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PARIS, HELSINKI, MADRID and WARSAW, Poland, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 14th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (ICF), a key event for this industry in Europe, will be held in Lille, France, on May 7 June -9 2022 This year’s edition, jointly organized by the Direction Générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale (DGGN) and Avisa Partners, is part of the plan of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (FPCEU), including the common thread is “Shaping Europe’s digital future.”

In March 2021, the European Commission set the course for the implementation of the “Digital Decade” program, in which cybersecurity must be treated as a starting point for overcoming global challenges. In a strategic context, polarized around the conflicting concepts of digital and the rapid growth of cyber threats, cybersecurity has become the cornerstone of a rational digital model and the basis of our strategic autonomy in this field.

European objective

At the operational level, Europe must first set itself an objective and then give itself the means to adapt to the diversity and gravity of cyber threats as well as to security breaches of all kinds, including the security of the ‘information. MFC must accelerate the development of the European cybersecurity market by allowing all entities, including regulators (national cybersecurity agencies, ENISA, DG Connect), the private sector (startups, investors, industrial entities), as well as users (CISO, CSO) participate in the exchange of views and help them build a European cybersecurity community. One of the events organized within the framework of the Forum in cooperation with the European Cybersecurity Organization (ESCO) will be the “Investor’s Day”, during which innovative startups will present themselves to European investors.

The numerous legislative and regulatory projects currently underway (NIS2, cyber resilience, product security, electronic evidence, DMA, DSA, etc.) will only be successful if cybersecurity skills are developed rapidly in each Member State and in all institutions. Europeans. In this context, the first prerequisite is the mobilization of capacities and skills: the future of cybersecurity will be the common thread of the MFC.

The culmination of a trusted digital ecosystem

As an open platform, MFC will once again welcome European players operating in the cybersecurity sector and a trusted digital environment. More than 15,000 attendees are expected at the MFC, including government agencies, users, researchers, solution and service providers, law enforcement, civil and military authorities, and many other stakeholders from over 60 countries, and it will be a key event for cybersecurity. industry and a trusted digital environment. The need to initiate a debate on strategic, operational, industrial, technological and legal issues remains essential today.

A platform for debates and meetings of experts, the MFC will be an opportunity to meet players facing many vertical issues and to address today’s most serious sectoral and operational issues.

Bilateral meetings will take place between representatives of French RSSI members of CESIN (first French association of more than 600 members from the largest companies or administrations) with their European counterparts, with the aim of establishing pan-European relations between end users.

Thematic events platform

A forum for opinions and debates on the European cybersecurity ecosystem, but also a commercial event focused on bringing together French and European CISOs, the MFC will also be a place where the main European decision-makers, including Juhan Lepassaar, Executive Director of the ENISA (EU Agency for Cybersecurity), Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Deputy Executive Director of Europol, will also be represented by European cybersecurity industry leaders and ambassadors.

A series of sector meetings organized as part of the MFC 2022 edition, devoted to issues such as e-consumer protection (e-CPF), industrial cybersecurity (CFI), digital identity (ID & KYC Forum) and the mock interview (OSINT), will also be an opportunity to allow participants to exchange with high-level experts and to organize interest groups on cybersecurity more quickly.

This year, the MFC will also present the European Cyber ​​Cup (EC2), the first ethical hacking competition in esports, bringing together 20 teams of students and professionals from leading companies in the industry. During the two-day competition, expert contestants will compete against experienced stakeholders in eight competitions, including forensics, artificial intelligence, flag wrestling, OSINT and others.

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