Why is it worth renting Apple hardware instead of buying it?

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You already know that instead of buying Apple hardware, you can rent it through iMad rental. But why should you opt for Apple hardware? And who actually pays for the long-term rental?

We have divided this text into two parts. The first is a description of the advantages of having several elements of the same ecosystem – in this case, Apple devices. If you want to experience it on your own skin and check if everything really works together so “magically” before buying, you can do it in iMad stores, which are located in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice , Poznan, Wroclaw. The second part is dedicated to Apple’s iPad rental service and its benefits.

Ecosystem benefits – How do iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook work together?

Often, entering the world of Apple begins with the purchase of a device from Cupertino – for example an iPhone or a MacBook. In the case of a large group of people, however, the intention appears quite quickly to reach for another gear to check out the already famous ecosystem. This should come as no surprise, because the refined cooperation between different devices can make everyday work noticeably easier.

It should be noted that in this area Apple has a competitive advantage, which is due to the simple fact that Tim Cook’s company controls both hardware and software. Thanks to this, without looking at the movements of other players, he can introduce various novelties and functions on his smartphones, laptops, tablets or smartwatches, which are focused on cooperation with each other.

The big advantage is the ease of building the Apple ecosystem, which is associated almost only with the acquisition of two or more devices. We don’t have to search for third-party apps, worry about compatibility, or spend a lot of time setting up the software. Often it all boils down to logging into the same Apple ID account and possibly activating a feature in Settings.

We don’t need to own a full portfolio of Apple products to feel the benefits of the ecosystem. All you need is an iPhone/iPad and a Mac to take advantage of a range of features – including universal clipboard, Handoff or answer calls.

How the Universal Clipboard works (Photo: Tabletowo.pl)

In the case of a universal clipboard, we have the possibility to easily copy and paste text, photos or videos between a Mac and an iPhone or an iPad, as well as between two Macs. For example, we can copy text from any document on the computer and then paste it into notes on the smartphone – it all boils down to selecting the option copy on a device i dough on the second. If we have found a photo in the gallery on the iPhone that we want to insert into a document or presentation, we also have to select the option copy then just paste – without using intermediary tools such as Google Drive.

Transferring files and other content also becomes more convenient with AirDrop. It should be borne in mind that the solution can be used to send files to friends’ devices, but it will also work well when communicating between our iPhone and Mac or iPad. In this way we will even send photos or videos, which will be automatically saved in a folder on the Mac. On the other hand, if you use AirDrop to share a page from the mobile Safari browser, it will automatically open in Safari on your computer – sometimes this is a more convenient and faster solution than just syncing open tabs .

AirDrop function (photo: Tabletowo.pl)

AirDrop lets you send files and other stuff from your iPhone or iPad without having to sit at the computer all the time. We can even lie comfortably on the bed, send photos that we want to edit in Photoshop and start working only on the Mac. Every photo is saved automatically – we don’t need to confirm messages. It also works the other way around – sending files from a Mac to an iPhone or iPad.

Since we have already touched on the topic of uploading photos and working with documents, it is also worth mentioning the functions under the common name Continuity. They allow you to insert photos into a folder, notes, edited document or email directly from the iPhone camera – on the computer, simply select the “Import from iPhone” option and the camera application will launch on the smartphone. Now all that remains is to take a picture.

Continuity is also the insertion of sketches that one draws on the screen of the iPhone or iPad, the digitization of documents and the possibility of “marking files”, i.e. say the ability to use the drawing and text highlighting tools on your iPhone for a file on your computer. Changes to the “file tagging” feature are applied almost instantly between iPhone/iPad and Mac.

One of the options available under Continuity (photo: Tabletowo.pl)

Cooperation between Mac and iPhone is also the Handoff function, which allows you to continue working in selected applications. For example – an email that we started writing on a smartphone can be finished on a computer. We then start working in the same place where we left off – just click on the application icon on the Dock. It also works the other way around – the corresponding icon on the iPhone appears at the bottom of the recently launched apps screen. Note that the solutions are only available for Apple apps – Mail, Safari, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

The list of useful functions also includes the ability to receive messages and calls without reaching for the iPhone. Thanks to this, we don’t have to leave the computer or tablet to answer an incoming call or reply to an SMS – for example, the iPhone can remain connected to the charger all the time. There is nothing stopping you from calling your friend or texting/message them on iMessage.

