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Social Media Marketing: 7 Branding Tips

We have already gotten used to the fact that a significant part of social life has shifted to social media. Of course, the world of advertising and promotion followed. However, it’s worth knowing what to look out for when creating your own social media marketing strategy.

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The rapid development of social media offers marketers almost unlimited scope. They make it possible to reach customer groups that might otherwise be unknown, and help to build an even more effective image and maintain contact with the recipients. Some advantages, however, have to pay a relatively high price: the rapid dissemination of information means that social media marketing must face new challenges, such as the fight against fake news or mass attacks. The actions of the competition are related to the constant need to acquire new skills and to commit additional funds to the development of the social media marketing strategy. Being aware of trends and implementing them in implemented projects is the basis for success.

Where are the good traders? Where life goes on. In the past, you had to go out into the street to pick up customers, today it is more and more enough to focus on the virtual space. Engaging in the right social media marketing strategy can produce great results. Especially if we combine it coherently with activities using other communication channels and means of reaching recipients. However, as is often the case: the development of this market makes it increasingly demanding to implement effective social media marketing. Specialists in this field must have considerable skill, but also great intuition. Therefore, it is worth keeping up to date and gaining new experiences through industry events and conferences, such as “Digital Customer Care”. In the world of social media marketing, nothing replaces meetings with the practitioners responsible for setting up large and effective campaigns.

In order to properly create a brand image in social media, it is worth considering some tips that can take your activities to the next level. But above all, you should be aware that in such a rapidly changing reality, a uniform social media strategy must be adapted to current trends and – inevitably – also subject to change. So, first of all, it is worth keeping your finger on the pulse, observing the market and adapting your actions to its requirements.

The world of social media is the very essence of modernity. Above all, this one hates stagnation. Social media marketing should therefore be regular and systematic. The greatest enemy of effective action is ad hoc. In this way, we will not reach a wider audience, nor achieve the supposed marketing results, nor build a correct brand image. So, if the adopted social media marketing strategy does not assume a scrupulous implementation of the plan and adherence to its assumptions, then a simple way to create a communication crisis, and this can be associated with much more serious consequences .

Audiences like authenticity. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to create a brand image that will be perceived that way. However, for this, you need a good social media strategy, implemented point by point, and a lot of creativity. Otherwise, the unrealistic image can be exposed quite quickly and overcoming the image crisis will become a much more difficult task.

Although we use one general term when we talk about social media marketing, we are really talking about many, often completely different communication channels. One of the key elements of creating a social media strategy is determining which ones we will use and under what conditions. After all, Facebook requires completely different skills than YouTube, and Instagram has almost nothing to do with LinkedIn. Each medium has its own group of fans, each also allows you to reach slightly different people. However, this requires perfectionism in the formation of the messages: these must be both adapted to the selected group and internally consistent.


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Author: Mateusz Stempak

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An important aspect of the selection of tools used in social media marketing is also the observation of new products. In addition to websites that have been in the market for a long time and whose position of strength is unquestionable, from time to time we deal with new products that instantly win the hearts of recipients. Once marginalized, Snapchat has become the basis of many social media marketing strategies, as is the case with TikTok today. However, each of them requires not only a different approach, but also completely different skills. Therefore, it is not enough to stick to the plan established at the very beginning. It will be equally important to watch the market and implement promising channels into your own social media strategy as soon as possible.

When creating content for social media channels, first of all, attention should be paid to how it affects the recipients: are we limited to the information function, or are we creating a form that encourages people to react and share with others? Only in the latter case do we use the potential of social media marketing correctly. The times when content did not engage the recipient in any way are gone forever. So, let’s try to fully master the ability to create content that simply does not leave anyone indifferent. Let’s not limit ourselves only to the text: it is worth stimulating your creativity, looking for multimedia solutions, referring to the prevailing trends in the market and starting a close dialogue with the recipients. It is the building block of building a long-term relationship that measurably translates into business success.

5. Use of tools

The implementation of the social media strategy will not be possible without the effective use of the available tools. Some of them are provided directly by the developers of the platform, others come from external suppliers. Which one we use depends, of course, on individual needs and the chosen strategy, but it is worth following the latest news that allows for even more effective creation of social media marketing. We will need tools to analyze audience and traffic (for example Facebook Audience Insights, provided directly by the portal, and the irreplaceable Google Analytics – both free and extremely effective), but also applications facilitating the creation of better and more aesthetic content or planning, will be useful in this role, also taking into account the distribution of roles in the team. You won’t have to pay a penny for many of them, and the new perspectives they open up to us are virtually limitless.

Unfortunately, social media marketing isn’t just a huge opportunity. The rapid flow of information also has drawbacks. One of them is the social media crisis. Errors in an ongoing campaign, fake news, rumours, a moment of inattention or simple dishonesty on the part of competitors or malicious trolls: all of this can undo the effects of months of hard work in seconds. To counter them, you must therefore be on constant alert and develop the ability to transform problems into measurable benefits. In some cases, creativity and composure can work wonders.

The same phenomenon that generates crises also offers enormous opportunities. Real-time marketing, focused on using news in the strategy adopted, is a proven way to engage new groups of recipients and maintain the interest of existing customers. Of course, as is always the case, what works best also comes with higher risk. A good RTM requires knowledge and creativity, but nothing replaces intuition and information analysis skills. However, this does not change the fact that using this option in social media marketing can bring great results.

Author: Paweł Laniewski

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