like that happened. When I was literally a dozen paces away from the car, I tried to grab it for pinpoint location, but the characteristic arrow wasn’t going to cooperate. After getting in the car, AirTag generously called me to greet me.

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I figured it was probably a one-off error. After all, AirTag uses the range of nearby iPhones. Poland is not the United States, not everyone uses Apple products, so there was a chance that there were no iPhones in this huge crowded parking lot during rush hour. I decided to repeat the experiment.

The circumstances were similar, although the location had changed. I again left loose AirTag in the car and went shopping. AirTag stubbornly tried to convince me that he was in the apartment and had no intention of planning a route to the car. This time, he didn’t react even after getting into the car. Back at the apartment, I opened the tablet to see if the battery was disconnected by some miracle. However, everything was in place, but from that moment the AirTag started to panic. Occasionally when I was away from home, I would receive notifications from the Find app that my keys had been left in the apartment. It was quite funny because I had it with me every time. Sure, my location was running and all other Apple devices were correctly reporting where they were. So I replaced the battery.

It only got worse after that

Did this help? Not at all. However, what has changed is that this time AirTag shows the location completely from the cap. Take a look at the screenshot below. The blue dot is where he is at the moment with the keys in his pocket. According to the Find my keys app, they are somewhere near Wawel. What’s the funniest thing about it? That the last status comes from… May 3rd.

My iPad, however, has a completely different opinion. This is the state of yesterday afternoon. Keys seen that night in a completely different part of Krakow.

I had to go through that area so AirTag grabbed the scope and it stayed that way. I’m surprised that two devices logged into the same Apple ID show completely different locations. If I really lost my keys, I would probably never get them back with this AirTag “helper”. The locator still struggles to find itself in an apartment with multiple iPhones. The temporary solution is to remove the battery and restart the device. The AirTag is interpreted correctly by the Find app for a while and even plays a sound. However, after about an hour I took it with my apartment keys, the app showed the error again. Well, I didn’t expect to have to mess with warranty claims with such a gadget. Maybe I was unlucky and got a faulty copy. The plus is that Apple is simply releasing new equipment in the case of AirTags. Knowing life while waiting for delivery, I will lose my keys when I least expect it.

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