Solve returns with e-commerce returns

E-commerce returns are the bad side of online commerce for many sellers. Despite all efforts, it is impossible to eliminate them completely. They can become well managed and included in the running of the business a strong competitive advantage. A customer who will feel cared for more willing to return to the storeto make more purchases.

The cost of processing returns is calculated on the basis of the time employees have to spend on receiving, checking and storing it, as well as correspondence with the customer, as well as the commission for returning payment. The estimated cost of processing a return is usually in the range of 3-5 PLN excluding postage. According to data included in the report, larger companies that have automated the process and outsource services manage returns better. Small businesses handle returns themselves, spending more time with them, which increases costs.

Up to ¾ of small and medium stores do not use the automated return form on the website. Among large companies, this facility is not only used by one in 10 stores. The greatest number of returns are generated in the fashion industry. However, the return form does not give access to more than 60% of the stores in this sector.

According to the aforementioned report, larger stores are more likely to accept returns caused by order packaging error, damage in transit, or product defect. Small and medium-sized businesses struggle with customers changing their minds about the products they buy and returning them for subjective reasons. They also don’t have the goods as detailed on the website and they don’t care about fast shipping.

In order to reduce the number of returns, great attention must be paid to the presentation of products in stores. This is an online form only, so the most accurate descriptions, high quality photos are required, without major graphic changes that would significantly affect reproduction of, for example, colors, as well as video . It is very important to show the actual appearance of the productso the customer knows what to expect after the order is unpacked.

It is also essential after-sales contacts. This is especially important in large enterprises where more consumers can affect the wait time for a response and the quality of their service.

Efficient returns processing in e-commerce is very important because inspires trust and increases the credibility of the storeand retains customers. Contrary to appearances it also motivates you to go shopping. Properly organized returns further affect sales and reduce the number of returned products. Many entrepreneurs believe that making the returns process easier for consumers will result in more return packages. Meanwhile easy and convenient return makes customers feel secure. Utilize polls this will allow you to discover the most common reasons for returning goods and help eliminate at least some of them.

Relevant for customers is also It’s time to come back. The legal deadline is 14 days, but many entrepreneurs extend the deadline to 30, 60 or even 100 days. A longer period for a possible return of the goods is well perceived by consumers who consider that the company is at that time modern and trustworthy. Especially, if there is no information about the possibility of withdrawing from the contract in the store, this period is automatically extended to 365 days.

Unfortunately, many sellers still believe that simplifying the return policy will increase the number of returned packages. Nothing could be more wrong. If the store pays as much attention to returns as it does to open orders, it will be appreciated by customers. A simple form that does not need to be printed and a hassle-free acknowledgment without first contacting the company and explaining the decision made, will make the company a profit in the eyes of consumers. Ultimately, this will affect to increase the salesbecause more customers will return to the store, and over time they will make more and more purchases.

Practical returns? It’s possible!

According to a Bain & Co study report, up to 89% of customers declares that he is already ready to switch to a competing store after a bad experience.

Simple and practical phrases are most often listed as decisive factor in choosing a specific seller. No wonder stores are paying more and more attention to this issue. Positive shopping experiences related to a given brand inspire trust and increase customer loyalty.

Consumer inquiries regarding the return policy can be easily translated into competitive advantage. Implementation of the service Convenient returns will help systematize the company the delivery of parcel returns and keep control of it. In this case, making it easier for customers to return purchased goods will not make them more likely to do so. A person who visits the return policy tab either does so before placing the order to ensure that, if necessary, they will not have any problems returning the goods, or they have already decided to return the product for various reasons.

Convenient returns is a free serviceto which parcels returned to the seller can be transferred. They provide easy identification of packages in the warehousewithout having to unpack them too regularity and predictability of deliveries. The solution is does not provide for a minimum number of return packageswhich should be released in a given month. It is intended to help online store owners systematize the shipments they receive and speed up the whole process.

Implementation of practical feedback does not require programming knowledge or system integration. In the online store, the service takes the form of a service consistent with the visual communication of the company bannerwhen clicked which customer is transferred to the return form. This solution avoids the consumer having to contact the company to determine the terms of return. He just needs to fill shipping dimensions and the data needed to identify the package, such as surname, first name and order number. It’s not necessary print a label or wait at home for the courier. The package must be brought to the selected point. No queues and no on-site delivery address.

What is important, the customer does not enter the address data himself. With such a solution there will be no problem with packages sent to the wrong address. Form settings they will also eliminate the ability to send returns to the parcel locker and cash on delivery.

The Practical Returns service can be personalized, both visually and in terms of the fields placed in the form, which the consumer must fill out. There is also an option to add a survey that will let you know the most common reasons customers return goods. The data contained in the form, such as the order number, will be transferred to the address label, which will facilitate the identification of the shipment in the warehouse without having to open it. Processing of returns is limited to the minimum necessarywhich will reduce the company’s costs.

Practical feedback includes three settlement models to choose from. The one where it is most often chosen the consumer bears the cost of sending the return. The service then remains completely free for the seller. However, there is still a choice free customer return optionwhen the fees are also paid by the store hybrid variant – the customer and the seller share the costs in certain proportions.

What does the Practical Returns implementation look like?

It is very easy to activate practical returns. On the appropriate sub-page of the store, a banner informing about the service should be placed with a link to the return form. For this we send a small piece of html code to paste in website content via admin panel. The banner will automatically appear on the appropriate subpage.

Convenient Returns is a solution designed for online store owners and their customers. This free service does the job systematize returnsreduce their cost as well as affect increase consumer trust and loyalty.

Convenient returns does not affect to increase the number of withdrawals from the contract, because the return policy tab is visited by people who want to make sure that placing an order on a given website is not associated with risk or who have already decided to return the merchandise.

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