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What are Innovation Centers?

Entities involved in the transfer of technology and the provision of pro-innovative services as well as cooperation with companies. The supposed effect of their activity is the development of innovation in terms of products and processes.

Within innovation hubs, we can distinguish support institutions that are defined by their mode and scope of operation, i.e.:

  • technological, scientific, scientific and technological, industrial and technological parks, technoparks;
  • technology incubators;
  • technology transfer centers;
  • innovation centers
  • digital innovation hubs.

Technology Park / Science Park

A separate unit focused on developing the business of entrepreneurs using modern technologies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, based on the use of separate real estate and technical infrastructure on a contractual basis. By providing comprehensive support, the technology parks also offer entrepreneurs consulting services in the field of development, technology transfer and the transformation of the results of scientific research and development into technological innovations.

Technology incubators

Entities offering a business incubation program. Their main objective is to help the newly created innovative company to reach maturity and the ability to operate independently in the market. In order to achieve the above objective, the incubator’s offer must:

  • have business support services (for example, financial, marketing, legal, organizational and technological advice);
  • provide assistance in obtaining financial resources, including venture capital funds;
  • provide office and laboratory space suitable for the needs of commercial activities.

Technology Transfer Center

A unit created by universities or institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences in order to sell or transfer to the economy the results of research and development work carried out within the institution – parent or other entities with agreements permanent with universities or institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences to support them in the field of technology transfer and knowledge valorization.

Innovation Center (IC)

A center that offers customers specialized information, advice and training services of a pro-innovative nature. The recipients of comprehensive pro-innovative services are most often companies already in operation or technology start-ups. Support recipients report no need for usable space to CI, but require substantial support for their innovative activity. This support can take the form of:

  • pro-innovative services, including the transfer and implementation of innovative solutions,
  • support services for the effective implementation of innovations, including the evaluation of innovative projects, technological, financial, marketing, legal and organizational advice,
  • pairing entrepreneurs with academics, incl. through contacts with CI, research and development institutions as well as technology and know-how owners,
  • support services for entrepreneurs in the process of obtaining the funds and partners necessary for the implementation of their innovative activity.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

Institutions supporting the digital transformation of companies to increase their competitiveness in the market through the use of innovative solutions in the field of widely understood digital technologies. Hub activities should focus on:

  • Inform about the potential for industrial transformation and the effects on economic models;
  • Demonstration activities, through which entrepreneurs can familiarize themselves with processes based on digital technologies, as well as the possibility of using them in their business (process simulation, prototyping);
  • Education and training aimed at providing entrepreneurs and their (potential) employees with knowledge about digital technologies and the ability to use them;
  • Advice, which consists of indicating by the Hub the possibility of introducing an optimization or an innovation in the way of producing products or providing services. In addition, the cooperation can end with the preparation of a digital transformation plan for a given entrepreneur of his company;
  • Implementation activities, i.e.:
  • implementation, in the form of assistance with the integration and commissioning of new machines, devices and software;
  • integrators, whose aim is to facilitate the transfer, the exchange of experiences and the construction of a network of skills by the Hub.

The technological solutions that should be the main areas of activity of the hub are:

  • 5G connectivity,
  • learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence), including autonomous systems,
  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling),
  • cloud computing,
  • quantum technologies (Quantum Computing),
  • augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR),
  • automation and robotics (Computer Integrated Manufacturing),
  • cyber security,
  • additive technologies (3D printing),
  • microelectronics.

Who grants Innovation Center status?

The status of innovation center is granted by the minister in charge of economic affairs upon request meeting formal and substantive criteria.

Call for applications for accreditation

The call for applications for accreditation is continuous and is aimed at entities providing specialized pro-innovative services supporting the implementation innovation technological product or process in the business :

  • consulting services in the field of innovation in the sense of consulting, assistance and training in the field of knowledge transfer, the acquisition and protection of intangible assets and their use, the use the standards and regulations to which they adhere;
  • innovation support services, i.e. the provision of office space, databases, documentary resources, market research, laboratories, labelling, testing and quality certification to develop more efficient products, processes and services.

The result of the service must be the implementation technological innovation in an entrepreneur understood as a product or process innovation developed on the basis of or with the use of technology. Technological innovation must concern its introduction on the market or its effective use in the activity of the entrepreneur:

  • technologically new product or process or
  • a technologically significantly improved product or process.

By product innovation it must be understood as the placing on the market by a given company of a new product or service, or a significant improvement of the products or services previously offered in relation to their characteristics or the use for which they are intended. Improvements may include technical specifications, components, materials, embedded software and other functional features.

By process innovation it should be understood as the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method (including changes in technology, devices and / or software). Process innovations also include new or significantly improved methods of creating and delivering services.

Accreditation requests

Call for applications for the accreditation of innovation centers was completed on December 31, 2021. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered, except for Approved Centers providing services under funding agreements already entered into under SGOP Sub-Measure 2.3.1 and whose approval period of two years would expire during the aforementioned period. contracts.

In 2022, as part of the launch of the programs under the new financial perspectives, a new recruitment for innovation centers with new accreditation criteria will be launched.

Currently, applications with appropriate attachments should be submitted in hard and electronic form (scans of application documentation in PDF to: directly to the headquarters of the Ministry of Development and Technology , on the institution’s website. working days, from 8.15 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. or sent by post or courier to the following address:

Ministry of Development and Technology
Department of Innovation and Industrial Policy
Trzech Krzyzy Square 3/5
00-507 Warsaw

with a mention: Application for accreditation of the Innovation Center

Recruitment questions can be sent to the following email address:

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