What is management by objectives?

Management by objectives is a commonly used tactic in the world, where it operates under the name of MBO, i.e. Management by Objectives. It is based on the definition of different types of hypotheses and then on the search for their implementation. The key question in this approach is the degree of difficulty of the individual tasks. Each of them should be characterized by a moderate level of affordability and, moreover, should be properly specified. The objective given must encourage the employee to achieve it, and therefore cannot prove to be too complicated. The reward system for the completed project or task is also extremely motivating. Thanks to this, employees can happily achieve the next goals of the company, satisfying their own need for personal development and recognition by others.

The MBO strategy is sometimes used in various types of organizations, institutions and businesses, where it is modified according to the needs of a given entity. However, some factors remain the same regardless of the nature of the economic or administrative unit. They create a solid base from which Human Resource Management it brings the expected results by setting objectives. A very important element in the initial stage of implementing this strategy is the strong commitment of the management staff. It is within his competence to define smaller tasks for each employee, as well as to distribute the assumptions set by the management or the owners.

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