How to promote an online store by sending a letter? E-commerce is not just about parcels

The e-commerce industry is growing, and with it its share of the parcel post market. Shipments from online stores are not just packages with the ordered goods sent to customers. It also includes letter articles. While all forms of digital marketing are the domain of online stores, many see the benefits of traditional forms of promotion such as direct mail.

Loyalty postcards, catalogs to increase website traffic, brochures to help you spot your brand are just some of the types of mailings an online store can do with traditional mail. This form of marketing is much more effective than online activities. This has already been shown by research from 2018, when responsiveness to mailings was estimated at 3.7%, while for email it was only 1%. Many companies, including the e-commerce, see the potential of direct mail. , which confirms the latest report from the Electronic Communications Office on the state of the postal market. According to UKE data, 113.4 million advertising mails were sent in 2020, and the number of so-called unaddressed printed matter reached up to 1.4 billion! Including mailings in your marketing mix can be very profitable for e-commerce. The combination of an attractive price and product offer as well as online communication with creative offline activities, such as direct mail, can yield very good results.

From mailbox to online store

Traditional mailings build the notoriety of the e-store, allow it to stand out, but also to reach customers more effectively. Despite the increase in the value of the postal market and the number of mail items, the overall volume of letter items is decreasing. This means that we find fewer and fewer letters in our mailboxes. On the other hand, 3 out of 4 Poles still receive up to 20 e-mails every day informing them of the company’s promotion or offer. For this reason, the traditional e-mail box is becoming more and more competitive, with recipients paying more and more attention to the messages that appear there. This gives great promotional opportunities, especially for e-commerce, as it is this industry that is increasingly associated with the postal market, increasing its value. Online shops send customers the products they order and therefore have access to their data. With consent for marketing mailings, they can communicate more effectively with their recipients.

– Through the use of e-commerce mailings in the promotion, the promotion shortens the distance between the store and its recipients and becomes more tangible. Business operating online for customers does not usually have a physical dimension, direct mail breaks down this barrier, arousing more emotions and getting closer to its recipients. Especially since not only standard flyers should be sent by post, but also more attractive creative mailings or sample goods – says Janusz Konopka, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Speedmail.

Postal operators are responding to the needs of online shops and creating new solutions that not only offer more opportunities, but are also cheaper. For example, the month of November introduced by Speedmail allows you to send not only marketing samples, but also small orders. All this in a standard similar to a courier service, but at a price similar to that known for letter post shipments.

Creative and personalized e-commerce letters

Examples of creative use of e-commerce direct mail with cash from abroad. One of them is the use of customer order data to create a personalized message encouraging purchases. NatureBox, an American subscription restaurant company, analyzed when customers recently made purchases on the website. To those who haven’t ordered anything in the last 30 to 90 days, she sent a personalized postcard with the following text: “What’s up with you? Some time has passed! We have good news…”. It turned out that the group that received the postcard registered 35%. more orders per customer and around 60 percent. higher income per person compared to consumers who did not receive the offer. Such data surprised the company and encouraged to implement this strategy on a permanent basis.

Italian e-commerce services company LavOnline, which takes care of wardrobe maintenance, also stood out with the idea. To catch the public’s attention, the brand sent out mailings that looked like a white T-shirt. She placed a tomato inside, asking the recipients to crush it. The campaign aroused great curiosity and attracted new customers. Website traffic increased by 15% and the number of registered customers by 32%.

– These types of examples show that using mailings wisely can result in increased sales and new customers. It all depends on a good knowledge of your target group and the ingenuity of the broadcasters. From a technical point of view, we have all the possibilities to implement an effective direct mail campaign, and the postal industry is flexible enough to meet any creative challenge – summarizes Janusz Konopka, CEO of Speedmail.

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