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The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw rejected the complaint against the decision of the GDOŚ in the Wilcze Doły case. The investment can be continued, although there are other problems on the horizon – this time financial, related to the recreational development of the area.

From the end of April, social activists involved in the defense of Wilcze Poły could hope that the construction of the reservoir would be stopped. The administrative court suspended the decision authorizing the destruction of amphibian habitats on the site. However, only until a final decision is made. This was taken on Monday. The provincial administrative court finally rejected the complaint lodged by the Polish Ecological Club.

– The judgment is not final. Since this judgment was delivered behind closed doors, it will only be possible to know the reasons for the decision after the possible justification of the case – he informs us Dominik NiewirowskiDeputy Head of the Secretariat of the Judicial Information Service of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw.

This is good news for the city, although already before the decision is made President Adam Neumann He seemed sure of a positive outcome for himself.
– Otherwise, it would be like this: someone dismantles the house and when it is almost finished, the court forbids him to demolish it – compared the president during the press breakfast on Friday. – Our courts are delayed, and time has not stood still. The suspension decision was issued as a precautionary measure, but it did not really suspend the investment – he added.

– Would it be a success if the works were stopped and there was now a black hole in place of Wolf Pits? If this would be a social activist success, congratulations

– he added Lukasz OryszczakPresident’s spokesperson.

– Although the works were stopped too late to save the trees, they may have a chance to grow back in the natural valley of Wilcze Poły

– in turn, activists from Save the Wolf Downs Group.

Monday’s court ruling does not close the case for complaints against the rulings issued in February this year by the General Directorate of Environmental Protection. There is another decision pending in the Provincial Administrative Court – this time regarding the so-called “Bird’s Decision”. However, it seems that the implementation of the investment itself will be a greater concern for the municipality.


The construction of the reservoir was expected to cost less than PLN 17 million. Subsequent postponements of deadlines, an increase in prices for services and materials have caused that there are already speculations about the need to annex the contract by the contractor (Przedsiębiorstwo Remontów Ulic i Mostów – PRUiM in Gliwice). The recreational development of the area will also cost more than expected (read -> Reservoir development on the Wójtowianka stream may be much more expensive than expected). 9.7 million PLN have been earmarked for this purpose. Meanwhile, the cheapest of the four offers is almost PLN 13 million. The PRUiM in Gliwice (which usually offered one of the lowest tariffs in municipal tenders) estimated the cost of execution at PLN 21 million (more than double what the authorities had expected).

Although tenders for the tender were opened in March, there is still no decision on the outcome of the procedure. A new offer or the addition of funds is under study.

– If the president listened to the voice of the inhabitants and took advantage of their proposals, the whole investment would be much cheaper

– think Dawid Pasieka of the Healthy Cities Association. – This persistent forcing of an obsolete tank (as the president says) generates additional costs. It is enough to mention our proposal to limit the dredging of the area (the cost of the excavation is about 7 million PLN!) Or to abandon the logging of several hundred trees, so that it there is no need to spend public funds on logging and then on new plantations – he adds.

The town hall bounces off the ball. According to Lukasz Oryszczak include late investments by activists increased the construction costs of the reservoir.

– The increase in costs is indirectly due to the administrative procedure extended beyond the limits of common sense, linked to the protests of various “environmental” organizations, which caused a one-year delay in the start of the investment – commented the president’s spokesperson.

– Attempting to blame the inhabitants for the problems that the city itself has created linked to the installation of a dilapidated reservoir is not a desirable path in terms of social dialogue. This is a rather inept attempt to aggravate the two-year dispute – summarizes Pasieka.

For the city, the development of recreational lands is doubly important. Firstly, it will be the end of the hot investment, secondly, it will alleviate the negative perception of the construction of the reservoir and be a proof of the new approach of the municipal authorities in the management of recreation and greenery.

Remember that the development project is ready. It was prepared by the 44sto studio (responsible, among other things, for the revitalization of Parc Chrobry). 720 trees are to be planted in the reservoir. walking and cycling paths, playgrounds, flower meadows, gymnasiums, and everything is to be illuminated.

Michal Szewczyk

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