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Żabka Polska, under whose brand more than 8,200 stores across the country, began the process of digitization as early as 2016. It was then that the decision was made to consider digitization as the foundation of the development strategy of the company. For many commercial companies, technology is only a service provider. It is understood differently in Grupa Żabka. Technology, together with business and ESG, is driving the development of the organization. More than five years ago, Żabka changed mindsets and created a digital transformation pillar in its business strategy. She started working on building digital tools for customers, employees and franchisees, she designed the Żappka application, which has already been downloaded by more than 8 million users, and started investing in artificial intelligence.

Żabka invests in various tools to become a data-driven company – uses real-time data and analytics, implements AI in all business processes (mainly in expansion and sales), invests in people and builds a digital team, finally – manifests this technology to the customer and store level. Żabka knows that to remain the fastest growing modern convenience store chain in Central and Eastern Europe, it must not only take care of its product and service offering, but also develop dynamically in terms of technology. This is particularly important for the customers and franchisees of the chain and to be able to build a competitive advantage in the market.

Digitization with the times

Currently about 15%. employees of the company are working on the digitization of Żabka. Artificial intelligence and its algorithms are used in many areas, ranging from helping to find optimal locations, through the tools offered to customers and franchisees cooperating with the network, to the new formats developed by Żabka.

Żabka focuses on the multiple use of artificial intelligence solutions. Digital solutions are used to develop innovative concepts, the Żappka application, which adapts the promotional offer individually to customers, analyzing their shopping preferences, as well as in innovative tools made available to network franchisees.

New Concepts

The innovative Żabka Nano self-service stores launched almost a year ago complete the chain’s offer and take another step in the development of the modern convenience model, to which Żabka has been introducing new digital elements for years.

The network allows customers to use the seller’s service and advice at any time, but at the same time introduces self-service checkouts in stores, allows online shopping using the mobile application Żappka – with the possibility of picking up in store or having it delivered to your home, and finally opted for independent points of sale. In this way, giving customers the opportunity for a whole new shopping experience – no service, no cash registers, no queues and no cash.

Customers enter Żabka Nano using the Żappka app or a payment card, make purchases even within seconds, remove selected products from the shelf and leave… and payment is automatically debited from their account. Currently, there are 41 Żabek Nano stores, making it the largest chain of stand-alone stores in Europe.

The most technologically advanced network in Poland

Żabka is the most technologically advanced business network in Poland, small Polish entrepreneurs who cooperate with it have access to unique know-how in the field of new technologies. The main digital tool made available to franchisees by Żabka is the Cyberstore platform – which is a unique and the only application of its kind dedicated to retail. Thanks to it, franchisees can manage the entire store, including, for example, orders, in real time from the level of a smartphone, which greatly facilitates their work and saves time.

Żabka also offers modern technology Asystent Żabka – an application addressed to tens of thousands of cashiers working in chain stores every day. It is a multi-tool that combines several modules with tasks for store employees. Thanks to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we personalize the tasks displayed and in each store, they are adapted to its specificity. The application works on tablets, which are the basic equipment of the Żabka store.

To further accelerate the development of chain stores, Żabka launched the Smart Żabki project, which will result in the implementation of new smart solutions. In operation at ul. Półwiejska in Poznań Żabka Smart and modern features are tested that allow the establishment to communicate with franchisees and sellers by performing a number of activities on their behalf, such as automatic temperature control, consumption measurements energy or flood sensors, so they can focus on customer service. After analyzing the results, Żabka will select the most effective solutions and adapt them to more Żabka.

Thanks to this, in the field of technological development, Żabka is further than any commercial enterprise in the region. And it uses this technological advantage to set new standards in the convenience ecosystem. constantly increasing the added value for the customer.

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