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Are you wondering if it’s worth buying the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT in a super promotion to start? I hope my review will help you make your decision. Let me introduce you to the three main advantages of POCO F4 GT and one annoying weakness.

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT offered for sale in Poland. Buying it by May 12 from Xiaomi partners, you can count on a lower price of 350 PLN for both available variants.

Now you might be wondering something: is it worth buying Xiaomi POCO F4 GT? Given its status in the POCO wallet and current market standards, it is now the cheapest flagship in 2022. However, is this enough for commercial success?

Of course, it will be decided by customers. I will try to help you with a possible purchase decision. I happen to have fun I have been using the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT for a few days now.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the POCO F4 GT? Who is this phone really for? Who should buy the POCO flagship and who should ignore it?

I hope you find the answer to these and other questions in my opinion on the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT.

Three good reasons to buy the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT…

As befits a flagship, the POCO F4 GT is powered by the best processor currently Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. We know it from other devices, although often much more expensive. The closest price is the realme GT 2 Pro, nevertheless more expensive than POCO.

How does a smartphone cope with a processor known to heat up? Well, use of LiquidCool Technology 3.0 cooling system it helped me. POCO F4 GT is clearly cooler under load than, among others, Xiaomi 12 Pro. It is true that the temperature around the processor is similar, but POCO is less hot in other parts of the case.

Performance loss under load occurs to a reasonable degree. The CPU slowed me down by 20-30%, as did the GPU. Given the reserve of computing power, this situation is not disappointing.

A powerful processor after all, combined with up to 12 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256 GB of UFS 3.1 memory, ensures fast operation of the system, applications and games. Everything is tip top.

For all these reasons, I consider the components and the resulting performance a strong point of the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT. Can I say the same about the battery?

You will find such a charger in the box with the POCO F4 GT

It depends. Ability 4700mAh that’s quite reasonable, but it’s certainly not a record. The working time isn’t like that either, but in most scenarios the POCO F4 GT easily lasts a full day, even when played occasionally.

However, it is nothing that this smartphone charges quickly. In the box with POCO we find the power supply o power up to 120Wwith which the F4 GT recovers 100% of its power by less than 20 minutes. This means that you only need to put your smartphone down for a few moments to enjoy the game again.

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT / photo: gsmManiaK

It’s not just the speed and charging speed that’s magic in this phone. I can say the same of… vibration. Yes really.

In the POCO F4 GT, Xiaomi has installed a vibration motor which is huge by smartphone standards – its surface area is an impressive 560 mm³. Thanks to this, the feedback from the POCO flagship is simply brilliant, as it is strongly marked, but not rattling like in the old Zaporozhe.

That’s not all. The manufacturer has thought very well about how vibrations can make our lives more enjoyable. You can choose their intensity in the settings. We will feel them in places we absolutely do not expect.

For example, POCO F4 GT lets us know when we zoom in on a photo in the Gallery app as much as possible. The same thing happens when we reach the end of the dropdown. When I press the virtual buttons, the reaction is so bright that I disabled the gestures.

Some say good vibes define a good smartphone. The POCO F4 GT confirms this thesis.

…and an equally important not to

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT / photo: gsmManiaK

Unfortunately, three strong advantages meet a strong counter. It is, unsurprisingly, the camera. Its spec on paper says it’s a mid-range package, not a flagship. We have:

  • main unit 64 megapixel, Sony IMX6861/1.73″, f/1.9,
  • 8 MP ultra-wide-angle lens 120 degree field of view,
  • 2 MP macro sensor,
  • 20 megapixel selfie camera.

It is not difficult to identify CHEAPER smartphones that have better photographic facilities than the discussed POCO. I will mention here, for example, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G or realme 9 Pro + models. They take better photos not only on paper but also in reality.

I can’t say that the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT takes bad photos. When the light favors they are really cool and they don’t differ too much from the capabilities of the much more expensive Xiaomi 12 Pro. Well, even with mediums, the level remains correct.

However, when there is very little light, the stairs begin. A lot of artifacts appear, and the photos are a bit too dark. Night mode improves this and I recommend using it, but by the way, I also recommend getting used to the overshoot. I am reassured by the efficient autofocus.

The icing on the cake of mediocrity is no telephoto lens, even basic. There is some rehabilitation very good video qualityalso in 4K at 60 fps.

YouTube preview image

Other strengths and weaknesses of the POCO F4 GT

Now that we know what the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT impresses the most and what its biggest weakness is, it’s time to discuss the generally less important, but perhaps for someone, equally important advantages and disadvantages of this phone.

I can also rent the POCO F4 GT for:

  • a quadruple multimedia speaker of a very sensitive quality,
  • beautiful AMOLED screen with overclocked refresh and good calibration,
  • high quality of execution: two panes are connected by a metal frame,
  • instant fingerprint reader on the side frame,
  • good triggers,
  • modern communication standards on board, with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6,
  • an infrared port will always be useful.
Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT / photo: gsmManiaK

If I had to stick to something else, I would say:

  • no certified sealing,
  • sufficient brick lodging,
  • no 3.5 mm jack connector and no memory card slot,
  • The February patches in May on a new phone in this class are an ominous surprise,
  • USB 2.0 is a bit of a shame.

I sometimes notice that some Xiaomi phone owners complain about the proximity sensor working during calls. In the case of the POCO F4 GT, their I did not notice. As a phone, this model works perfectly.

As for the so-called proposal, it’s on my copy they were not active. If this is not the case for you, be sure to check out how to disable advertising on Xiaomi smartphones.

So is it worth buying the Xiaomi POCO F4 GT?

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT

Xiaomi POCO F4 GT / photo: gsmManiaK

In my opinion, the question is simple. Do you want to buy a smartphone with top performance, you appreciate very fast charging, you want a screen with overclocked refresh, you don’t want to compromise on build quality and you have a positive experience with Xiaomi? Then the POCO F4 GT from PLN 2649 is for you.

However, if you do not like the combination of these advantages with a very average camera for this price range, the lack of water resistance or the MIUI overlay, then for the price of around 3000 PLN you easily find a better phone for yourself.

Only Xiaomi POCO F4 GT is a successful smartphone in my opinion and who knows, maybe sooner or later it will deserve a place in our list of recommended phones with exceptional value for money. The launch promotion suggests there’s a chance for that.

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