My headphones collapsed. But I found a helmet that should hold up

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9 May 2022, 12:12

At the end of 2020, I got my hands on the HyperX Cloud II wireless headphones. Throughout the period of use I have been and still am very satisfied with them. In the end, after many attempts, I found a helmet that did not fall apart after a few or ten months.

My current keyboard has been used by me for 5 years. My flagship smartphone from 2017 also works well. The mouse is fairly recent, but I haven’t talked about it because the predecessor has given up the ghost. It was just a good opportunity. I have no luck with headphones for gamers. I take care of my equipment, but the gaming headsets, despite all the care I gave them, often broke down or showed traces of use after a relatively short time. It’s different only with my latest HyperX Cloud II with wireless connectivity.

1001 ways to break your headphones

Before I start delving into the quality of Kingston’s product, I want to tell you a bit about how my previous headphones broke/worn out. They come to the fore here cable problems. In one of the first sets the cable twisted a lot and I didn’t do anything about it. So I take all the blame in this matter on myself. With the next model, the legendary CREATIVE Fatality Gaming, I started making sure the cable was always straight. And this time it was the cable that broke down. Just at the entrance to the shell. Why? I don’t know until today.

My headphones collapsed.  But I found a helmet that should stick - Illustration #1

After taking the photos, I finally threw them away.

The Razer Kraken Headphones deserve a separate paragraph. Anyone who has lived with them as much as I have, don’t laugh at the circus. After my previous adventures with the gear, I decided to spend more money on the helmet, but that didn’t help much. After two weeks A handset has stopped working. Just like that, for no apparent reason. The copy has been replaced with a new one. The following worked without any problems, but after a few months the leatherette material that covered the shells cracked and began to fall off in patches. After reporting this fact to the seller, I received a new set of earmuffs. Unfortunately, the situation repeated itself after a while.

After Kraken, I got tired of gaming models and decided on the ISK HD9999, reviews of which are available even on audiophile portals. The AKG K271 clone is praised there for its extremely attractive price-performance ratio. It is a pity that the build quality was not at a high level. After some time the belt retaining the whole structure in one piece has broken. There was a slight tear at the start, then the material came off completely, very close to one of the shells. It only stuck to the knit, which in the long run was extremely annoying and made it impossible to use the device.

My headphones collapsed.  But I found a helmet that should stick - Illustration 2

I really felt sorry for ISK HD9999. Headphones worked great.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless – indestructible set?

And so we come to the hero of this hardware, the HyperX Cloud II 7.1 in the wireless version. This time no matter how much I spent on headphones. The main thing is that they last more than 1-2 years without sticking, adjusting the position of the cord so that it begins to “connect” and other rescue attempts. Although the failure was not cable related for several previous models, I decided to drop it altogether. It was a time when I got rid of the cable in other devices, including the mouse. Wireless is convenient. One of the elements that can fail also fails.

My headphones collapsed.  But I found a helmet that should hold - Illustration 3

I bought a stand for these headphones. In this case, price mattered – it was supposed to be as cheap as possible.

Another even more important criterion when selecting was the high quality of the workmanship and the materials used. At one time I heard a lot about HyperX Cloud II, but wireframes. I took this lead and it turns out that their wireless variant has just appeared in stores. I read the reviews, watched the reviews and for the first time I spent so much on a gaming headset. Previously, my most expensive headphones cost around 300 PLN. For 700 zlotys, because that is the price of the Kingston product, I would have two pairs and still have a “hundred”. It was a crazy time, but looking back, i don’t regret it. I hope it will stay that way for a long time.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless a metal headband with very “rigid” adjustment. Nothing here will change on its own. The material with which it is hemmed is of high quality. Same as pads. How can I know? After several months of really intensive use (8-10 hours a day), the helmet looks like new. Nothing frays, cracks or falls off. In addition, the set is extremely comfortable. So much so that I forgot at least a few times that I had it in mind. In addition to comfort, the battery is also excellent. It may seem that 3 days of work is not that much, but already 30 hours sounds very good. However, this is just an addition to the most important thing for me, which is to say above average workmanship and strong materials used for production.

My headphones collapsed.  But I found a helmet that should hold - Illustration #4

The sound quality is typical of gaming headsets. And that’s good enough for me. I have different audio equipment for watching movies and listening to music.

If you’re sick of ruined gaming headphones and are willing to pay top dollar for high quality, the HyperX Cloud II Wireless should definitely be at the top of your list of models worth paying attention to. If my copy remains in such good condition for the next two years (at least) and something happens to it after that, I will buy these headphones a second time.

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