The Automotive Technology Fair 2022 is behind us – what was worth seeing?

TTM 2022 is the first major trade show of its kind in the spare parts and repair industry for three years. It took place from April 7 to 10. Was it worth visiting and participating in Poznań at that time? In our opinion, yes. For several reasons.

Direct contact with industry representatives – motor shows return after many years

In our survey, which we conducted at the beginning of the year in 9 European countries, the vast majority of representatives of the spare parts and repair industry indicated that they would be ready to participate in traditional motor shows, even in spite of the problems of pandemic. Most of the survey participants were also inclined to think that small local fairs could not replace large national events. The desire for large fairs was therefore clearly perceptible in the market. The first opportunity in years to participate in such an event is now. Due to the Automotive Technology Fair, which took place in Poznań (at the premises of MTP), from April 7 to 10, 2022, was the media sponsor of the event. On our stand (n°1, right next to the entrance), you could take part in the competition.

Automotive Technology Show 2022 – what might you find there?

The TTM show has always aimed to present the complete technical aspect of the automotive industry, which differed, for example, from shows organized by parts distributors, organized with a narrow professional group in mind. TTM is an event for owners and employees of automotive repair shops, but also representatives of vehicle inspection stations, car washes, experts and diagnosticians, store employees and parts and parts wholesalers. workshop equipment, and even used dealerships and car rental companies. . In short, it is an event dedicated to all those who need specialized equipment in the field of automotive technology in their daily work.

TTM is not just an exhibition space that allows you to see the offer of companies that have prepared their stands. It is also a series of accompanying events, such as the 11th National Mechanics Championship or the National Automotive Knowledge Tournament for automotive school students. An additional attraction was the “Living Workshop”, an interactive exhibition of workshop equipment that allows you to test their operation in practice.

The car show was held at the same time as the car technology show. This year, events had a similar momentum. In the past, the Auto Show had a decisive advantage in this regard.

Cars were located in Hall 5, while TTM exhibitors were located in Hall 3, 3A. and 4. The latter was largely the competition arena for the Mechanics Championship. There were stands of the competition partners, where the finalists performed practical tasks, noted in the main ranking of the competition.

Exhibitor stands TTM 2022

Considering the circumstances, namely the long drought caused by the pandemic, in organizing public industry events, the TTM show is a unique event. However, it cannot be said to be a period event or a particularly spectacular one. There were over 100 companies on the exhibitor list, but many important market players were missing. It is difficult to say whether the reason for this is a change in the communication model, i.e. the permanent resignation from participation in the fair (the pandemic has shown that it is possible to operate without them) or the lack confidence that the event will actually take place (in previous years, despite established plans, it was canceled due to pandemic restrictions). Companies that have decided to exhibit at TTM probably won’t regret it. Visitor interest was high – after all, most industry attendees had been waiting for a similar event for years. The absence of a few large companies is also an opportunity for the smaller players to increase their notoriety, to exchange serenely with potential customers, perhaps also customers of the largest companies mentioned.

However, there is no major reason to complain, as the fair representation of the parts and repair industry was strong. Traditionally, in Poznań, we had more companies offering workshop equipment than spare parts. However, there were not only standard items of equipment, such as tools, lifts, diagnostic testers or air conditioning devices, but also machines for specialist workshops – for example car parts washers , DPF filter regeneration devices and others.

A strong industry representation was also present in hall 4, where the partner companies of the 11th Mechanical Engineering Championship were located, including Bilsteingroup, VARTA, ZF, Filtron, Orlen, TEXA or NEO Tools. This year, the competition took place in no less than six categories. So there were a lot of finalists, and the fight lasted until Sunday. On the stands, however, you could not only watch the competition, but also see the current offer of the exhibitors.

During the show, there were also industry talks and presentations on industry-relevant topics. There are seats prepared for viewers.

Was it worth going to the 2022 Automotive Technology Show?

In our opinion, yes. After such a long break, contact with the people who make up the automotive industry is an extremely positive experience. Since the previous fairs, a lot has also changed in the offers of producers and distributors.

Public industry events are just emerging from a long pandemic slumber, so it is not worth making extreme judgments in advance. Although the size of the first fair after the break is not very impressive, it gives hope for a return to good traditions. Especially when times are calmer than today.

The fair was held from April 7 to 10 at the Poznań International Fair.

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