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Does the traditional understanding of a controller’s role in a business still make sense? What future for control in the face of the impact of trends such as agile and flexible management, artificial intelligence, climate change, shifting the focus of control from the operational level to the strategic level? These questions are answered by Heimo Losbichler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICV (International Controllers Association) and International Group of Controlling (International Controlling Group), who will intervene as a keynote speaker at the 28th Congress of Controllers in Gdańsk on May 26 and 27. , 2022. Media sponsorship of this event was provided by the portal.

Controlling Leaders of To (morrow) Day – Kongres Controllerów 2022 May 26-27 in Gdańsk

Standardization, automation and robotization eliminate the repetitive and generally tedious activities of controllers and financiers. This frees up time for creativity – operational, and above all strategic – supporting new directions in business activity. The control center is moved from the operational level to the strategic level. This fundamental change requires new skills for controllers and financiers. What kind? We asked Heimo Losbichler, Chairman of the Board of ICV (International Controllers Association) and International Group of Controlling (International Group of Controlling), who will be the keynote speaker at the 28th Congress of Controllers in Gdańsk on 26 and May 27, 2022.

What skills will the controller need in the future? What tools will he need to work effectively?

Currently, controllers must have skills in three areas: financial skills, business acumen and social skills. They will remain relevant in the future, but will be expanded to include digital skills.

When it comes to control tools – from a financial point of view, they are indeed well developed. However, there will certainly be other changes in specific areas, such as more agile planning tools that better meet requirements in an unstable environment. The monitoring of services and the valuation of intangible assets will also become increasingly important. A big leap forward in reporting thanks to digitization is also to be expected. Modern, interactive dashboards for big data analysis will become the norm. We will witness the rapid development of IT tools for management control.

What future for the controller’s role in the face of the development of artificial intelligence?

Controllers will continue to play an important role in the age of AI if they embrace this development. Artificial intelligence can be an important support for controllers. On the one hand, it relieves them of tedious and routine activities, and on the other hand, it can provide massive support to controllers in analytics thanks to the complementarity of man and machine. Controllers will increasingly need to use numbers rather than create them. The space thus freed up should help the controllers to actively resume the role of sparring partners.

How to position a controller in a modern company? What influence should it have on its strategy?

Currently, only a few controllers are involved in corporate strategy, which is crucial for effective control. Controllers can question strategic logic from an integrated perspective, financially assess strategic actions, and translate strategic desires into measurable goals.

It is important to distinguish the role of controllers, their responsibility in the process and their hierarchical position. In the future the role of the controller will be even more important than that of the managing partner. As part of the control process, there is a distribution of tasks between the management board and the controllers. There will be changes to this distribution. For example, managers will create some analyzes themselves. Other tasks will be transferred to the data scientist, while the controllers will be assigned additional new tasks as “consultants”. Here it is important that the controllers are placed very close to the management. Without a direct link with management, a controller cannot really fulfill his role as a partner.

We will be talking about the skills and tools of modern control at the next congress of controllers. The congress will take place May 26-27, 2022 under the slogan: “CONTROLLER 5.0 – Controlling Leaders of To (morrow) Day”. The fixed conference will be held in Gdańsk, while the event will also be streamed online. is the official partner of the event.
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