Household appliances in the smart version – fake marketing or real help

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Today, a wide variety of devices can be connected to the network. Toothbrushes with Bluetooth connectivity are a great example. Why connect these small household appliances to a smartphone? The brushes have several sensors. Thanks to them and to the dedicated applications we learn how hard we brush our teeth – all the statistics of our brushing are kept, and in addition, we can choose more washing modes. Does that make sense? For some brush users, such a solution may turn out to be a curiosity, after all, it’s efficiency that counts. However, for a few people, these stats and tips can help you brush your teeth more effectively and take better care of your mouth.

Air conditioning and an air purifier can also be smart. In the United States, Amazon even sells a microwave with a voice assistant. Cheap microcomputers and the ease of connecting devices to the network mean that we truly have the Internet of Things at our fingertips. The problem is that in many cases we as users don’t benefit much. We will often play with the washing machine programming over the phone the first week and forget about it. For that manufacturers and their partners use network-connected devices.

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