Forecast for yourself and life for yourself … This is how the plague of divorce recently predicted unfolds

Compared to the same period of 2020, there was an increase of just over 3%, and compared to the beginning of 2019, a decrease of almost 8% can be seen. From January to March this year. the largest number of such trials were registered in Poznań – almost 1.3 thousand. In turn, they were the least numerous in Łomża – 149. As experts predict, In the years to come, we are unlikely to face the scourge of divorceas some market specialists have previously announced. Their number will even decrease because marriages are contracted less and less. The next reason is, unfortunately, the economy.

Data obtained from 46 district courts show that from the beginning of January to the end of March this year they received almost 19.9 thousand. divorce trial. This is almost the same as in the corresponding period last year, when they were 19,873, 16 less than in the first quarter of 2022 (19,889). In turn, comparing the data of this year and recorded at the beginning of 2020 (almost 19.3 thousand), we can see an increase of just over 3%. However, compared to the first three months of 2019 (over 21,500), there has been a recent decline of almost 8%.

Deviations from the previous three years are very small. And they do not reflect the scale of failed marriages in Poland, which was predicted last year due to the new experiences of couples confined to their homes due to the pandemic. Today, many spouses in crisis postpone legal action for economic reasons, including joint repayment and mortgage growth. Additionally, a significant number of people are concerned about the costs associated with going to court. It should be remembered that over the past two years, some Poles have lost their business and had to, for example, come up with new ideas for life. And on this they focused their attention, putting aside personal matters – says legal adviser Małgorzata Sokołowska, specializing in family cases.

As noted by Michał Pajdak from the e-Psycholodzy platform, the joint conclusion of mortgage contracts, of which there are millions in Poland, can limit divorce decisions. Last year, there were 2.5 million active loan contracts, according to the expert. And he adds that it is more difficult to obtain a mortgage or even to rent an apartment with rising rents. That is why, unfortunately, some people still decide to choose a life partner under the pressure of economic reasons and social demands.

Yet few Poles who seek legal advice on divorce work on personal relationships beforehand, for example through therapy or family mediation, investing in repairing the bond. Nevertheless, I have the impression that the number of people who, through widely available workshops, webinars and online courses or dynamically developing online support groups, individually deepen their knowledge of the causes of crises in relationships, recognizing the situation in which they find themselves, grows. However, one can expect to a large extent economic considerationsand not the desire to develop by nurturing proximity, they inhibit the number of trials – adds Małgorzata Sokołowska, lawyer.

On the other hand, Michał Pajdak points out that the number of marriages in Poland is gradually decreasing. However, the number of divorce applications remains at a similar level year on year. In addition, the age of people getting married is increasing. The choice of a life partner must therefore be matured, but this is not always the case. The percentage of births outside marriage is steadily increasing. According to the expert, currently one in four children is born in an informal relationship. All this means that in the coming years the number of divorces will show a percentage increase in relation to the number of marriages.

The divorce rate has remained about the same for several years. And there is no indication that their numbers will increase significantly one way or another. As you can see, even the pandemic itself has changed little here. And I’m certainly not inclined to conclude that we face a scourge of divorce lawsuits. You might be tempted to predict that in the future there will be even fewer, marriages being contracted less and less. – says lawyer Małgorzata Sokołowska.

Looking at the data from the individual district courts, it can be seen that in the analyzed period of this year. They received from nearly 150 to over a thousand divorce petitions. In the first quarter of this year, most such cases were registered at the District Court in Poznań – 1,296, Katowice – 1,035, Warsaw – 1,034, Gdańsk – 1,003 and also Kraków – 947. The Warsaw-Praga District Court of result 850.

Most divorce applications are filed with courts located in the most populated urban areas. If we add the results of the two courts located in the capital, they would be almost 2,000 in total. However, the analysis shows that Poznań ranks first among cities with the highest number of such cases. This can also be explained by the fact that these big cities are inhabited by people with uniform views who want to solve their family problems clearly and quickly. Here, the religious factors and the so-called social shame only in small towns. If a person makes sure they know what they need in life and what is a source of frustration or even fear for themselves and their children, it just starts to work.Ć – comments Sokołowska, lawyer.

In the first quarter of this year. the fewest divorce applications were filed with the district court in Łomża – 149, Przemyśl – 153, Tarnobrzeg – 184, Suwałki – 185, Krosno – 188 and also Tarnów – 199. As summarized by the expert of the ePsycholodzy platform .pl, the results of these courts have been influenced by the size of the cities in which they are located. The area of ​​their activity was also important. The divorce rate is visibly lower in less urbanized areas, where religiosity and attachment to tradition are strongly reflected in decisions made by spouses.

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