Shepard will return in Mass Effect 5? The description of the new gadget is food for thought

May 10, 2022, 6:30 p.m.

author: Michał Clock “Maycuzai”

A youtuber noticed that the description of one of the gadgets promoting Mass Effect 5 contains a mention of Shepard, which may suggest the return of the protagonist of the original trilogy. BioWare quickly changed that description.

Warning! The text includes spoilers from previous episodes of the series Mass Effect.

During the last N7 Day – the annual celebration of Mass Effect fans – the BioWare studio prepared a poster promoting Mass Effect 5 (working title). We see a crater, a ship and four figures on it. Youtuber with a nickname MrHulthen he noticed yesterday that v a gadget shop this developer has a lithograph to hang on the wallwhich shows the image mentioned above.

The original description of the lithograph

This lithograph is titled “The Future”. It costs around 199.54 PLN ($45) and is limited to 400 copies. However, the most interesting is its description – or rather it was, because it has already been modified by BioWare employees. Fortunately, MrHulthen immortalized his original version in his film, in which we read:

It seems Shepard’s final mission ended the Reaper threat, albeit at the cost of many lives and Earth itself. With Shepard and the other survivors left on their own to salvage what’s left, fans are wondering what’s next.

Shepard will be back in ME5?

The description above may announce that Shepard will appear in the next part of the game. So far it has not been revealed who we will be playing with Mass Effect 5. BioWare is probably trying to save this surprise for a big party like the upcoming N7 Day.

New description of the lithograph

Change in the description of the lithograph – which could potentially reveal it prematurely – a few hours after the video was published by MrHulthen it proves that something can actually be there. In the new version of the description, we read in the same place:

The threat of the Reapers was averted, but at the cost of many lives and the Earth itself. With the survivors left to pick up what’s left, fans are wondering what’s next.

Shepard will return in Mass Effect 5?  The description of the new gadget gives food for thought - illustration n°1


Error? Or maybe there is something in it?

Sure it’s just as likely – if not more likely – that the original version of the description was simply a mistake and has therefore been modified.

The next N7 Day will be on November 7, though it’s possible more details about the game will be revealed sooner – or we won’t know anything this year, as the project is in early production. Mass Effect 5 is based on Unreal Engine 5. The title is intended for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The release date was not disclosed.

five surprises

At the end it is also worth quoting the rest of the description of the lithograph. This has not changed. It reads:

The Kroganin and his team of four march towards the ghetto-like crater, which houses a Norman-type ship with “SFX” markings on either side.

All of this, along with advice from BioWare CEO Gary McKay on “at least five” hidden surprises in the poster, make this lithograph excellent material for endless study, discussion, and reflection.

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