A spring full of John Deere news. 6R series and above [VIDEO+ZDJĘCIA]

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John Deere presented the new 6R series and the R900 series sprayer at trade fairs all over Poland. The American producer also attaches great importance to the “cloud” and the opportunities it offers to farmers.

6R Series Tractors Virtually Unveiled by John Deere Last November finally appeared in Poland. The manufacturer has prepared a series of shows throughout the country. During the events, interested parties have the opportunity to test first-class products and meet experts live. Our editorial team could not miss such an opportunity. On April 22, we showed up at Bednary, where we saw firsthand the potential of the latest machines introduced by John Deere.

A spring full of John Deere news. The undisputed star – the 6R series

The most important machines we got acquainted with during the test were, of course, the 6R series tractors. The refreshed range includes a place for 14 models from 110 to 250 HP. In Bednary we were able to try the following models: 6R 140 (with a maximum power of 166 HP), 6R 150 (with a maximum power of 177 HP), 6R 165 (with a maximum power of 213 HP), 6R 185 (with with a maximum power of 234 HP) and 6R 215 (with a maximum power of 250 HP)

An important element that we have paid attention to and explain in detail how it works in our VIDEO material is CommandPRO multi-function handle allowing precise control of the drive system, external hydraulic systems and remote guidance systems of the machine. The lever has 11 configurable buttons. All tractors of the new series can be equipped with it.

The tractors also feature an all-new – additional controller to control both tractor, loader and ISOBUS functions. It is equipped with hand detection sensor and you can program up to 13 different functions.

In our view, great importance should also be attached to the new system 1-Click-Go AutoSteup. Thanks to him you can save a lot of time by adjusting the fieldbecause everything can be planned and managed in advance in the cloud. This is information such as field boundaries, guidelines or the dosage of plant protection products. When the tractor crosses the field boundary, the saved profile is automatically available, allowing any operator who enters the tractor to be precise and avoid errors.

The undisputed star – the 6R series. Model 6R 185

The visit to Bednary, in addition to getting to know the new tractors, was an opportunity to chat with representatives from John Deere Poland. Szymon Kaczmarek, product specialist, expects The 6R 185 could become the most sought-after tractor in the 6R series.

– He has enormous potential. With a tractor weight of 8 tons, it has a medium-sized frame, remarkable acceleration and an efficient intelligent power management system that allows you to recharge up to 40 HP in work using the system. hydraulics – comments Kaczmarek.

A spring full of John Deere news. 6R with Kramer loader and loader

The John Deere 6R 140 tractor equipped with a front loader could also be tested at Bednary. The charger can be rented for speed of work and very useful functions such as: dynamic weighing, horizontal leveling and return to position. The set also has a useful option to improve the work by speeding up the work of the steering system, which makes it easier to maneuver in a tight space. The operator can enjoy good visibility, although obviously not at the same level as, for example, in the 6120M model with the so-called truncated mask.

What if someone is unhappy with the front loader? John Deere also finds a solution for this. During the show, it was possible to sit at the bar Kramer loaders. This manufacturer offers a wide range of machines with different lifting heights and capacities.

– Currently We can divide the range of our machines into three groups. The first is wheel loaders. In them, the work resembles a tractor with a front loader, that is, the operator sits in the middle, relatively high, thanks to which he has good visibility around the machine and attachments. The second group is telescopic wheel loadersin which the cabin is also mounted in the center of the machine, but the boom is already telescopic. The third group is telescopic loaders – their lifting height varies from 4.3 to 9.5 meters, and the lifting capacity is from 1.4 to 5.5 tons – explains Paweł Łączny, sales manager of Kramer.

A spring full of John Deere news. The largest trailed sprayer, the R900, was also his first

The 6R 155 tractor could be tested in a set with John Deere’s largest trailed sprayer, which we announced last September. The R975i is equipped with a 36 m spray boom and a 7,500 l tank. Spray nozzles on the boom are spaced 25 cm apart.

– We called this option the type solution “In the center”. Why? Because an additional nozzle is placed on the spray boom between each pair of nozzle bodies with a spacing of 50 cm. We’ve also added extreme nozzle bodies that expand or cut the spray. Thanks to this, we eliminate the inaccurate application of substances near the end of the beam. The whole spraying system can be freely configured depending on the crop, and if we plan to spray the area in bands in order to reduce production costs – said Karol Zgierski, product specialist at John Deere Poland.

The performance of the R975i sprayer also offers 2 circuit PowerSpray systemwhich guarantees faster filling, dynamic mixing and efficient rinsing. The system also instantly adapts to the change in speed of the whole machine or a particular section. This technology should save about 5% of phytosanitary products, and therefore savings.

A spring full of John Deere news. Operations Center – information in the “cloud”

Modern farms are increasingly supported by modern technologies, which not only improve work, but also allow its optimization and conscious management. He can play a big role in this. Operations Center, i.e. a system that allows users to collect very large amounts of data, such as: machine data and even their settings, or agronomic documentation. Importantly, the Operations Center is free tool available to every farmer with a mobile farm management application.

The data collected by the operational center is stored in the “cloud”, so it is available to the farmer practically anywhere and anytime. All you need is a smartphone with internet access. In addition, thanks to the JDLink telematics system, the farmer can check information on the location and hours of operation of the machine. This is very important, for example, in the case of services, but also for the proper planning of periodic inspections. The system also monitors fault codes, allows remote diagnostics and even detects potential faults using the Expert Alerts service. And as you know, prevention is better than cure.

A spring full of John Deere news. They made a strong impression

The new John Deere machines are by far the highest level in terms of working comfort and farmer knowledge. In our opinion, the appearance of the 6R tractors is also a big plus, with the well-known hood and mirrors from the larger series. If there is a low failure rate, then the new “erka” has a chance to become another cult series that has been loved by farmers for many years.

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