All of the features mentioned above are for iPhone, iPad, and Mac collaboration, but now let’s move on to solutions that are only for Cupertino PC and tablet owners. First of all, the Sidecar function allows you to use the iPad as a second monitor on which you can display the windows of applications running on a Mac – useful when you don’t have an external monitor at hand.

Universal Control (photo: Apple)

Even more interesting is the function called Universal commandwhich was recently introduced by Apple. This is where the real “magic” happens. If your Mac is near an iPad or a second Mac, we can work on all devices using a single keyboard and cursor. In addition, the cursor moves smoothly between devices and thus allows you to transfer various files (eg photos) using the drag and drop method.

Finally, I left some useful functions available while we still have an Apple Watch. Using an Apple smartwatch, we can unlock the iPhone when our face is partially covered (for example, we are wearing a mask). It is also possible to unlock a Mac and confirm authentication requests without entering a password. These are not solutions that have a significant impact on working comfort, but they can speed up certain operations performed on the computer.

And what is the easiest way to enter the Apple ecosystem?

Modern problems require modern solutions. As is often the case – we want take your cake and eat your cake. Only the latest devices allow you to be competent and competitive in today’s job market. It turns out there’s a way that offers a surprisingly easy and painless entry into the Apple ecosystem – Apple Rental in iMad.

Let’s face it – every sane person is looking for savings, and buying the latest iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch could bury many young and aspiring business people. However, in order not to be groundless, let’s check how much the standard package of Apple devices, launched last year, would cost:

  • iPhone 13 128 GB – 4199 PLN,
  • MacBook Air – PLN 5199,
  • Apple Watch Series 7 – PLN 1999.
iPad Pro 2020 tablet
iPad Pro 2020 (photo: Miłosz Starzewski / Tabletowo.pl)

Assuming one of the most standard scenarios, a full entry into the Apple ecosystem would cost us 11,397 PLN! Remember – we’re only talking about a one-person set. It is frightening to think of a case where our company already has several employees. This is one of the reasons why Apple device rental is more advantageous – even if the devices described above had to be taken in installments, right?

Of course, when we buy material in installments, it becomes our property once the refund has been made. But what if an operator comes to us later with an even better and faster toy to take for future installments. If we do not have siblings or younger children, it is also difficult to entrust the old model to someone. Personally, I rarely sell old devices (and recent studies show that – not just me!). It’s a waste of time and nerves to respond to people who don’t read offers with understanding.

Therefore, it often happens that we decide to buy a novelty, putting the previous device on the shelf – so that it remains there, at least until the next move.

In the case of rental, this problem does not exist – after two years, we replace the equipment with completely new equipment. The old smartphone or laptop is then not wasted in the drawer, because it goes to a completely different customer. And how to be eco, it is above all, wisely.

Rent in iMad (iMad Rent)

Let’s stick with the iPhone 13 128GB example for a moment. If you wanted to buy it in 0% installments for 24 months, its cost would be PLN 174.95 per month. When renting the same model from iMad Rent, we pay 139 PLN per month. Even though we pay 20 PLN per month for additional equipment protection, we remain positive. Although protection is of course optional, it is definitely worth taking advantage of. Without it, iMad will not be able to help even in the event of broken glass, which will incur additional costs when returning the device.

The protection not only covers phones, but also computers and Apple Watches. The Rent+ variant protects users against mechanical damage, breakage and cracks, and in the case of the Mac, even against flooding and defective parts and components. Even if it entails the cost of a rent increase of 20 PLN, in my opinion, it is better to buy such a protection package and sleep well. Even the most cautious people can experience misfortune in the end.

No matter what type of rental we choose, it’s a very contractor-friendly option. There’s nothing stopping you from throwing monthly fees into the costs of running a business. The tax deducted will save us a few extra zlotys, allowing us to run the business a little cheaper in the long run.

However, if you have any doubts, it is worth contacting a professional iMad advisor. This will surely explain all the intricacies of security options and present a practical rental offer, designed specifically for the individual needs of the client.

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