What to eat to firm the skin?

Leather has no easy tasks to accomplish. It is the contact surface with the external environment. He is forced to cope not only with pathogenic microorganisms, but also with fluctuations in temperature, humidity and a number of other factors that do not strengthen him, but on the contrary – weaken him.

No wonder it loses its elasticity, firmness and shine with age. After all, he cannot “take a vacation”, he takes care of the physical well-being of people every day.

The development of the cosmetics industry and cosmetology has made many of us believe that the best we can do for the skin is to buy a cream. Not one, of course, but preferably several. Different for the day, another for the night. For this serum, base, eye cream and probably a few other specifics. Remember that the skin must breathe. It cannot be overloaded with excess cosmetics, as we will get the opposite effect.

We still underestimate the role of diet in many aspects of health and beauty. The role of food is not just to satisfy hunger. What’s on the plate determines our well-being, health and appearance. Including skin condition and firmness. All the cells in our body die regularly. New things are not created from the air, but from what we eat. Everyone decides for themselves whether it is fast food and junk food, or highly nutritious.

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There is a lot of truth in the saying: “when they see you, that’s how they write to you”. Our image, that is to say the social perception, is largely influenced by the state of the skin. What skin do we dream of? More often than not, it is smooth, firm and radiant, because the quality of the skin says a lot about our health.

How to describe firm skin? It is associated with youth, it is elastic, tense, smooth and well hydrated. It has a uniform color. It is devoid of discoloration, acne lesions and other unsightly changes.

The firmness of the skin depends on the state of the collagen and elastin fibers, which constitute a specific scaffolding for the cells of the skin. Unfortunately, this scaffolding loses its power with age. Every year the skin needs more nutrients to maintain good or at least sufficient firmness.

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With age, not only collagen fibers weaken, but also the content of hyaluronic acid decreases and the ability of cells to retain water decreases. The skin ages, as does the body as a whole. But the processes taking place on the surface of the skin can be seen with the naked eye. She becomes soft. There are wrinkles and furrows – changes that no one is looking forward to. While we learn to accept the body and its changes, we don’t have to passively undergo the processes of aging. The best method to inhibit premature and unwanted changes is a smart menu. What to put on the menu to keep the skin firm for as long as possible?

The answer to this question can be summed up in one sentence. The menu for firm skin should include vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and healthy fats. It is worth knowing why.

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Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, among which – for firm skin – it is worth mentioning six. Three vitamins with high antioxidant potential, namely A, C and E, and three minerals: zinc, selenium and copper.

All six are crucial in inhibiting premature aging processes in skin cells. Therefore, the daily menu should include five servings of vegetables and fruits. Of course, with the predominance of the first.

It is impossible not to distinguish vitamin E in this six, after all, it has earned the nickname of the vitamin of youth. E improves the hydration of skin cells and improves its elasticity. Sources of vitamin E are good quality cold pressed vegetable oils, avocados, nuts, eggs and sprouts.

We get vitamin A by including orange and dark green vegetables and fruits in the menu. C is present in almost all the plants we eat. The wild rose has the most.

There are many choices. We have many products that promote better skin condition. The following items deserve to be distinguished:

1. Green tea – hydrates, rich in carotene, B vitamins, antioxidants – including vitamin C and flavonoids.

2. Healthy cold-pressed vegetable oils – rapeseed, flax, olive and avocado seeds, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

3. It is worth researching sources of desired fats and a number of ingredients necessary for firm skin in fish, especially mackerel, salmon, sardines and sprats.

4. Bread and other whole grain products. Cereals are a source of fiber and many valuable ingredients for the skin. They cannot be missing in a wise and balanced nutrition pattern.

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