3 movies like “Sala samobjcw. Hejter”

Film Hatter (2020) directed by Jan Komasa will not only cause a stir among Polish moviegoers. The photo was also praised in many foreign magazines. Spin off The suicide room from 2011, in a slightly exaggerated, but still realistic way, presents the era in which it was created. What movies are worth watching next?

The hall of self-sacrifice. Hatter it will keep you hooked about Tomek (Maciej Musiaowski) – a law student kicked out of college for plagiarism. Tomek, who does not want to lose the financial support of his wealthy patrons (at the same time the parents of a childhood friend), does not admit the truth, even if it ends up breaking out. The boy, injured and deprived of money, goes to a public relations agency specializing in surveillance, spreading misinformation and destroying images, where he shows his true nature.

What is “Hejter” about?

The motifs that animate the main character of Hejter are a thematic river. Is he targeting the dead of a sociopath or the victims of an unjust system? It’s debatable, but one thing is certain: Hatter is a somewhat exaggerated image of the modern world in which extreme emotions and opinions are born on the Internet. Only a handful of people are responsible for manipulating the mob, carefully creating subsequent accounts on social platforms and fueling disputes by spreading fake news, stalking and publishing baseless accusations. All only to clip the wings of the competition at the request of the customer.

What will he do to prevent the image of “Hejter” from becoming a reality?

Fake news, bullying, or cyberbullying are not literary fiction, but topics we often come across in real life. Hejter cautions us against overconfidence in an age of evolving technology and ubiquitous social media. What can we learn from it?

  • Disinformation and propaganda can be tools in the hands of elected officials. Protagonist Hejter intentionally uses social media to spread panic throughout the city with disastrous real-life consequences. Let’s remember that in non-cinematic reality we also come across a lot of fake news on the web, so we should always trust our own judgment of the situation.
  • The protection of personal data is not art. Hatter shows the use of technology to denigrate public figures. In real life, even if we are not politicians or celebrities, we can lose confidential information by not using the Internet. Therefore, it is worth protecting yourself – by installing antivirus software, tools such as VPN Poland to strengthen data privacy and encryption, as well as updating the system. And above all, be careful when surfing and sharing information about yourself.

“The Hall of Self-denial. Hejter” – similar films

“Discouraged” (2012)

Drama Disappointed from 2012 tells the story of a group of initially unrelated people. Each of the characters has their own concerns, but they all have one thing in common: they turn to the Internet in search of social connection, which turns out to be a bad choice.

The film addresses, among other things, the problem of cyberbullying among young people. One of the heroes is Jason and Frye (Colin Ford and Aviad Bernstein) – teenagers who create a fake account on a social platform and ask their friend to send them their intimate photos, which then goes to virtually everyone in their school. The painting also features the themes of identity theft and other contemporary cyber threats.

Discouraged it may be worth watching, as the film is realistic about issues that affect ordinary people, not politicians or celebrities. Heroes, just like us, try to find themselves in a world where everything is connected.

“Ingrid Goes West” (2017)

The 2017 comedy-drama Ingrid Heads West tells the story of a woman with a disorder who one day decides to take a trip to Los Angeles to befriend her stalked influencer Taylor Sloan (Elizabeth Olsen). Although the film has a humorous and sympathetic atmosphere, it touches on a serious topic of cyberbullying.

Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) is a lonely person focused on a colorful, artificially created world presented on social media. Acceptance and publicity, the protagonist resorts to acts such as following her idol or kidnapping her dog in order to have a chance to make contact. Although the plot description may sound serious, Ingrid heads west is a light-hearted and sometimes funny film ideal for a weekend night, and at the same time touching on the very current issue of the fascination with the seemingly perfect life exhibited by online celebrities.

“The Social Dilemma” (2020)

A social dilemma as of 2020, the image differs slightly from those shown above, as it is a documentary film, but with elements of fiction. However, these are just an addition, as most of the production is statements from experts – former employees of brands such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

A social dilemma shows the negative impact of social media on contemporary reality. The creators reveal to the viewer the secrets of the world “on the other side” of the so-called social networks, and thus the algorithms that analyze the behavior of users and tools that imperceptibly change the way of thinking, encourage the viewer to constantly ” scroll” and buy products.

The film is definitely worth watching, perhaps because of the current message – because who among us won’t surf Facebook or TikTok longer than necessary? The addictive action of social platforms is not an accident, but a deliberate move by their creators, who A social dilemma it translates well.

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