Newbridge invests in eco-education for local communities

The retail market is increasingly involved in pro-ecological and ESG-related activities. The best example is Newbridge. The company is not only developing its Eco Smart program, which was launched in 2020, but has also supported its implementation through substantial cooperation with the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Newbridge is increasingly focusing on environmental education for its clients and local communities in Krakow, Toruń and Łódź. The original social project Eco Smart, which has been implemented for 2 years, as well as the cooperation with the Foundation for Ecological Education in Krakow (FDEE), which has just been created, will contribute to this.

– The second edition of the Eco Smart project has already started in our three shopping centers. Thanks to it, visitors to Nowe Czyżyny, Nowe Bielawy and Nowa Górna will be able to successively learn how to reduce, for example, the amount of waste at home, energy or water consumption, as well as how to make conscious and responsible purchases without plastic. Everything under the slogan “How easy it is to be ecological” – says Marta Drzewiecka, director of Newbridge.

– This time, we will educate customers in cooperation with the Foundation for Ecological Education, which has become the content partner of the project. Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to involve the local community even more, including the youngest, and – above all – provide reliable, substantial and practical eco-knowledge in an accessible, innovative and interesting way – he adds.

Eco Smart – Newbridge Project

Eco Smart is a project initiated by Newbridge in March 2020. Its idea focuses on promoting pro-ecological attitudes both when shopping in a mall and at home, by providing practical advice that makes protection of the environment a habit. The project includes: an information and education campaign in shopping centres, as well as DIY workshops, where children and their guardians can acquire practical knowledge, e.g. on waste sorting and eco-life. Additionally, Newbridge will invite local schools to participate in the global EcoSchools programme.

– Environmental education is too often based only on empty slogans. Instead of passwords, we focus on helpful tips that anyone can apply immediately, reducing their environmental footprint. In this respect, we take a step ahead by offering a tool through which everyone can have a real impact on the environment, but also on their internal budget. By visiting our three centers, you will practically learn how to be eco-responsible, says Marta Drzewiecka.

As part of the second edition of Eco Smart, Newbridge plans to address key green topics including those related to, among others, zero waste lifestyle and effective waste separation. In addition, the organizers will suggest how to reduce electricity bills, reduce water consumption and show which appliances use the most energy. Much attention will be paid to small habits that have a positive effect on the planet and its resources. In addition, thematic workshops, as well as cleaning campaigns around shopping centers, will promote the transfer of knowledge, especially to the youngest.

– In each of our cities, in collaboration with FDEE educators, we are planning a series of workshops and eco-events that will be directed to schools. The schools will also be included in the Eco Schools program set up by the FDEE, thanks to which the establishments will be able to submit to an ecological certification and receive the international label “Green Flag” – lists Marta Drzewiecka.

– This program, promoting good eco-practices, already covers more than 5,000 branches in 72 countries! Thus, we want to distinguish schools in our neighborhood that are strongly committed to protecting the environment and spreading knowledge in their communities. In total, we want to join Eco Schools up to 9 schools, 3 in each of our cities – he adds.

The activities undertaken in the field of environmental education are substantially supported by the representatives of the Foundation. – Newbridge is implementing a whole new model of environmental education, in which it not only focuses on shopping center customers, which is typical in the market, but also goes out with education outside, engaging the local communities. In addition, it relies on interactivity. This is a valuable lesson from which the inhabitants of Krakow, Toruń and Łódź will certainly benefit, not only the youngest – says Jarosław Szczygieł from the Foundation for Ecological Education in Krakow.

Newbridge Poland is a company that focuses on investing in convenience shopping centers and retail parks. Currently, Newbridge Poland’s portfolio includes 6 retail facilities in Poland: Centrum Nowe Czyżyny in Krakow, Centrum Nowe Bielawy in Toruń, Centrum Nowa Górna in Łódź and Newbridge Retail Parks, located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Włocławek and Namysłów.

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