Shoper expects double-digit growth in e-commerce market

Shoper expects double-digit growth in e-commerce market
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Shoper expects 2022 to normalize the e-commerce market after two years of the pandemic. Market growth will remain in the double digits, say company representatives. The start of the year is “very good” for the company.

“We expect the e-commerce market in Poland to experience double-digit growth this year. The transaction value, GMV, will increase for all market participants. We don’t expect a slowdown,” President Marcin Kuśmierz told the conference.

Shoper wants to keep growing at a much faster rate than the market.

“In 2022, we want to maintain the high growth rate of GMV on the Shoper platform. It will be indirectly affected by the state of the whole economy, but we are also able to boost our development by entering new market segments and expanding the offer of additional services. We want to continue to grow at a significant rate faster than the market “- wrote the president in a commentary for PAP Biznes.

The company expects 2022 to be a normalization period for e-commerce after two years of a pandemic that has been “a revolution for e-commerce”.

“The market will return to predictability,” Kuśmierz said.

The CEO believes that the increased competition between e-commerce platforms is good news for Shoper.

“This market is becoming denser, and this is good news for us, because the marketplace (an online platform that aggregates the offers of many sellers, for example Allegro – PAP) attracts customers, and they then find themselves in their own stores in the market “- said the boss of Shoper.

According to the CEO, the product availability issues that plague store owners will gradually disappear and a significant improvement could come in the second half of the year.

“We see the first primroses, as the availability of goods improves, including electronics or other products using chips” – he explained.

The company evaluates the beginning of this year positively.

“Looking at the two months of this year, we have to be optimistic. This year has started very well” – said the president.

Shoper announced on Tuesday that, according to preliminary data, the group’s revenues in the fourth quarter of 2021 increased by 85% year-on-year, reaching PLN 26.9 million, and the EBITDA result increased by 59%. up to 8.1 million PLN. Shoper revenue was 9%. above the PAP consensus, while EBITDA exceeded forecasts by 2.5%.

The company intends to invest more in the development of financial services (available to both store owners and consumers) and logistics services this year, expanding the list of partners. One of the goals of these activities is to increase the average monthly revenue per customer (ARPU).

Employment should continue to grow dynamically.

“The previous year, we almost doubled the employment. We employed new specialists in practically all areas of the company’s activity. We also opened new branches in Krosno and Szczecin, this year we plan to ‘to be present in other cities. It is expected that the momentum of increasing the number of employees will still be high. On the part of SMEs, investing in e-commerce does not weaken and we want be well prepared for the further development of the e-commerce market,” Kuśmierz wrote in a comment for PAP Biznes.

Shoper focuses on organic growth and treats acquisitions as a complement to this business.

“We look at the market opportunistically, if something can suit Shoper, give us new products, new lines of business or increase the customer base. We always participate in discussions with certain entities, but by definition we do not do not want to buy only revenue and EBITDA – this must support the development of the Shoper “- said Kuśmierz.

The platform’s entry into foreign markets is being considered.

“We are analyzing the scenarios of how Shoper could be present abroad. We believe we have proven in the Polish market that we have a good business model. If we decide, we will certainly not be available there only technically, we want to fight for the leading position” – said the President.

“Such a presence can be the result of both organic growth and acquisitions,” he added. (PAP Biznes)

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